How to behave when you are invited to a fashion show?
 Many people dream about how to get to the fashion show, or even become a part of it, but not everyone knows about some of the unspoken rules and taboos set at such events. How should behave if the dream has come true and you invited? What is wear?


... Take care of the appearance! Arriving at a fashion show, you must of course give the impression of a connoisseur of fashion, so that the choice of the image should be approached thoroughly. If you want to be absolutely sure that your appearance will be attractive and relevant fashion trends, it is better to choose their own style of minimalism. Classic dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers will always be relevant and not let you down in any situation. It's a win-win, but, unfortunately, does not guarantee uniqueness.

 How to behave when you are invited to a fashion show?

In the same case, if you still want to stand out from the crowd, be inspired, for example, Anna Dello Russo, an icon of style and lover of very bold experiments. If you are not alien to the sense of style and the ability to combine incongruous, the bold and extravagant look - what you need! After a fashion show - event, which you can wear something that you would not have dared to in everyday life. Do not be afraid to experiment! For the fashion show is quite normal. However, it is worth remembering and a few restrictions on the appearance:

1.   Your image should not consist entirely of things the author's display. However, one of its accessory or element can be a sign of respect.

2.   We can do without massive volume hairstyles and hats that can interfere with other viewers enjoy the show event.

3.   In make-up, try to focus either on the lips or the eyes, but not all at once. Too bright makeup - not the best solution.

4.   Do not take large bags and coats with them, it is inappropriate. It is better to replace it with interesting accessories. If, however, a coat with you during the show put it on yourself, and do not put on their knees.

5.   Speaking of accessories. We can do without sunglasses - it looks ridiculous and disrespectful within the fashion show.

 How to behave when you are invited to a fashion show?

Do not forget about the rules of conduct

In addition to the generally accepted rules of etiquette and behavior fashion shows have a lot of restrictions, especially for VIPs. It must be remembered that the fashion show - it is always the publication, during which you can not lose face.

For example, you should home leave children and animals Who clearly do not get pleasure from the fashion show, but still will not interfere with others.

Come to the show on time need:   large time lag behind us, now, if you arrive with a delay before your nose can slam the door.

Meanwhile, who managed to get into the first row Generally should adhere to the whole list of rules. If you happen to witness the fashion show sitting in the first row (which means that you - fashion blogger, fashion editor of a publication or an important person for the designer), you must remember that reside in the lens of photographers. Therefore, monitor everything from emotion on the face and ending position of the feet. Every second you need to look beautiful and dignified, but at the same time relaxed and calm. Being in the front row, discard the unnecessary talk, and especially the use of mobile phones. Twitter and chatter on cell wait. Here's one of your main tasks - to show respect for the designer, so do not constantly on something distracted.

As a result, we have some useful rules and tips following which you can easily show itself in its best light at a fashion show and to attract the attention exclusively on the good side. So take them into service - and forward, to conquer the world of fashion!
Author: Anna Hodchenkova