Heel - joy or sorrow?
 Swinging, sliding, we feel his ankle every stone, every roughness, we have encountered on the road. Why do we refuse to practical moccasins and sneakers to high heels, and where this impractical shoes came into our lives?

According to stylists, high heels originally worn by men. For several centuries, shoes for riding had a very massive heel. This was done with the aim to help the rider to keep the heel position in the stirrups. Because of this, he could make better use of the bow, it would be useful, especially in Persia, where fighting style based on possession of a good horse riding.

In 1598, the Shah of Persia sent a diplomat in Europe, and interest in Persian culture and fashion embraced Western Europe. Aristocrat fell liking Persian shoes, they were bold, masculine, and is ideal for approval status. When the lower classes woke up and began wearing similar shoes, aristocracy simply increase the height of the heel, according to the social order. But the heels are useless on the cobbled streets of the XVII century in Europe. Privileged men rarely walked, underlining its luxurious lifestyle uniforms.

How, then, high heel shoes have become a part of women's fashion?

In the 1630s there were women who decided to go against the system, cutting their hair, adding to their costumes chase. They also began to smoke tobacco and wearing hats, which are very similar to the shape of men. Women took over heels in an attempt to make your costume more manly.

Gradually being transformed, heel men became lower, and for women tall and slender. By 1740, high heels finally came out of the men's items, because they were not too comfortable and snare.

 Heel - joy or sorrow?
  Heel - joy or sorrow?

Heels were invented quite reasonable as shoes for riding, but eventually turned into a symbol of femininity and impractical wealth. Fashion is cyclical and maybe someday they will again be seen as symbols of power and status.

What is love heels

They make us above

Needless to say, all the women in the world like all sorts of variations heels. But even if the lady does not require additional height, they can give themselves a chance to feel more feminine. It's really a nice feeling, similar to intoxication. Wearing a pair of shoes for your height, instantly added cherished number of centimeters.

 Heel - joy or sorrow?

High heels visually slim

Unlike all kinds of skinny jeans, leggings and other "painfully stylish things" now and then flashed on the podium, shoes rather than emphasize the shortcomings and help them hide. Of course, one can not say that it always happens, but, as a rule, the higher the heels, the figure seems to be visually slimmer and longer legs.

  High heels make even the usual clothes look different

Even jeans and a T-shirt can be made to look very different when they are complemented by a pair of heels. Heel will add femininity virtually any suit, make it more elegant and interesting.

 Heel - joy or sorrow?

Shoes - sexual

Shoes can not only make you feel feminine, they also give sexuality. Men love women in heels, as they seem uncertain gait, a girl wants to maintain, protect, and then next to it is easy to prove masculinity. Heels have long been a particular fetish for the immense number of people and are considered an integral part of sexuality.

Shoes are different

In the world created thousands of models of shoes with heels. They differ in shape, height, color, material and price. Every girl can pick up a version that is suitable in all respects. And no one argues that good shoes, you can spend a fortune. But it is even cheap brands may look great.

Cons high heels

High heels are harmful to health

Prolonged wearing of shoes can lead to pain in the knees and back. Heels are the cause of varicose veins and bone deformities of the foot.

 Heel - joy or sorrow?

Due to the constant pursuit of beauty may curvature of the spine, leading to serious diseases of the joints and bones, and these diseases do not manifest themselves immediately, but after a long time.

High heels can cause serious injury

Hairpin - not very comfortable heel, sometimes are folded or broken. In such cases, you may experience a variety of injuries ranging from sprains to fractures. To like this happened, you need to choose the right shoes, and carefully walk on uneven surfaces.

High heels walking difficult

Of course, some women seem to have been born for this purpose what to wear high-heeled shoes. But for most, though, shoes with heels less convenient than without them. The steep and long stairs, slippery floors, ice, rain - those moments when heels hinder rather than help the move. It is at such moments you want to change the shoes into something more suitable and easily run on any surface.

Heels - it is beautiful, sexy and fashionable. For several centuries, this kind of shoes do not go out of fashion, which means that hundreds of thousands of women are wearing these amazing beauty of the model.
Author: Marina Sun