Go in the summer on a dry pedicure
 Dry pedicure is becoming increasingly popular procedure in the European and US salons. Dry pedicure process is fairly simple, and you can make such a procedure themselves at home. Learn what a dry pedicure and how to do it yourself.

Why salons began offering dry pedicure

Dry pedicure - a complete procedure for foot care and nail, but without the use of water. From now on, no set-top boxes, "spa", and thus the same good result as in the classic pedicure and enjoy no less (and maybe even more, according to supporters of the new procedure).

Why suddenly need to abandon the water in a pedicure? There are several reasons:

- Reducing the risk of contracting infections , Dry pedicure much safer. Disclaimer Foot baths and hydro-massage baths, which are used for a large flow of customers, to minimize the possibility of transfer of infections and bacteria from client to client.

- Reduced water consumption, saving, eco-protection ideas.   In Europe, we have always sought to save water, and now this trend is popular in almost all countries. People are concerned about the protection of nature, saving natural resources, and it is not surprising that the anhydrous pedicure became in demand and important to many clients of beauty salons.

- Time-saving pedicure That it is important for busy women. The softening of the skin with water takes a further 10 to 20 minutes. Now it's time to save.

- Some (though not very large) reducing the cost of pedicure . Beauty spend a lot of their money to pay for water and electricity. Now, some of these funds is retained. At home, it is not so noticeable, but in the flow of clients in salons - a significant cost item. After the water is spent not only on the procedure itself, but also for cleaning baths, washing floors, washing towels and so forth.

As stated above, dry pedicure was born as a salon treatment. But we'll show you how to make it at home.

Dry pedicure at home

1. To begin with cleansing the skin. In the absence of water, it is done with a special disinfectant . Good disinfectant removes up to 99% of all bacteria on the skin surface. Such funds do not require the use of water. Texture more like a gel (Fast evaporating this gel) containing skin moisturizing ingredients, as well as antibacterials. Sometimes they have a light fragrance.

 Go in the summer on a dry pedicure

As a rule, available to disinfect hands and as a way of prevention of respiratory diseases, they can be found under different names, such as "hand sanitizer" or the English transcription "Hand Sanitizer". All these same products.

There are specially designed for a pedicure or manicure antiseptics, manufacturers produce their nail polish, for example, a disinfectant that does not require water means have brand CND - Cool Blue.

If the feet clean, it may be simply disinfecting wipes. By the way, you need to disinfect their hands and to calmly proceed to the next steps of procedure.

2. The next step - Remove nail polish with nail plates . When dry pedicure recommended soft foods that do not irritate the skin. Therefore, the best option - it is a soft nail polish remover without acetone content.

 Go in the summer on a dry pedicure

You'll find such liquids from many manufacturers. Good tool without acetone have ORLY.

3. Shape nails and cuticles . Emery boards gives nails shape. Gently move the cuticle to nail a wooden or ceramic rod. Pumice foot rub rough patches (if any). The move is familiar to almost all who do a pedicure at home, do not dwell on it for a long time. The only difference from the water manicure - nail files and pumice after again be processed foot disinfectant and wipe their feet dry with a towel, which removes dust and skin particles.

 Go in the summer on a dry pedicure

4. Cuticle oil . This is one of the most enjoyable stages. Apply oil to the cuticle, and on the feet and legs up to the knee - a lotion or massage oil. And massage the feet and legs. If you do not have time, then simply moisten the cuticle, but we advise you not to give up the fun that gives self-massage.

 Go in the summer on a dry pedicure

5. Again, treat your nails with a disinfectant before proceeding to the nail polish. Did you feel that the dry pedicure legs feel much better than water. Long soaking the feet in the bath robs the skin tone of the legs, too softens them, robs sensitivity. In the dry pedicure massage felt better and quite, even very light touches that make the skin soft.

 Go in the summer on a dry pedicure

6. Now you can start nail polish . Apply a base coat, then two layers of color, as you do in the classic pedicure.

 Go in the summer on a dry pedicure

Council.   The only negative, which may be in dry pedicure - a lack of hydration of the skin. Disinfectants slightly dry skin and nails. So step to the softening of the skin by using lotion or oil binding. Moreover, you may need hydration and after the procedure. In this case carry a moisturizer for the skin of the body.
Author: Julia Shestakova