How to choose a swimsuit
 Swimsuit. Many of us goose bumps at the thought that you have to wear something like that. After all, more than half of all women are aware of their figure flaws (perceived and real). A swimsuit does not help to hide them. Although, if the sensible approach to this issue, it is possible to minimize discontent minutes spent in front of a mirror.

Choose a swimsuit should be given, first of all your body type, size, and tsvetotip. But if the latter, you somehow will understand, that the first and second cover in this article.

General recommendations . Let's start with those who have excess weight or not, or it is minimal.

Swimsuit for "Hourglass" . This is the perfect type of shape. The girl - guitar. They are allowed to carry everything and more. Therefore you recommendations will be brief. Most models of underwear and swimwear designed for this type of figure. Feel free to experiment with shapes and colors. Limit you can only your individual characteristics: leg length, completeness, condition of the skin, etc.

 How to choose a swimsuit

Swimsuit for "Pears" . Do you need a swimsuit that will make your hips visually less. To do this you need to do more than the top visually with the help of little tricks. Firstly, it is a cup push-up, swimsuits with drawstrings at the neck, with or without drawstrings at all. In addition, the top swimsuit may be brighter than the bottom. As for the bottom of the swimsuit, it must be plain, with a high neckline, so you visually lengthen legs. I do not like high-cut? Then another option - shorts.

Good for you, and separate swimsuit. But if you want solid, then let it will contain some volume on top of the details, or to be divided into two blocks of color. Bright top, muted and monochromatic below.

No drawstrings on the side of the hips, or prints at the bottom of the swimsuit. You can cover the hip skirt, if shy to show them.

 How to choose a swimsuit

Swimsuit for "Rectangle" . But these women and girls need to create the illusion of curves. And for that highlight the bust and hips. Ruffles, drapes, prints (visually increases the breast and thigh), pants or shorts with drawstrings.

One-piece swimsuits should also contribute to the creation of bends or by crook. It can be various symmetrical cutouts, inserts, draperies.
The main thing is to make it seem that your breasts and hips wider than your waist.

 How to choose a swimsuit

Swimsuit for the "inverted triangle" . You need to draw attention to the bottom, and to reduce the top options. Most often, these women slender legs, so do not be afraid to draw attention specifically to the lower body. Here, the right return than type "Pear". The dark, solid color top. Avoid bathing suits with thin spaghetti straps or strapless all. At best you will be sitting swimwear with thick straps. To the bottom of the suit ruffles, drawstrings on the sides, stripes, contrast details, shorts

Feminine model will make your face more soft and divert attention from the broad shoulders.

 How to choose a swimsuit

Swimsuit for "Apple" . So women need to make the waist narrower. Therefore swimsuit should be: a low-cut, well-supported central part of the body (one-piece swimsuit or tankini), ruffles or draping the top or bottom will also create the illusion of a waist, the same contribute to the dark solid colors, or in the waist area. If you allow the complexion, you can try on bathing suits with side cutouts.

 How to choose a swimsuit


No matter what type you concern, there is still a certain particular figures who like to hide or correct. Try to combine the following guidelines with recommendations for your figure type.

- He tummy.   It may be advisable to bathing suits with shorts slightly lower than the average landing, as well as with supporting inserts or hide your lack of prints.

 How to choose a swimsuit

- Small breasts . Bright colors, prints, ruffles, drapes, stripes, cup push-up, strapless swimwear. All this will make the breasts visually more. And do not slouch !!!

 How to choose a swimsuit

- Excess weight . Weight swimsuit is not a hindrance, if you know how to choose. General recommendation - or a one-piece swimsuit or tankini. And all because they keep their shape well enough. On sale now appeared swimsuits, which can be transformed to the bottom, or a skirt or corset to support the top.

If you really want to separate, then, consider the 2 moment. The top of the chest should be well supported. The bottom should be a classic fit for supporting the abdomen. And, of course, the swimsuit shall not drag you. In addition to the separate swimsuit bottom can invite a skirt or shorts, freer than underwear.

 How to choose a swimsuit

Swimwear has long gone beyond the only two species, and ceased to be used exclusively for the Sun (and you can get a tan in a solarium). In the first place come the comfort and the opportunity to feel confident in such a small article of clothing. Therefore, experiment with forms, now, in addition to the conventional types, such as the tankini has (top T-shirt), Bandini (top corset), and even dresses for swimming. So that every woman can find what she bude comfortable.
Author: Vera Karabutova