How to visually reduce the breast: little secrets
 Big breasts - the envy of many women. How many forces are working women with small breasts to enlarge it! But those women who have breasts big, are not always happy about this gift of nature. To reduce the breast in the course are different shifts - from aromatherapy to operations. But you can simply reduce the breast visually - through clothing. Today we talk about how to do it.

Clothing, which spoils the busty beauty

Beautiful woman with magnificent breasts often mutilate themselves, choosing the wrong clothing. Lovely beauty, here is a list of things that should not   be present in the wardrobe of a woman with large breasts:

• double-breasted jackets;
• jackets or with a single button unbuttoned to the middle;
• sweaters with a bulk viscous and fluffy sweaters;
• tight T-shirts and T-shirts;
• short jackets and tops;
• dress with a high waist - in the Empire style;
• Clothing with square and baggy shapes;
• wear collared shirt and a small round neckline;
• Clothes with ruffles and pockets on the chest;
• Clothing with puffed sleeves or puffed;
• pants-pipes, tight dresses and skirts;
• too deep neckline.

You ask, what then is left? And is a flight of fancy, and the wonderful things that are visually reduce your chest and make you slim and fit. You'll be fine and happy with themselves, creating a wardrobe by following our advice.

Remove the volume by using bra

Let's start with the laundry. Busty beauties have to remember that buying a bra should be sure of their size. You do not want then to be constant patient mammalogy?

So, properly fitted bra will help hide the extra volumes. He has to keep a good shape of breasts. Let bra straps are wide and do not cut into the skin. Better to choose a bra with bones, not only in the chest, but also in the side panels.

 How to visually reduce the breast: little secrets

In order to visually reduce the breast, you need a bra completely closing it. Remarkably will look at busty women bra-polugratsii bust-combination or bustier. This lingerie is not only visually reduce the volume, but also help to create the impression of smartness.

Fabrics and figures

When choosing clothes busty beauties should not pay attention to things satin. They play with the light of day can play a cruel joke with you!

Choose the best clothes dark, deep tones. Also it will look great variety of vertical stripes or designs on clothing. They visually elongated shape, and the bust is no longer evident that much.

 How to visually reduce the breast: little secrets

Also, do not forget that the large flowers or designs on a blouse or a dress in the chest draw a sight to this area. Therefore, it is wise to not to wear such clothes - in fact this is precisely the area, so you're trying to hide.

Wardrobe buxom beauties

Choose a dress for a woman with a magnificent breasts is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. Note dresses semiadherent silhouette. Clear darts and V-neck shawl collar or help to hide large breasts, and silhouette visually balance the chest and hips. The main thing is to not open cut-out cleavage!

 How to visually reduce the breast: little secrets

Great busty woman looks on blouses tucked into pants or skirts. Blouses better to choose the classic style, slightly elongated. But you can also experiment with a blouse with wide sleeves and large collars. The main thing is not to choose too short a model: It would nullify all the efforts!

To create a business style you need to choose a jacket or a jacket. Jacket should be long with an elongated arm with a V-neck, fastens with a few buttons. Perfectly hides large breasts long jacket with a round neck, buttoned. In addition, rescue can be cardigan vertical pattern. Wear it with a belt should be - it will emphasize the waist.

Flared pants or trousers classic style balance figure. Skirts can be selected with loose-fitting long maxi or midi.

Jewellery and Accessories

Distract attention from the overly lush breasts long scarves. It is permissible to wear them to match your clothing or brighter. Here you select one you are not limiting. The main thing - a scarf should fall to his chest almost to the waist.

 How to visually reduce the breast: little secrets

Bright decorations on his chest for busty beauties - a taboo. You want to visually reduce the breast, not increase it! To do this, try to trim long earrings and a delicate necklace or choker. They emphasize the beautiful neck and distract attention from the chest.

Beauty with big breasts are not large shoulder bag. If your choice has fallen on a bulk bag, then carry it in your hand.

With the wardrobe you can hide all the flaws of shape or sculpt her at will. To do this, just need to know the little tricks. To visually reduce the breast are some secrets we parted. Now it's up to you. Be bold and be always beautiful and loved!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya