The original manicure at home
 Dank dreary autumn especially want to treat yourself, your favorite, something that kind. You can, of course, eat sweet, but it's bad for the figure, and for the skin and for the metabolism ... but you can find more original, but no less enjoyable way to please yourself - for example, to make an unusual, creative manicure. And if there is time, money or opportunity to go to the salon? No problem! There are some simple ways to make an original manicure at home.

Let's get started!

Outset: we will focus on varnished and not about the manicure. In the end, nothing better undermining trim nails, cutting cuticles and nails to make an oval, square or triangular shape is not yet invented.

1. The "News" manicure

We need the white nail polish, ordinary paper printed with black text, alcohol lotion, cotton pad, a fixer for nail polish.

Cut strips of paper width of about one and a half centimeters. Paint your nails with white paint - one or two layers. It is desirable to lay down dense lacquer was not translucent. Allow varnish to dry thoroughly. Soak a cotton ball in alcohol lotion, attach the newspaper strip so that it is well-soaked, and then attach the strip to the painted nails. Hold for 3-5 seconds and gently remove the newspaper strip to the nail. The result - on a white background printed in black letters. It remains only to wait until the letters dried up, and cover them with fixative spray "resistance" manicure. Recommendations: a) try not to move the strip of wet newspaper on the nail, the letters are not smeared; b) Do not use as a "stencil" headers, otherwise the letters will turn rough.

 The original manicure at home

2. Matt manicure

You can certainly buy a special matt lacquer, but if you're doing a manicure matte rare, the mood, there is no need to waste money. We need - the usual glossy nail polish of any color, kettle with just the boiled water.

Nakraste nails glossy varnish, and not waiting until it dries, hold his hand over the steam from the boiled in a kettle of water - about 5 minutes. Then give a varnish to dry. When the water evaporates from the nails and nail polish dries, it becomes opaque.

 The original manicure at home

3. Holographic manicure

We need - the usual glossy polish of any color, kettle with just the boiled water, regular pen.

Make matte nail polish as we described above. Then dip the tip of the pen on the same glossy varnish, which you painted nails, and paint any design on your nails. It can be daisy-flowers, zigzags, or simply point-pea. The result - "holographic" effect: volume, glossy picture on the matte background. Recommendation - if possible, take a pen in which the ink ran out, then the figure will clean and neat; it is also desirable that the tip was thinner paste that drawing was more refined.

 The original manicure at home

4. Manicure with a picture

We need - two contrasting nail polish, ordinary ballpoint pen.

Nakraste nails nail varnish in two layers (the color turned out dense and saturated) and let it dry well. Dip the tip of the pen to paint a contrasting color and draw any pattern dictated by your imagination and mood (this can be flowers, stars, zigzags, emoticons, question marks, and / or ejaculation). Recommendations - as described above - the lack of ink tip of a pen.

 The original manicure at home

5. Manicure a la "modern art"

We need - the nail polish of any color, office color markers in different colors with pointed tips, a fixer for nail polish.

Nakraste nails thick layer of varnish and let it dry well. Draw a marker of any color, any geometric shapes on nails (it may be zigzags, parallel lines or wavy lines, triangles, polygons, circles, ovals, letters of Russian and Latin alphabets - allow yourself to dream). Then do the same drawings markers of other colors. They can effectively overlap, intersect. It remains only to cover it "work of art" fixer for the "resistance."

 The original manicure at home

Whichever option the creative manicure you choose - it is sure to raise your spirits, will feel the creator and surprise friends and acquaintances. Good luck and a flight of fancy!
Author: Elena Timofeeva