15 things that make you slimmer
 Most likely, something from this list you have, and you do not even suspect how much this valuable specimens. The rest will have to buy the items. Not a bad reason to go shopping again, right?

Our list 15 pieces of clothing and accessories that will make your silhouette slimmer.

1. Cut "boat"

Such a cut-out shoulders visually expands. And it balances the width of the hips, which makes the figure more proportional. Winter option - to choose a dress or sweater that mimics cutout "boat" contrasting light yoke.

2. Vertical stripes

Admission is known to all women. But we decided to recall him. The vertical stripe makes eyes move from top to bottom, not from left to right. That "works" in the illusion of an elongated silhouette and compact.

3. Dress with smell

The diagonal or vertical edges visually flattens the tummy, pull ratio.

 15 things that make you slimmer

4. Shoes nude

Example Kate Middleton inspired many women. This is a good example of how you can pull the silhouette at the expense of only one, properly selected, a pair of shoes. A foot Candice Sveynpul and does look somehow eternally grateful flesh-colored studs.

5. Belt

The belt helps to emphasize the waist, to make good any clothes sitting on the figure and tight. This wide belt preferably thin strap. Dark wide waist belt will create even where it is not.

6. The dress with the dark side inserts

The darker parts cut on the sides "conceal" the volume in these places, visually create the illusion silhouette "hourglass" and more slender silhouette. Local color is not required, dark inserts can coexist with prints and textured details.

 15 things that make you slimmer

7. Maxi in the local color

Such things as a one-color dress or suit on the floor of the local colors create a continuous vertical, and it makes the silhouette slimmer and higher. Details tearing vertical, on the contrary, shorten the silhouette.

8. Bulk sleeves

As cutout "boat", the volume in the upper part of sleeve added volume in the shoulders, and that creates a proper balance with the volume of the hips and waist decreases.

9. heels and pointy-toed shoes

Sharp noses shoes lengthen legs as thin rods. But the square and massive heels make the legs shorter.

 15 things that make you slimmer

10. Long necklaces

Long Necklaces as long vertical cuts, stretched proportions vertically make slimmer.

11. Flared pants down

Bell-bottoms - a good choice for any figure. And full of women, they look the most advantageous, the expanding volume of balancing the hips down. And by the way, flared in the trend.

12. The right fabric

Materials such as denim, cotton, silk thick - do not add volume clothing. Choose as few heavy fabrics that cascade down a well, which adds vertical lines. But the materials that bristle, as they say, "are stake" - not suitable for the illusion of a slender silhouette (eg, velvet, leather, boucle).

 15 things that make you slimmer

13. V-neck

Long triangle, inverted acute top down, making the upper body more subtle, and distracts from the belly and full hips.

14. The bag of medium size

A small bag or clutch visually make you more and more massive. A large and slouchy, of course, can compete with your forms, and allow to look smaller, but more often it is not a comparison works in your favor, because in general, this bag looks sloppy and amorphous. The ideal proportions of the body creates a medium-sized bag with interesting texture and unusual design.

15. Shoes matching pants

Shoes of the same color as the trousers, creates a continuous vertical line, which considerably lengthens the silhouette. Best of all, this technique works with black color.

 15 things that make you slimmer

There are the most important tips when choosing clothes for the full:

- Complete the girls have to rely more on style rather than fashion. Not everyone liked the fashion trend will give a sense of confidence, it highlights the best and hide figure flaws. It is better to wear the clothes, which creates the illusion of harmony and thereby adds a good mood.

- Do not buy clothes smaller because it was once your size, and you're hoping to get back into it. Tight clothing only adds volume.

- Avoid baggy clothes. They are, though, and hide figure, but do not hide the volume.

 15 things that make you slimmer

- Diverts attention from the part of the figure, which is hard. Someone is the belly, someone has wide hips, and there are women with a wide top. Help divert attention prints, patterns, textures. A smooth dark cloth should be used for heavy volumes.

- Pants must encircle the thighs, ankles and not be extended or straight down.

- The heel is always better than none. Any rise lengthens the figure.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin