How to look successful? Part 2
 Last time, we have described the general principles of the business image. The proverb "Meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind" every year becomes more and more urgent. This is especially true for women. Looking at the fairer sex, working in politics or business, unconsciously realize that the bar is high. But if you want to achieve something, you have to take and the top. As the saying goes, a man who looks like a success and perceived success.

The reality is that all the research in psychology show that the first impression - the most powerful, and people are more willing to reach out to those who looks attractive and well-groomed. So - go from words to deeds. And consider the options for a business suit for women.

How to choose a business suit?

It is believed that the wardrobe of a modern business woman, must contain five types of suits:

1. Suit, imitating the color and style of the male. Just do not be afraid. Properly selected color, shade and pattern only emphasize your feminine nature.

 How to look successful? Part 2

2. Costume more feminine cut, with interesting details.

 How to look successful? Part 2

3. suit any stylish cut and color, to be worn without a shirt.

 How to look successful? Part 2

4. Suit pastel. It is believed that such suits are appropriate in the warmer months, but if the dress code is not strict, then why not stand out in autumn or winter.

 How to look successful? Part 2

5. Suit conservative cut.

 How to look successful? Part 2

Choosing costume stands to consider your figure . After all, it affects how long should jacket, a style skirts and pants. Women with non-standard figure may be advisable to buy a jacket and a skirt (pants) separately.

But not only the costumes have become your reliable allies in the creation of a business wardrobe. Dresses are also very relevant. The main thing is that they are an appropriate style. Nothing extra.

On top of that, it is worth to buy blouses suitable style. Tops, they look great with costumes that do not involve wearing blouses. Next sweaters and cardigans. It all depends on how hard you have in your company's dress code. The main thing is to come to all the meetings is only in the costumes. Unless of course, they do not take place in an informal setting.

I would like to give some advice, how to choose a business clothing for women with various types of figures .

Body type "Pear" . You come to the thigh length jackets with shoulder pads, pockets on the chest. If the dress code allows, you can attach a discreet brooch. Shirts, tops and sweaters can be cut as a free (but not baggy) and close fitting. So how to visually enlarge the upper body, choose a top with interesting details. It is advisable to blouses, tops, jackets, and even had a light or bright color. You suit absolutely any cuts.

As for the lower part of the body, it is best to dress her up in dark colors, as they are slim. Pants can be absolutely any style. A skirt is not any body hugging style.

Choosing a dress, prefer dresses with the smell, and a trapezoidal shape.

You best fit shoes with pointed toes as round or blunt noses make you too bulky.

 How to look successful? Part 2

Body type "Inverted triangle" . You elongated single-breasted suit jackets with narrow lapels. It is worth to avoid wearing the top, which is overloaded with details. You fit models that create volume around the hips. For example, patch pockets, slightly overestimated waist. Or you can simply put on the belt.

Shirts, tops and sweaters should be extended and poluoblegayuschie. You can afford any pants. As for skirts, they have to create the volume. Unlike the previous type, you may be advised to wear a dark top and bottom - bright. Try not to overload the upper parts. To divert attention from the broad shoulders, put on a beautiful, attracting the attention of shoes.

 How to look successful? Part 2

Body type "Rectangle" . You come close-fitting jackets, as well as models, adding the amount of the hips and shoulders. To create the illusion of a waist, wear a belt. The belt should generally be your best friend, because, even wearing tight dress with a wide belt contrast, you create the illusion of curves. Tops, dresses, sweaters must be free in the waist area. You can also try a model with a high waist. It is also desirable to shirts or tops had interesting accents in the waist area. Will suit most styles of trousers. Skirts should create the illusion of volume hips.

 How to look successful? Part 2

Body type "Apple" . You suit jackets in the spirit of English Costume. Simple, with hard lines. You can recommend a single-breasted model. Although, if the breast is small, you can try and double-breasted, with interesting details. You can wear jackets in combination with a belt to make the waist already visually. Tops and shirts should be a V-neck. They can be fitting, but not tight-fitting. Best of all, if the jackets, tops are dark in color. Skirts should be loose in the hips. Dresses can be a smell, with a high waist. As well as fitting to the widest part of your waist. The most successful for the branded pants you are straight, flared and wide. To divert attention from the center of the body, wear interesting shoes.

 How to look successful? Part 2

Body type "Hourglass".   This is ideal. You suit jackets of different styles. It may be advisable to emphasize the waist. If you are plump, then give preference to models monotonous. Generally, this type of figure is almost everything.

All figures are different, so we can give One general advice . The ideal figure is considered to be a type of "Hourglass". Consequently, the rest of the choice of clothes should strive to create the illusion of "Hourglass" and balance.

 How to look successful? Part 2

Emphasizes the dignity

Choosing clothes, we must not forget the main rule: "Hide flaws and highlight the merits." Here are a few tips to subtly emphasize your point of pride.

Slim waist.   You can try to wear over a dress or jacket belt. It may be narrow or broad. It is better if it is to match clothes, or at least not the bright colors. To work suit straps black and brown. You can also emphasize the waist skirt or trousers with a high waist, as well as clothing with the smell.

Beautiful breasts . Beautiful breasts stresses clothes with V-neck.

Fit back . Emphasize your dignity help pencil skirt and straight trousers.

I hope these tips have helped you. But do not think that's it. Different spheres of activity requires a different approach to building a wardrobe. In addition, there is still tips on makeup, manicure, and the selection of accessories.
Author: Vera Karabutova