80 home tricks for modern fashionistas
 Style - is not only the ability to combine colors and make the desired image. Modern fashionable woman should know how to keep a thing or a stylish accessory, and how to care for them. A more stylish girls can share lots of original and simple recipes like home clean, scrub, wash, pat ...

Want to learn 80 useful tricks home? They are in front of you!

1.   Cashmere is best washed by hand, even if the mark appears on the label machine washable. And should squeeze gently, first gently squeeze excess moisture, and then - on the unfolded towel.

2.   The quality of cashmere can be easily checked. Gently stretch the item of cashmere. The thing is to quickly return to its former state. If it does not - before you poor quality cashmere.

3.   Things angora or mohair is stored separately. To prevent them, "baldness", put them in a bag with zip ZIP, and freeze in the freezer for three hours.

4.   New Jeans rinse twice before hemming (alone or dressmaker). Jeans are always "sit" on the length of the wash.

5.   Buy jeans and you can without trying if you do not have time for this. For this is the so-called "cervical technique." Shared with him somehow Sarah Ahmed, creative director denim brand DL1961 Premium Denim. Take the jeans (buttoned) and attach jeans waist to the neck. Your size should be completely round the neck diameter, maximum free oblegaya it. Strange method, but like works.

6.   Stretch jeans stretch, so if in doubt, choose between two sizes smaller.

7.   Dark jeans should be protected from loss of color in the wash. To do this, the final rinse cycle, add half a cup of white vinegar.

8.   Shortening the jeans, always keep the pieces of the severed tissue. This can be useful in the future.

9.   Jeans Fold like a pro: first, lay on a flat surface. Then fold in half from left to right. After the leg fold in half to match the cuffs belt. Next, fold in half again.

 80 home tricks for modern fashionistas

10.   If jeans freeze in a plastic bag for two days, then we can get rid of the smell, without resorting to washing.

eleven.   Remove odors from clothes can sprinkle its composition of 1 part vodka and 2 parts water (Put this structure in a spray bottle).

12.   Oil stain with your favorite handbag can be removed if you put baby powder on him and leave overnight. By morning the stain should disappear. If it will be a little, repeat the process until the stain until it disappears.

13.   To remove red wine stains, use white wine ....

14.   To remove lipstick stains, use hairspray.

15.   If you just "planted" a stain on clothing, do not rub it. Friction spot only helps to penetrate deep into the fabric weave.

16.   Grease and oil stains from clothing can be removed with the help of washing-up liquid.

17.   Sweat stains on his shirt before washing process the lemon juice. Acid dissolves the alkaline stains that can cause yellowing in the wash if they are not removed.

18.   Use shaving cream and sponge to remove all traces of make-up collar shirt.

19.   If the powder or bronzer left traces in the bag, remove them with a damp cloth to remove makeup.

20.   Elastic clothes should have at least 5% Lycra (Lycra), if T, and 2% Lycra jeans.

21.   Never wash bathing suits in the washing machine, hand wash only. An exception is the end of summer, when it is possible to wash a swimsuit in the machine before leaving for winter storage. But to do so in the wash bag, and only in the delicate washing.

22.   Keep clothes in the wardrobe as follows: hang things from light to dark in a direction from left to right. Then your eye will be comfortable to follow the color, choosing the right color and the right thing.

 80 home tricks for modern fashionistas

23.   Reduce the contents of the wardrobe at once by 25% makes it the following method. Inspect each item, ask yourself: "If I saw this thing in the store right now, in this moment, I would have bought it? ". If the answer is "no", do not hesitate to get rid of things, freeing up space for new purchases.

24.   The easiest way to neatly organize the closet space - to buy the same hangers (one and the same color and shape).

25.   Place a small light bulb in the closet, it will provide an opportunity to look for the right thing quickly and without negative emotions.

26.   Fake designer bags say "no." They can always be discerned. But the artificial stone is not considered bad form, they can be found even in very high-quality fashion jewelry.

27.   Diamonds can be cleaned at home: liquid detergent for the dishwasher and an old toothbrush.

28.   Natural pearls can be determined "on a tooth." Rub your teeth pearls, fake pearls will be perfectly smooth, and leave the real feeling of the sand.

29.   The best way to store jewelry, including silver and gold, - lock bag with Zip. This will protect them from scratching, fogging and browning.

thirty.   The best way to get rid of the pellet on a sweater - pumice.

31.   To flowers stood longer, add a vase with water drop of vodka.

32.   Tights treat hair spray (in spray) to avoid holes and clues. Use any cheap hairspray medium or weak fixing.

33.   Update suede, remove scuffs and dirt can be eraser and a nail file.

34.   The new leather things can pass through the rain, so she "sat" on the figure. The moisture softens the skin and stretches it a bit in places where there is tension.

35.   Divorces and dusty plaque on leather clothes can be removed by rubbing a slice of lemon thing.

36.   In a fitting wedding dress (or purchase), go to the make-up and hairdo, close to what will be at the ceremony. Underwear and wear something that you plan to wear to a wedding. Then it will be easier to make a choice.

37.   Quickly podkorotit dress or skirt, you can use the tape. Tuck the hem and secure with tape if you do not have time to the dressmaker.

38.   If you do not know how to sew, or do not have on hand, and even a sewing machine needle, the podkorotit hem skirts, dresses, pants and even jeans can be with a conventional paper glue.

39.   Lines of underwear should not be visible through clothing. Therefore, every woman should be seamless underwear color nude.

