10 camyh urgent advice on the style of Rachel Zoe
 The authority of Rachel in the fashion world is enormous. She dresses celebrities such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jennifer Lawrence. And they go out - it's always a lesson in style. Rachel writes books, leads a talk show, she creates a collection of clothes ... Her own style, too, admired and interest. What style tips Rachel gives us women?

Rachel has written two books. The first was a bestseller in 2014, it is called the "Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty and glamor." The second writer's work of the designer, "Living in style: the inspiration and advice to be glamorous every day." Experts are already saying that this book will be no less successful.

 10 camyh urgent advice on the style of Rachel Zoe
  10 camyh urgent advice on the style of Rachel Zoe

We took the advice of the most interesting of these books. They will help you to reconsider your wardrobe.

Tip from Rachel 1. Pan the trends in their own style

If a fashion trend does not fit your style, skip it or adapt to the style and type of figure. "Interpret what's hot, so it fits your personality. If fashion tweed suits, and you're not one of those who wear suits, take a tweed jacket and combine it with a pair of jeans and sneakers, "- says the designer.

Tip from Rachel 2. Pants must be long

The exception is shortened models that reach the ankles. But in other cases, Rachel insists that women choose the wrong length trousers. As a rule, they are too short trousers. Largely because meryat pants with ballet shoes or no shoes.

The length should be such that the pants ended at a height of 5-7 mm from the floor. Even if you are on high heels or platform.

 10 camyh urgent advice on the style of Rachel Zoe

Tip 3. Do not be afraid Rachel flared trousers and jeans Boot-Cut

These models are always visually lengthen the leg and make the figure more slender. Council relevant to women of all types of shapes, even full and very complete. Of course, there is a functioning rule that clothes should be tight-fitting shape, but in the case of the trousers is not working. Pants should just strap a waist and hips, and the leg may be loose, not tight-fitting legs.

Tip from Rachel 4. Use large accessories

The lack of accessories make your appearance dull. Similarly, work and very small and modest additions to the wardrobe. Note the remarkable and rather large accessories. One of the students Rachel - Nicole Richie - successfully embodies this idea. Other celebrities are not far behind. Look closely at the example of the stars: they are able to complement the image of a large necklace, bracelet or watch visible, and oversized bags. Accessories can be the same color, but may be of different colors.

Tip from Rachel 5. Experiment with jewelry

Rachel Zoe - by the trend to wear jewelry in the back .... And the idea was born in 2013, when preparing the image of the actress Rachel Jennifer Lawrence for the red carpet (Academy Awards). In 2014, Lawrence gladly repeated reception, which has now become fashionable. The decision to move to the back yuvelirku born spontaneously: the designer noticed that before the dress and so richly decorated, but the move necklace on the back it is possible to brighten the image. "And you, be bold and even daring when trying on jewelry," - advises Zoe.

 10 camyh urgent advice on the style of Rachel Zoe

Tip from Rachel 6. Leggings - very artful garment

Leggings and Jeggings incredibly convenient and comfortable items. However, Rachel warns us against them. "Leggings are good for pregnant women," - said the stylist. Pregnant women can combine leggings with tunics, jackets, adding a bit of jewelry. But, the rest of Rachel leggings advises. Only if you have model looks and good taste. Then wear leggings with riding boots, ultra fashionable jacket and bright lipstick.

Tip from Rachel 7. Fur - Travel

The best time to faux fur - it is traveling. Buy no surround fur vest or coat, and you will feel comfortable and warm on the road. Things faux fur is incredibly comfortable in them cold, they envelop like a warm blanket. These qualities are very important, if to be a long flight or expectations. In everyday life, fur thing rarely happens the way.

 10 camyh urgent advice on the style of Rachel Zoe

Tip from Rachel 8. Heel: or high, or no!

Rachel believes that there is no third. When it comes to heels, it does not tolerate any compromise. Selects high heels or completely flat sole. Because "thin heel of medium height - this is a very controversial decision." If the growth of small - wearing five-inch platform (10 cm). But not always so feet do not get tired.

Tip from Rachel 9. Details Men's wardrobe - it's always elegant

One of the favorite methods of Rachel - a combination of male and female subjects wardrobe. But Rachel does not like "boyfriend jeans". Top male subjects in order to incorporate them into your image - it pants and jackets. They need to be supplemented with ornaments and accessories, and then the elegant style is guaranteed.

 10 camyh urgent advice on the style of Rachel Zoe

Tip from Rachel 10. totality of black and bright makeup

If you like the black color, do not forget that some bright accessory needs. And in the case of a total black it can be bright makeup. Look for cosmetics with elegant and noble glow.
Author: Julia Shestakova