When flowering is not happy: what if "bloom" nails?
 Certainly, many women notice that sometimes appear on nails unattractive weird white specks. They are generally very small, and have the form of dashes and dots.

Of course, we love white flowers growing in the flower beds, but when on your own nails "bloom" like Floral-geometric patterns, it is not time for jokes.

Unfortunately, every woman sooner or later confronted with this problem, however, it is quite simply solved.

How to identify the "blooming" nail

This cosmetic defect is very easy to distinguish from the others. Himself nail looks dryish (devoid of luster) and on the surface there are one or more small white spots of various shapes. At the same time the skin around the nail plate itself and do not hurt and do not cause much discomfort.

The causes spots on the nails

Today, among cosmetologists it accepted that the appearance of small spots on the nail plate is directly related to the lack of vitamins, trace elements and minerals in the human body. Part of this claim is justified by clinical studies: if there is a shortage in the body of calcium, the first signal is the appearance of white spots on the nails.

 When flowering is not happy: what if "bloom" nails?

On the other hand, the cause of dashes on the nails is the use of unsuitable or poor-quality cosmetics. Unattractive white markings may cause cheap and tacky varnish expired hand cream or a softening cuticles.

Great harm to our cause nails household products, is very aggressive in nature. Very often spots on the nails appear after regular washing dishes without gloves.

Spoil the appearance of nails can and mycosis. In this case, the nail will constantly remind myself itching.

Finally, another cause of annoying white spots is the mechanical trauma of nail plates.

Vitamin deficiency - the main reason?

In most cases, according to the women, the originator of the appearance of white spots on the nail plate is a vitamin deficiency or vitamin deficiencies. The opinion ladies based on the fact that most of this cosmetic defect occurs during the early spring, when the body is an acute shortage of vitamins.

But recent studies beauticians proved that vitamin deficiency - not the main reason, "bloom" nails. Leukonychia (this is scientifically called white spots) is directly connected with the violation of the internal organs such as the thyroid or liver.

 When flowering is not happy: what if "bloom" nails?

How to treat Leukonychia

To address this problem should be approached comprehensively:

• Be sure to visit the doctor of the therapist, get tested to find out that the body is not so;

• It is necessary to come to a consultation with a dermatologist or beautician to understand the cause of the spots;

• Buy high quality multivitamin (Multitabs, Complivit, Calcium-D 3 Nycomed) to cope with deficiency diseases. More should drink a course of vitamins "Aevitum." These inexpensive fat-soluble capsule can improve the condition of nails;

• Enter in the diet of herbs: dill, lettuce and spinach;

• Make paraffin baths, partially with the help remove unsightly stains nail plate;

• Buy high-quality medical care cream hands and nails, for example, Shiseido Medicated Hand Cream Hand Essence ;

• Immunize yourself useful habit to spend hand-washing and dishwashing gloves.

All these points are equally important tasks for the treatment; perform better in the order listed. Do not forget that only a comprehensive treatment Leukonychia help get rid of white and yellowish spots on the nails.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya