Choose a coat. Part 2
 Select a coat that is perfectly suited for you - a complicated matter. Especially if you order it online. Yes, if the store, it is still easier to go for shopping, where it appears that you seek.

So, such a strategy. Learning itself, choose your type of shape, look, how profitable to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses.

"Hourglass" . The distinctive features of this type: pronounced waist, shoulders and hips are about the same width. This type is suitable for almost all figures. You looks perfect close-fitting coat, with an emphasis on the waist, the coat with the smell. Avoid baggy models, with patch pockets, high neck (not to be confused, round neckline and collar desk!), From a plurality of parts in the chest.

 Choose a coat. Part 2

"Inverted triangle" . If you have broad shoulders and narrow hips, then you are "inverted triangle". The goal - to create the illusion of rounded hips and narrow shoulders, make the figure more feminine. You can consult:

• free coat such a cocoon or a poncho;
• close-fitting coat with a volume skirt. However, a coat with a skirt sit well if shoulders are not very wide;
• coat with deep armholes and raglan sleeves;
• models with patch pockets, pleating, etc.
• you can play with color. Add a little dark for the upper body, and light - to the bottom;
• categorical no: breast pockets, double-breasted coat with a hard cloth.

 Choose a coat. Part 2

"Pear" . If you have narrow shoulders and wide hips, then you are a "pear". The goal to reduce the visual ass and do a little wider than the shoulders. Visually increase the shoulders, coat with shoulder pads, as well as a coat in military style. Feel free to wear double-breasted coat, with broad or fur collars, coats, with an emphasis on the waist. Look good coat asymmetric cut. Your length - up to mid-thigh. Long coats will give a strong focus on the lower body, and you become like a cone. If the difference between the upper and lower part of the body is not very evident, then you can try to model long just above the knee.

 Choose a coat. Part 2

"Rectangle" . Women with this type of shape shoulders - waist - hip have approximately the same width. Therefore them to look feminine and "draw curves" have to give preference to coat with voluminous skirts, pockets, large buttons, color gradient (dark color should be concentrated around the waist, and shoulders and hips should be light, so you visually narrow down the waist ).

You can even consult a cocoon coat in conjunction with a belt, the main thing to choose the right style.

 Choose a coat. Part 2

"An Apple" . In women, this type of narrow shoulders and hips and broad waist. Such women usually have a tummy. Your goal is to visually draw the figure, making allusion to the waist, and divert attention away from the center. You can consult:

• single-breasted models;
• Model A-shaped silhouette;
• coat with a little overpriced taliyam or slightly form-fitting model;
• V-shaped notch;
• details that will make the visual more elongated shape;
• asymmetrical necklines;
• If you have a large chest, then the button must begin under the breast;
• your ideal length - mid-thigh and just below;
• Discard the patch pockets, coats, cocoon, large buttons and accents at the waist.

 Choose a coat. Part 2

The recommendations are general in nature. It is necessary to make allowances for the breast size, fullness, what proportion.

Going to the store, look closely at themselves in the mirror. Look, would you like to emphasize or hide. Pick a few styles to make it a good choice.

What to look for when trying on?

Choosing a coat is necessary to consider the following points:

1. What is the maximum amount of clothing you're going to wear a coat?   Some limited shirt, someone turtleneck, and some jacket. Therefore, if you are going to wear a jacket under his coat, grab it with the control fitting. You may have to take one size larger to coat well and sat on his back was not going to, but you can always cut off the label.

2. The length of the sleeves.   Unfortunately, there are no uniform standards for tailoring. So guess suit you along the length of the sleeve or not difficult. Ideally, sleeve length should be up to the first knuckle of the thumb. But in this case you measures the classic coat, otherwise possible assumptions.

3. Mobility.   Wearing a coat, buttoned it, try to test its strength. Make hand movements that you make during the day: driving a car, carrying a child, hold on to the handrails on public transportation. Coats should not greatly hamper your movements!

Warm clothes - a thing that we did not buy for one season. Therefore, they should be convenient and comfortable for us during the whole time that we will wear it. Do not be afraid to spend a little more time and effort to find something that will please you.
Author: Vera Karabutova