Fish - chiropodist
 In recent years, in beauty salons has grown in popularity hitherto exotic procedures - Fish spa fish or peeling. Small fish from the Middle East as well as any specialist pedicure ready to relieve you of dead skin, cure skin ailments and improve health in general. Just how good this "fish service"? And are there any contraindications?

Similar to minnows

Garra Rufa ( Garra Rufa ) - This is the name of the kind of miracle-fish - has many nicknames: the biting fish, Turkish carp fish Kangal, physio-fish Doctor Fish, reddish sucker and so on. It belongs to the carp family. Outwardly, it resembles a small (4-8 cm long) gudgeon. In nature, they live at the bottom of freshwater bodies and feed on a variety of algae, insect larvae and small crustaceans.

 Fish - chiropodist

Born the baby in the river basins of the Middle East - in Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. In almost all these countries strictly monitor the export of fish, not to break their populations. Garra Rufa wonderful feeling in the indoor aquarium. Take care of it, even beginners can fish, but the home peeling special skills are gradually lost because they quickly become accustomed to the usual types of feed.

And cleanse, heal

One of the first who experienced the fish in action - resting on the Japanese resort of Hakone, located on the island of Honshu. Later, this procedure has become very popular in Asia, gradually moved to Europe and America. Now the fish peels are widely used in the cosmetics industry around the world. In our country, "ihtiopedikyur" began to spread only recently, but it has emerged as the fans, and antagonists.

 Fish - chiropodist

The biggest advantage of Garra Rufa considered her ability and natural vocation - to rescue people from the dead skin, affecting the acceleration of regenerative cell function. Fish peeling - is a great prevention of psoriasis, medicines which still does not exist. Also fish can help in lichen planus, acne vulgaris, arthropathy, ichthyosis, vitiligo, hyperkeratosis, child allergic eczema and others.

 Fish - chiropodist

In addition Garra Rufa well stimulate blood flow in the legs, improving general blood circulation, eliminates the bacteria that cause unpleasant odors, contributes to tan. During the procedure, the fish activates points on the foot and make a kind of foot massage is like acupuncture. It helps to calm the nervous system, relax the body and get rid of fatigue.

 Fish - chiropodist

Do not bite, but tweak

For the procedure sufficiently lower leg to the knee (can body) into the tank with warm water and many fish. Before meeting with Garra Rufoy feet better to wash carefully to it was easier to get to the dead skin. In general, a light tingling sensations, tickling and sucking pretty nice. After 15-20 minutes of quality ihtiopilinga results are visible immediately: the skin on the legs noticeably cleaned, soft and younger right before our eyes.

 Fish - chiropodist
  Fish - chiropodist

Those who are afraid of random bites, can not worry - Harry Rufa teeth are missing. But too sensitive and fastidious customers' kissing fish "may not like it. Just remember the famous video of the American TV diva Kim Kardashian, who at the time of peeling fashioned screaming and nervous almost without stopping. If you are not thrilled with the fish touches, it is best to choose alternative methods.

 Fish - chiropodist

Banned Pacific laws

Not so long ago in several US states and Canadian provinces fish peeling is prohibited. According to overseas cosmetologists and physicians, the practice is different unhygienic as the same fish, treating legs of different patients may become carriers of skin infections. But most of the media ridiculed state laws against the fish-doctor, claiming that she is not a danger, but the people always have a choice, they have to do themselves.

 Fish - chiropodist

Despite the lack of any real fact of the transfer of fish infection, the risk of infection is still theoretically possible. Especially should guard those who have weakened immune systems, there are open sores on the skin, and diabetes.

Useful tips:

- Choose a certified spa, where compliance with all the necessary sanitary conditions, and fish tanks clean after each procedure;

- Make sure that the tank with fish are equipped with powerful, high-quality filters and ultraviolet lamps to kill bacteria;

- A better result can be achieved with a well-hungry fish;

- After shaving or waxing legs to fish peeling it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours;

- The completion of the procedure should not be applied to the body cosmetics;

- Do not do exfoliating fish more than once a week.
Author: Albina Rogov