In the summer - focus pedicure
 Outside, more than 25 degrees, and we start the season the most beautiful sandals and sandals. And in order not to worry about the appearance of the leg, one trend color of nail polish is not enough.

In summer, you need to give a little more attention to the feet. The well-known fact that during the winter months, many women do not even bother about the excess vegetation on their feet, and say nothing about the pedicure!

But this does not mean that all of your precious free time will now devote his feet. As always, MyCharm for simple and effective beauty secrets.

Getting rid of dry feet and cracked heels
I offer a good home remedy. You need only two ingredients: coffee and olive oil. Mix half a cup of ground coffee with one tablespoon of olive oil. A thick paste. You can add a drop of essential oil of mint, it will refresh, get rid of sweating feet.

 In the summer - focus pedicure
   Apply a foot massage in circular movements from the bottom up. Pay special attention to massage the heels and ankles. After the massage, rinse the feet, dry towel and spread a thick layer of moisturizer.

Prevent further dryness and cracking of the skin well hydrated feet. It is possible to use lotions or oils. But there is one secret: the lotion should be preheated. For example, in a microwave oven (5-10 seconds) or in a water bath. Then applied to the legs. This technique relaxes the nervous system, softens the skin before further pedicure and softens the cuticle.

 In the summer - focus pedicure
 You can make an intensive moisturizing lotion for heels and ankles itself: add lotion or body lotion three tablespoons of butter, heat and grease dry patches feet. For special dampening effect of the night to put on greased to lotion foot cotton socks (at least once a week).

 In the summer - focus pedicure
When professionals are asked what the biggest mistakes women make at home pedicures and manicures, they always answer the same: "too much meat." It sounds harsh, but it means that we are cut off too much skin and nails. Put the tweezers and scissors, use a wooden stick for moving away the cuticle and nail file to adjust the length of the nail. If you are using a pair of scissors and forceps, in order to avoid brittle nails do it on wet nail. Skin before this too should be mitigated, then there will be no injuries and cuts.

Resistant pedicures
There are a few simple rules help you to have a lasting pedicure. The secret - hydration. Outdoor shoes aggravates dry feet, because foot gets dust and dirt. Dirt and dry nail polish quickly forced to crack, dry cuticle also affect the stability of the lacquer coating is not the best. Therefore, hydration should be daily. Use a moisturizer on your feet after every trip to the shower, and it protects from daily damage.

The second secret - degreasing the nail before applying the platinum nail polish. To do this, use nail polish remover, it will remove the oil from the nail.

Moisturizing Lotion with strong exfoliating foot skin adds softness, do not forget to use it, and knee.

Every 3-4 days to re-apply to the nails protective top layer of lacquer.

If you wear open shoes - can be applied to the cuticle additional layer of oil, and it will protect it and make the external varnish brighter and more brilliant.

 In the summer - focus pedicure
 What colors to choose for the summer?
This is the most luxurious of the year for the feet. And if you care for your feet, do not be afraid to draw attention to them, do not hesitate to bright shades of nail polish. Relevant in this season are coral and orange paints. Emphasize nice tan helps white nail polish. Women with pale skin are not recommended nude shades for a pedicure, better to choose a soft pink color.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin