Subtleties artificial pedicure
 To a set of artificial nails hand we have long been accustomed to, but the false nails pedicure while we still are not as popular. And in vain! It's very convenient, fast and easy. However, without the knowledge of some tricks not to do with them and we offer you to get acquainted.

Preliminary marafet

Very often, to improve the appearance of toenails using nail plates overhead. They help to hide irregularities such as: chipped nail their ugly color or an irregular shape. Artificial nails are mostly made from plastic or acrylic. On the natural nail plate, they are fastened by means of temporary or semi-permanent adhesive. These nails can be worn for several days and, not least, to use them again after removal.

 Subtleties artificial pedicure

Be sure to make yourself a pedicure hygiene before applying artificial nails. Carefully remove the dead skin, cuticles, gently cut the nails and file off using a wet, dry or in hardware. In this case, an artificial material will fall more naturally and will last much longer.

Usually after using nail on the natural nail plate is thin film of fat, which eventually interfere with the normal clutch it with an artificial surface. To prevent this, you should wipe nails with a cotton swab, pre-moistened with fresh lemon juice, which has a degreasing effect. After the nails wash with warm water and wipe dry.

Gluing technique

First you need to choose the right amount of artificial nails. If they are more than natural nails, the voids beneath them, which can be got by bacteria. A synthetic plate smaller than natural nails, will likely look messy.

Start gluing is necessary from the very large nail. Squeeze about 1, 5 drops of glue on the artificial material. Then paste it starting from the edge of the cuticle gently swiping your finger over the surface in order to glue evenly flowed. After the nail should be pressed for 20-30 seconds.

 Subtleties artificial pedicure

If for some reason an artificial material does not stick to the natural nail, then you need to take it to wipe the surface of the solvent, and try to paste it again. Most often this occurs because of the fact that the surface of the natural nail was not thoroughly dried, degreased or use too much glue. Depending on the size of one finger will not sufficiently more than 2 drops of glue. Otherwise forms a sticky film on the skin, which will have to wash nail polish remover.

 Subtleties artificial pedicure

Once you have finished with the gluing nails on both feet, be sure to let them dry out a bit. Then, if necessary, they can be cut or shape them using a nail file. Artificial nails very well polished, which uses a special sawing or elektropolirovschik of manicure sets. If you prefer the natural look of the nail plate, you can it does not cover. In the case of visible tip of the nail or noticed his imperfect color through the pavement, you can use colored lacquer, or make a fashionable jacket.

Features of Care

First of all, it is important to remember that you can lose a fingernail invoice at any time. Especially if you use them the first time. It is therefore advisable to always carry them in her purse an extra set - just in case. Of course, eventually you will become much more cautious and careful, and nails will break less frequently.

 Subtleties artificial pedicure

Artificial nails a little longer natural, so it is important to wear shoes that will not damage or break them. In this case, you can not wear closed shoes. Optimally all wear open sandals or flip-flops by which the surrounding will be able to evaluate your perfect manicure.

Removing the artificial nails?

It is not necessary to pull or pull the artificial nail on the leg, even if it is slightly moved from its place, because you are so much more likely to damage the natural nail plate. Be sure to follow the advice given on the packaging. Very often in a set of artificial nails have a special tool for their removal. In addition, you can drench such nails nail polish remover with acetone inclusion. Then the artificial material becomes loose and can be easily removed with a spatula or orange stick.

 Subtleties artificial pedicure

Remember to remove false nails to the natural could not breathe properly. If this is not done in time, the original plate acquire a yellowish tint, and the synthetic material will look unnatural. In the event that your nails are amazed or any fungus infection, be sure to cure the disease, and only then use the false nails. Under artificial pictures bacterial growth, often accelerated.

In anticipation of the warm seasons, artificial nails pedicure pretty relevant. They can help save both time and money. But it is important to use them wisely and do not forget to protect your precious natural nails!
Author: Albina Rogov