A little about styles. Part 2
 Our wardrobe should primarily reflect our essence, our approach in line with our interests and way of life. Therefore necessary that hung in the closet only classical or just sports, for example, clothing. In the last part described the French and the bohemian style of dress. Today I want to talk about vintage style. If you are impressed by all directions, it's okay. After all styles have a lot in common.

Generally, there are a vintage style mixed opinions. Someone speaks enthusiastically about it, someone believes that today's fashion offers a sufficient number of interesting options so as not to look back. Although designers still occasionally returned back. And the season autumn-winter 2009-2010 is no exception. So, this autumn and winter will be fashionable images of 20s, 40s, 70s and 80s.

What is the charm of vintage style?

I want to give some arguments for this area:
  1. The most important thing "for" - each of us will find this style something different. Here and Art Deco 20-30s and waisted clothes 40 - 50, and the style of the hippie 60 - 70, and rocker style of the 80s.

  2. Vintage clothes never go out of fashion. In any season on the podium, you can see the return of a particular era.

  3. You will always be in the spotlight. Rarely what girl can wear the exact same clothes. After all, no matter where you turned, unless it is a club of fans of vintage style, you will always stand out from the rest.

But whatever style necessary to adapt to modernity. And any garment must be able to wear. In addition, the vintage style is easily transformed into a bohemian, French, classic or romantic ...

What kind of clothes can be considered vintage?

 A little about styles. Part 2
   Initially, vintage things considered, that is at least 20 years, which have distinctive marks of a particular time. For example, a black sweater will not be considered a vintage thing, but if it has puffed sleeves, then - of course.

The distinctive features of the vintage style

Of course, not everyone can wear the items that they wore someone else. Therefore, you can easily find in stores new things, stylized fashion of the last century. The most important thing to know what distinguishes vintage items from all others:

1. necklaces, pendants, lockets. They should be long enough, about 45 cm from the base of the neck, and sometimes even length. You can easily wear such jewelry with everyday clothing.

2. Worn leather.   No matter what it is: a jacket, bag, shoes, bracelets, or something else. In any case, you will look very stylish.

3. scarves.   The most important thing to choose the right pattern. Typically, this accessory used fabric with floral print, ethnic motifs and prints "peas."

4. Overstated waist.   This chic and sexy. It can be high-waisted jeans, a pencil skirt, shorts, tops and dresses.

5. Flared jeans.   Wear them with a well-fitting blouses and tops.

6. Hats.   You'll look very stylish, if you wear a felt hat with a dress in a bohemian style, can be with jeans or a white dress.

7. Other distinguishing features:   floral pattern, lace, pattern, peas, ribbons, ruches, fringe, a cell pattern "cucumber" headbands in hippie style, pleated, etc.

In any case, the vintage thing or stylized it is not difficult to find in the store. If you are unsure, then contact your history look old magazines and books on fashion. Think about how long you are interested in, and - forward.

 A little about styles. Part 2

 A little about styles. Part 2

 A little about styles. Part 2

 A little about styles. Part 2

 A little about styles. Part 2

 A little about styles. Part 2

 A little about styles. Part 2

How to wear clothes in vintage style

So, back to that pure vintage style works well at a party, reception, etc. In the daytime, it is desirable nevertheless little adapt it. In order not to look like a stranger from the past, remember that your appearance should be 50% consist of clothing and accessories in a retro style, and 50% - of the modern. For example, wear a vintage blouse with a skirt or trousers or a modern classic style. Well, or, for example, dress in a retro style and trendy sandals with high heels.

 A little about styles. Part 2

Start any experiment with the style of small. For example, with the accessories. You can easily add some antiques to your image by using the bracelets, bags, shoes, scarves, belts, etc. Gradually, you will gain confidence and be able to correctly combine clothes among themselves.
Author: Vera Karabutova