How to choose jewelry for your skin tone and shape of the face?
 To create a perfect image is very important to choose the right accessories. Some fashionable women mistakenly believe that the jewelry themselves are versatile and suitable for any skin tone. And many are choosing accessories, without even thinking about tsvetotip, but often it is fraught with common errors. What then? And how to avoid them?

Surely, during a joint shopping with girlfriends, have you noticed that some ornaments suited to them, and some - you. And it's not only the difference in style or image, but in a different tsvetotip, face shape individual. Given these nuances, you can choose the most suitable variant of the desired accessory.

Pick up decorations under the skin type

First of all, you must decide with what you have a skin color: cold or warm. To do this, find the spot on the body, which clearly show through the veins. If bluish veins, then you have cool skin tone. It is thought that such skin is the majority of people living on our planet. They have green, blue or gray eyes and black or brown hair. People with warm skin tones are greenish veins. Most often, this brown-eyed, black-eyed owner of black, light or red hair.

 How to choose jewelry for your skin tone and shape of the face?

Find out your skin tone, you can go directly to the selection of jewelry. People with cool skin tone, experts recommend choosing accessories made of platinum, silver and white gold. Well, if they are decorated with diamonds and white pearls. The color of the stones should be purple, pink, purple or red hue. Holders of a warm skin tone is better to choose jewelry from tin, gold, copper and brass with gold pearls or corals.

We select jewelry for your face shape

There is another important aspect that needs to be based on the pick up decorations - this face shape. The ideal face shape has always been considered an oval. Properly selected beads and earrings can bring your face to the ideal.

 How to choose jewelry for your skin tone and shape of the face?

Rinse cosmetics, sit in front of a large mirror and gently circle with a piece of chalk or a dry soap image. This will help you determine the shape of the face. If there are any sharp lines, it's likely you have a square, rectangular, diamond-shaped or triangular face shape. If the soft features, consider oval, heart-shaped, elongated or round.

• Volume to the bottom earrings are ideal for the fair sex with a heart-shaped, diamond-shaped or triangular face shape. Earrings with volume at the top will adjust perfectly pear-shaped.

• Short chain necklace and organize horizontal at neck level, and thus smooth elongated shape. The length of the beads significantly reduce and adjust elongated chins.

• Women with a square face shape is better to give preference to small earrings, which are attached to the earlobe, and the owners of a round face, on the contrary - long earrings.

• Most of all in this case, the lucky owners of an oval face. They can wear anything, as adjusted this form is not necessary. Although if you have a long neck, the better to choose a short necklace. But short neck to help visually correct long chains and necklaces.

 How to choose jewelry for your skin tone and shape of the face?

Ornaments also selected by facial features. For soft traits best suited oval, twisted and round ornaments, chains to transition smoothly into each other links and teardrop-shaped pendants. Women with sharp features, experts advise to choose the crosses, squares, triangles, flat chains, pearls and irregular cut stones.

A few tips for choosing the right jewelry:

• Of course, the decoration should ideally fit the tsvetotip skin and shape of the face, but do not forget that they still need to be comfortable to wear and does not cause any discomfort. Agree, is problematic for a long time to carry heavy long, albeit beautiful clips.

• Always check the reaction of the organism to certain decorations. The fact that now often substandard unscrupulous manufacturers use alloys for which many people develop an allergic reaction. Buy this accessory - not only the release of the money to the wind, but also a serious threat to your health.

• Even if you have a lot of money, do not pay for the jewelry, it is likely that in a nearby store or website they will be much cheaper.

Compelling you image with the right accessories!
Author: Albina Rogov