This finish!
 You probably guessed it, we will focus on the upper surfaces for manicure, or "Finish". Everything you know about them? Do use all the benefits that they provide?

More recently, many have neglected such a product as a topcoat. "It is enough that I cover the nail two or three layers of good nail polish" - and now many people think. However, I can disappoint you. Because you are depriving yourself a lot if you do not pay attention to "finish" coating for manicure.

Did you know that this is not just a clear lacquer which makes manicure more resistant? From the billing of small bottle of nail polish may depend on the style in general. For example, "finish" can make your nails matte, glossy, suede, cream or sparkling. Yes, such is the diversity of contemporary topcoats. We do not interfere a small guide "Finish" .

1. Cream.
This is one of the most popular "Finish." Primarily because most provide basic clean color nail polish and a well fall on any coating provides good adhesion to the nail polish. However, the cream "finishers" differs from polishes. After them, the nails will not sparkle, but the cream top coating makes the surface of the nail perfectly smooth, it eliminates any irregularities, as if enveloped nail plate. Of course, in words to explain the texture is very difficult. But if you try and buy different finishes, you immediately tell the difference between them and you will immediately loved the texture.

 This finish!

For those who frequently changes the nail color, creamy coating fits best.

2. Matt.
Such coatings are in vogue a year and a half ago. And they became very popular. Although it is necessary to get used to. They give your nails an unusual appearance, but a trend. Now many brands do not only produce matt topcoats, but also the broad palette of matte color lakes. From my own experience I can say that the matte varnish more capricious in the application. They should be applied with special skill, it is difficult the first time to achieve perfectly smooth coating, often visible traces of the brush. Therefore matt topcoat - is out. It turns any glossy varnish in matt and coating quality will be much better.

 This finish!

Be sure to buy a finisher, if you consider yourself a girl, fashionable and modern.

3. glitter or shine.
Actual reminded of this cover on the eve of holidays. Because he does any nails ornate and elegant. At present glitter sparkles, sometimes only one color, and sometimes more. This creates a kind of three-dimensionality. I would say that the glitter of today - thing must-have for any girl. After all, it can be very easy to transform the image of the everyday in the evening.

 This finish!

Glitter can be used over colored lacquer, and over the base (colorless) coating.

4. Suede.
In principle, this is a matte finish, which we discussed above. Only in suede finishers present flicker. The "suede" is another plus - it is easier to application falls smoother than matte finish. Moreover, due to the flicker it creates generally richer group nails.

 This finish!

At the brand OPI has a whole line of suede varnish, created back in 2009.

5. Finish.
The glossy surface finish, perhaps, along with cream, is one of the most popular. It always looks very nice. And if topcoat still has a little undertone, the effect on the nails can get pretty interesting.

 This finish!

Varnish adds brightness to any shade.

 This finish!
 With a little practice
In general, advice on the application of the topcoat is minimal and many of them know. But still I will repeat.
- Work with topcoat only on top of the dried previous layer of varnish.
- If you are using a matte coating, keep the nails out of hand cream. Matte effect simply disappears. Cooking at home or work with such a coating also did not advise any contact with oily texture destroys pure matte effect.
- Flaws, chips, scrapes more visible on the matte finish. To correct or restore the matte varnish is very difficult, it is better to redo the nail.

It remains to share some interesting moves can be born in nail design, if you are using different finishing varnishes.

French manicure can now have another new reading. Between matte and glossy surfaces can be beat and "moon" manicure.

 This finish!

Any graphics can be done through a combination of gloss and matte finish.

 This finish!

Very interesting effect may happen if the glitter top coat matte finisher.

 This finish!

Author: Olga Larsen