Perfect manicure: bad advice
 Home Manicure "overgrown" very large number of councils, some of which are not only useful, but frankly harmful. Before you - a selection of the most harmful home manicure tips that you need to forget.

Bad advice. Update the upper protective layer on your nails every day

Some believe that the top layer is erased very quickly. And there are those who believe that it affects frequent hand washing. And so was born on board of a protective coating to update daily. But whether such frequency?

In fact.   Firstly, the water can not remove the layer of lacquer. Secondly, a very large number of repeated layers of protective coatings, in fact, leads to a more rapid breakdown manicure.

Helpful advice.   Water can affect the coating only if it gets into the cracks along the edges or the lacquer layer. It is therefore important to monitor the health of nails, and be sure to "seal" end of the nail. And wear rubber gloves when working around the house. Repeated application of the protective varnish is useful, it adds shine, but do not do it repeatedly. Covering get so thick that begin to crack and flake. You can check if you do not believe me: Do your experiment and make sure that endlessly to thicken the coating does not work, there will be cracks.

 Perfect manicure: bad advice

Bad advice. The nails need to breathe

This advice can sometimes be heard even from manicure salons. They recommend to take a break from time to time in the application of nail polish to nails "breathe."

In fact. You will realize that this is nonsense, when you remember that the nails are, in fact. The nail is a living body just under the cuticle. Once it grows out of the cuticle - is dead. Just like the hair. Therefore, the term "breathe" completely does not fit to the nails.

Helpful advice.   If the nails are dry and brittle, the constant use of protective or reinforcing layer of varnish - a good solution that will protect them from breakage and yellowing. Wearing a protective layer of varnish need every day, it does not harm the nails, and only strengthens them.

 Perfect manicure: bad advice

Bad advice. Store in the refrigerator varnishes

They say it extends the life of nail polish. But is it?

In fact.   Any extreme temperatures (high or low) result in damage to the structure of the nail polish. The temperature in the refrigerator is too low for a varnish. Such temperatures contribute to premature thickening, and about any extension of the term of validity of varnish can not speak.

Helpful advice.   The best way to store nail polish - place it in a cool (not cold!) And dark place. Keep paint where it can get UV rays - even more aggressive method of storage. UV rays break down the pigments and the formula, nail literally stratified and ceases to be homogeneous.

 Perfect manicure: bad advice

Bad advice. Nail polish remover possible to dilute the dried lacquer

Thick lacquer paint your nails is very difficult. Most likes supple and fluid consistency. It is true that the varnish can thicken very quickly, before the term comes to an end use. And somehow, some advise to dilute lacquer nail polish remover, and sometimes paint thinner.

In fact.   In fact, nail polish remover does not dilute the paint, and dissolves it (as a solvent). This means that the formula is destroyed varnish.

Helpful advice.   Buy a special tool, it is called a "nail polish thinner", sold in stores cosmetics and online shops. As a rule, this means the bottle is not small, is stored for a long time, and that you have enough money for a long time, so this will be a good investment. For example, the diluent from Essie is worth no more than $ 10, but for a typical bottle of nail thinning just a few drops of liquid.

 Perfect manicure: bad advice

Another tip for maintaining a liquid texture and fresh - a tightly closed lid varnish and make sure that the impact of the air on the open vial was as short as possible, because the air dries the nail and makes it thick.

Bad advice. Cold water quickly dries manicures

Sometimes there are tips: You can quickly dry the coating if exposed nails with varnish under running cold water. Or offer to put your hands with painted nails just in the tub with cold water and ice.

In fact.   Drying time is determined by the varnish composition, the solvent concentration in the claims. Exposure to air helps solvents evaporate more rapidly and shorten the drying time. A dive nail in an ice bath only slows down the process. Besides, we should also remember that extreme temperatures are not desirable if you want to preserve all the qualities of varnish laid down by the manufacturer (gloss, opacity, color, undertone).

 Perfect manicure: bad advice

Helpful advice.   If you want your nails were drying quickly, buy special topcoats - so-called "drying". It is a transparent nail polish, which reinforces the previous layer and accelerates the evaporation process of varnish. If you usually paint dries completely for 10 minutes, then with the "drying" process takes a couple of minutes. A hardening of the varnish and does happen in seconds.

 Perfect manicure: bad advice

Author: Vasilisa Cousin