40.   Good silhouette always starts with good linen. Do not underestimate the figure correction underwear.

 80 home tricks for modern fashionistas

41.   If you can not fit two fingers under the cup bra, it slushkom tight clothes, it is harmful to the health and silhouette.

42.   The bra is best washed by hand. But if you do not have time for it, then place it in a mesh bag to wash and machine washable in cold water. Then hang to dry on a hanger.

43.   By applying a dress to my store, you can not understand its real length. To do this, apply shoulder seams to the middle of the shoulder, not the collarbone.

44.   Do not dispose of an old sweater or old blanket, one can make the chair seat cushion or a decorative interior.

45.   Old scarves can be interior decoration. Cut out the pieces and put them in the frame.

 80 home tricks for modern fashionistas

46.   The old dress easily turn into a new, if we replace buttons and hem the lining color.

47.   Single sock can not throw. Save it to occasionally make a simple water bottle. Fill the sock dry beans or rice, heat in the microwave for 30 seconds, and the heater is ready!

48.   If you have decided that there will be something tinkering of the old things, before you place them in storage in the closet wash and iron them.

49.   To stretch the shoes, fill it with water bag and put in the freezer overnight. When the water will freeze, it will slightly expand the shoes.

50.   Turn day to night shoes can instantly using clips. They decorate the usual "boats", and before you - a brand new pair of shoes.

51.   To jump off shoes are not, treat the inner surface of hairspray.

52.   Divorces with leather shoes can be removed as follows: add a few drops of vinegar in a bowl with cold water and a soft brush to rub this lineup spots and stains. Let the shoes dry overnight.

53.   If the shoe squeaks, remove the insole, sole lubricate the inside with petroleum jelly, then return the insole.

54.   After socks leather shoes fill the cloth it will absorb moisture and keep the shape of the shoe.

55.   Nude-colored shoes, or any bright visually lengthen the leg, and dark shoes visually shorten the leg.

 80 home tricks for modern fashionistas

56.   Never dry wet shoes at high temperatures. Allow shoes to dry naturally. If dried at high temperatures, is to reduce the lifetime of the shoe twice.

57.   If, after training shoes smell then gym, then at night they pour a few tablespoons of baking soda dining. This "eat" any odor and absorbs sweat.

58.   A good shoemaker can restore even complex damage of shoes, such as cracked soles. Do not neglect the repair of footwear.

59.   Searching jacket, a coat or jacket primarily looking model suitable for the shoulder line. Because, in principle, the dressmaker will be able to fix almost anything, and perfectly fit the figure, but can not alter the line of the shoulders.

60.   Trousers were measured with shoes with heels. The length of the leg should be sufficient, they should not touch the floor only 1-2 cm (wearing a shoe).

61.   To buy a coat hanger storage of cedar, they protect against moths. Coats hang on storage in bags for clothes, before sending this coat dry cleaning.

62.   For fur apparel needs periodic maintenance. To revive the fur will help simple procedure: the fur brush comb brush or under the influence of steam.

 80 home tricks for modern fashionistas

63.   The ideal length pencil skirt - to the top of the knee. Length below the knee shortens the length of the legs.

64.   If the pants are too tight at the waist, stretch belt by hand until the wet pants or stretch it with a hairdryer.

65.   If winter coat tailored at the waist, it does not matter what kind of clothes under it - you will still look stylish. Even if the bottom of the pajamas.

66.   Magic silk pillow - not a myth. It not only prevents the appearance of fine lines and so-called "sleep wrinkles", but much milder effect to the skin and hair.

67.   When sprayed on the skin too much perfume, the smell can be a bit level by removing the excess perfume makeup remover (on oil-free basis).

68.   An empty bottle of spirits, wrap in a handkerchief and put it in a linen closet, to give subtle flavor underwear.

69.   Do not buy things that you can not take care of properly. For example, such a thing can become a blouse with fine embroidery or beads.

70.   The heat may cause deformation of the eyeglass frame. Therefore, always keep the glasses in a hard case, and on a hot day do not wear as a wrap hair.

71.   The easiest way to lose weight - excluded from the diet of three components: alcohol, bread and processed carbohydrates (so-called principle of the ABC, because English is the Alcohol, Bread, Carbs).

72.   Before the event responsible Eliminate dairy products to avoid surprises with acne and digestive.

73.   Things pomnutsya less than in a suitcase, if expanded in plastic bags.

74.   Do not fold clothes immediately after ironing. Please hang on a hanger, let the cloth cools down, and then fold. This saves from strong creases and wrinkles in clothes.

75. When washing, the hotter the water - the cleaner will wear. However, the delicate fabrics - the colder the water should be. In hot water can wash linens and white clothes. The warm - most of the clothing items. The cold - sensitive tissue.

76.   After a shower to remove the mirror pairs can be in a few seconds - a hairdryer.

77.   Resist impulse buying. But if you continue to think about some things on the morning after the shopping, it is no longer impulse buy, it is possible to do.

78.   If you have clothes with sequins or rhinestones, you do not wear anymore, then fight back glitter and put them in a transparent vase for flowers on the bottom - a luxurious solution!

79.   Evening - not a time to show daring trends. All you need for an evening image - underline the classic silhouette image. Example - the stars on the red carpet. When they start to experiment with clothes, they tend to be added to the list of the worst dressed stars. And the girls cleverly chosen classic-fitting cocktail dresses and win!

80.   Stick to your own style rather than trends. Fashion Slaves never look gorgeous!
Author: Tamara