Master class: Manicure "Christmas Mystery"
 Today, masterpieces of Surrealism can be found not only in the art. For ideas to address this current guru of fashion and beauty. Aspiring to the irrational and non-standard, designers create a parallel world full of dreams and illusions. This style fits a free person. Eccentric your image will add a manicure in an abstract manner.

Surrealism's hot! Abstracted from the metallic gloss, standard colors and shapes. Surprise all the nail-design in a surreal style. Masters of the company OleHaus offer their vision of the fashion trends. In creating stylish manicure will help you to trade weekly varnishes VINYLUX by CND. Transfer the expression of feelings will help you shades: red Wildfire # 158, Neon Bicycle Yellow # 104, Graphite Black Pool # 105, Snow Creme Puff # 108.

Open up to new ideas and create original designs on your marigolds!

Step number 1

Before to proceed with the application of varnish, treat nail plate degreaser Scrub Fresh from CND. This medication will remove the fat film and remove excess moisture. This will ensure better adhesion of the nail polish with keratin.

Step number 2

Apply two coats of red hue Wildfire # 158 from the collection VINYLUX by CND. Thus to use basecoat is not necessary. All of its functions are performed by a colored varnish: provides adhesion to the nail keratin and prevents it from yellowing.

 Master class: Manicure "Christmas Mystery"

Step number 3

Once the foundation is dry, take a bright and glowing Bicycle Yellow # 104. Remove excess polish with a brush and make random dab in the center of the nail.

 Master class: Manicure "Christmas Mystery"

Step number 4

Give definition abstract forms using black lacquer Black Pool # 105. With a brush, "Seta" circle arc on both sides.

 Master class: Manicure "Christmas Mystery"

Step number 5

Intrigues mysterious curves give parallel strokes. Brush for design make small strips.

 Master class: Manicure "Christmas Mystery"

Step number 6

The clash of opposites - the basis of everything, so add contrast - white. With shining Creme Puff # 108 make strokes, alternating with black.

 Master class: Manicure "Christmas Mystery"

Step number 7

Be creative and naughty. Bold decisions will make your unique image. And to keep a surreal manicure long time, be sure to use the upper floors VINYLUX. Thanks to him, your abstract masterpiece remain at Marigold week. A varnish dries in just 10 minutes.

 Master class: Manicure "Christmas Mystery"