French chic - it's easy!
 Frenchwoman seen a mile away. Probably, they are distinguished not only special style of dress. Rather, it is only a consequence of their lifestyle, way of thinking ... We, Russians, can not become a Frenchwomen. But it is very much in their way close to us. I'm sure, for us, the Russian women so-called "French chic" - is an easy lesson.

Why are they so slim?
For women, the power of which consists entirely of natural dairy products and confectionary, they are really very elegant. Paradoxically, even in comparison with French Englishwomen much slimmer overall. Statistics obesity generally shows very modest figures in France, while the figures in England twice, and in the United States and in all three.

Experts find the reason for this special treatment of the French to the process of eating. It is always the leisurely ritual and enjoyment of every morsel that enters the mouth. At the same time, the French are crazy about the naturalness of the ingredients of food they consume. Moreover, the tradition of having three full meals a day, rather than one on the run, too, helps keep weight. The French prejudices about fast food and they always prefer fresh salad sausage in the dough.

There is another interesting opinion about the harmony of French. It is believed that good underwear - it is a special privilege to French women. And it is this passion sometimes keeps them in shape. The abundance of all French cities with lingerie boutiques, interspersed with shops bakers, help local ladies opt for harmony, not in favor of the calories.

 French chic - it's easy!

Why they are so young?
And despite the fact that the French are not accustomed to hide his age. "Better wrinkle on the face than on the stocking," - they say in France. Yes, hide wrinkles by Botox is not accepted, on the contrary, they do not want to give up any of his surgeons wrinkles! But the time for some reason, they have not so mercilessly.

Of course, much depends on the genes, climate, food. But the daily habits. Girls in France since the early age know what a good cosmetics. And at the very tender age dream not just about lipstick or perfume, and cosmetics of luxury. Care brands such as the natural cosmetics Caudalie they absorb almost from the mother's milk, and make-up skills are considered as one of the useful things that improve life chances for success.

 French chic - it's easy!

Why are they so stylish?
Any street in Paris or Marseille, or any other city can become a kind of red carpet, which demonstrates the exceptional elegance. Style simple French women, not just the stars and the first lady - this is what can truly delight and surprise. Paris - the capital of fashion, but not just because of the concentration are fashion houses but because of the simple women who continually demonstrate the fashion and style.

 French chic - it's easy!

French - one of the few women who pay attention to the silhouette. Maybe that's why such a love for black, it can present the most obvious is the silhouette, the main outlines.

The French always show femininity. No unisex! Always emphasized the female form!

The parents buy clothes for her children to adulthood rather, it provides some sort of continuity in the style.

 French chic - it's easy!

Measure . Here, perhaps, the main lesson of French chic. The key word for the style of both women and men. Always accurate combinations, no inconsistencies in the proportions and the choice of models. Skirt length is always in the right place, the length of the trouser legs and sleeves - too.

But if you think that everything they do by itself, it would be a mistake to think so. The choice of clothing the French spend enough time. Everything is thought out in advance. Hence was born the very measure. A sense of proportion - it is not innate, it is brought up and nurtured. The measure is shown by the way in many respects. The purchases in the supermarket (rare to find a Frenchwoman from top to bottom laden grocery cart), in orders in the restaurant, make-up (always low-key, even when the lips are bold, red), hairstyles (no complicated designs!).

 French chic - it's easy!

Fashion without fuss   - Here is another motto of French chic. Clothing should be simple in appearance, high in quality - so they say here. It makes the French more or less indifferent, but never indifferent to quality. And so you can not know what brand is a lady, but you'll see the button in each and every crease - decent quality. Power quality. Yes, I think the French have fallen under this authority.

 French chic - it's easy!

Accessories . It is a religion for them. They accurately distinguish them from the crowd. Accessories must be of the highest quality! - It's the law. But this does not mean that you will not see on the streets of a young lady in running shoes. Simply, it is not a sport that only a couple of training and quality pair of leather tennis shoes (or just in sports style) everyday, but good quality. The most common accessories are selected monochrome. French Dressing can combine the clothes are not very catchy and ultra-chic and designer bags, belts, scarves, shawls, hats. Remember the expression that every woman should have at least one real scarf Hermes?

Parisians are mostly tight clothes, strictly matched by size. It does not meet the girls in very tight jeans or hanging shirt. French women know a lot about good a cut. They appreciate the work of a tailor, and is considered to be the biggest waste of clothing is not the size. Customized clothing bought in the store, not considered shameful, but rather mandatory.

Fashion victims also will not name them. They buy what's right, not what is seen in gloss. By the way, satin - is a fiction American, the French would never have allowed themselves to so devalue the personality and style.

 French chic - it's easy!

Author: Olga Larsen