A good wash - good stuff
 Laundry - what could be easier? He threw things in the washing machine, added powder, and everything will be erased. However, with this approach, your things are a lot less time to lose form, no longer be marketable. Do you want to save the good clothes as long as possible? Learn the basics of washing.

Preparing the wash cycle

1. Check the label on things

- Symbol machine washable   It shows at what temperature should be washed. This can be a numerical designation (e.g., 30 degrees or 40) or point. If one point - it should be washed in cold water, if the two points - in warm water if three points - that can be washed in hot water. If the symbol is crossed washing machine - that can only be dry.

 A good wash - good stuff

- Symbol whitening   - Triangle. If an empty triangle - you should proceed with caution, if the triangle is crossed - that bleach is prohibited.

- Symbol drying articles in a washing machine   - A circle inscribed in a square. A blank circle signifies that can be dried at any temperature. One dot - drying it at low temperatures, two dots - the normal temperature, three points - the highest temperature.

- Symbol dry cleaning   - Circle. This symbol means that shows dry cleaning, if the symbol is crossed, it is necessary to use the washing machine.

 A good wash - good stuff

2. Divide the things

Divide items are not in two parts, as usual, but four:

- The white stuff;
- Bright things;
- Dark things;
- Things delicate fabrics.

And erase these four groups are always separately, then they will last much longer. Time, of course, spend more, but maintaining the quality of things is worth it.

 A good wash - good stuff

3. Check the pockets

Make sure that you have emptied all the pockets, close all zippers (so they last longer and are not hooked up other things), twisted jeans inside out. It is also all sensitive items (tights, bras, lace underwear) placed in individual mesh bags, and wash them.

 A good wash - good stuff


- In cold water   wash delicate fabrics, sweaters, jeans and clothing that can shrink. In the same category items include new dark and colored things that the color was not lost.

 A good wash - good stuff

- The warm water   wash white and colored items (after the first washing), as well as things with not strong spots.

 A good wash - good stuff

- In hot water   washable good things painted, bath and kitchen towels, things with strong stains and dirt.

 A good wash - good stuff


- Bleacher labeled "Color-safe"   (keeps the color) can be used for all types of fabric. However, it does not remove the strong spots, and tissue lightens as chlorine bleach.

- Chlorine bleach   (foreign funds labeled as "Chlorine bleach") should be used for the white stuff. But not for the color! Otherwise, the color goes irrevocably. If you add the bleach into the machine, you must first dilute it with water, it should not just fall on the clothes, can destroy tissue.

- Fabric softener   be used for towels fluffy and soft stuff, preferably knitted. Air conditioner prevents static electricity and spreads woven fabric.

 A good wash - good stuff

Wash cycle

- Normal Or normal. It is a cycle with fast turnaround, a quick spin. It is well suited for colored products, cotton, linen, denim, towels and bed linen.

- Mode quick wash laundry   and slow spin suitable for synthetic fibers (knitted polivolokna) and prevents the formation of wrinkles on things.

- Delicate cycle   It combines slow laundry and slow spin, and is ideal for silk and wool, and linen clothes with decorations or embroidery for transparent fabrics.

- Handwash.   Despite the fact that now each family has a washing machine, the relevance of hand washing is not falling. After a quick wash is an option when you need to quickly clear the thing and personally control the washing process. For manual washing, fill the reservoir (basin or sink) cold or warm water, add a small amount of detergent. Place a delicate thing and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then rinsing with clean water 2-3 times.

 A good wash - good stuff


- Drying machine at high temperature   for white vescheё, jeans, towels, sheets, bed linen, and the things that did not sit down. Do not use this drying mode, if washed in hot water.

 A good wash - good stuff

- Drying at moderate temperatures   designed for colored laundry, it protects it from fading. With such things drying do not lose their shape and did not get wrinkles. But do not use this mode for drying delicates, they lose their shape and appearance.

- Gentle drying at low temperatures.   It uses a slow speed to gently dry the fragile and knitted fabric.

- Drying out cars , A rope or a coat hanger. So it is possible to dry things out of cotton, silk, fabrics that do not stretch. Knitwear need to dry on a flat surface.

 A good wash - good stuff

Tips on how to speed up drying

- Throw a clean, dry towel in wet clothes, which dried in the machine. The towel will absorb moisture, allowing clothes to dry faster.

- If you leave things out to dry for too long a period, they may be over dried, have a strong creases and folds. Correct such a thing is possible. Blot it with a damp towel and pour over creases and folds hot jet dryer. Influence hairdryer better intervals - no longer than 15 minutes at a time!
Author: Tamara