If the bust is too small
 Without grief Vita on his chest could not look. Bust it barely pulled on the first size. While one breast from the other was located far away, why when a deep cut on clothes seemed more flat. Collect a humble woman's dignity though in a more or less attractive for the effective relief of neck did not help any push-up ...

... The only thing that pleased Vita that her breast firmness retained even after the baby is born and shaped like inverted glass of two. Vita seen the reaction of others at a magnificent male busts of her friends, and willy-nilly, was conceived to increase your own breasts. The surgical way for Vita was unacceptable, because the girl was a terrible coward, and money is worth considerable, and represented a health hazard. But the visual breast enlargement and improvement of its forms of dress - just what was required in Vitya's situation. Therefore, she thought about lining for breast augmentation ...

If you close Vitina situation, then this material is just for you! Let's deal with the female secrets in a visual increase in breast size and improve its shape.

Ways to increase a woman's breast, our contemporaries have come up with countless: it is special food, including copious amounts of cabbage, cabbage stalks and grain solid caps and a special set of exercises, and the use of masks, creams, medicines and hardware cosmetology, and surgery, and all kinds of Lining and waybill chest and corrective underwear (bra models of push-up, the balconette, etc.). But! But! But!

Say at once. Traditional methods, such as eating cabbage, cabbage stalks and grain solid caps look quite mythical and have some influence on the development of the female breast only teenage stage. In addition, the yeast contained in the bread not only give rise to breast and buttocks, thighs and other body parts. And this is, you see, the modern woman to anything!

Physical activities provide more female breast firmness than increasing it.

All sorts of masks and creams, as well as massages and hardware cosmetology give only short-term effect. Their application is relevant to an important triumph, when it is necessary to provide a spectacular cleavage. It should also be remembered that there are cases when creams and medication gives the body allergic reaction, ie simply rejects them.

Corrective underwear, linings and waybill chest give only effective relief in the cool clothes and may disappoint your man during intimacy. In addition, the constant wearing of corrective underwear - it is dangerous to the health of the female breast.

Let's face it: the only way to dramatically increase the breast or change its form on a permanent basis - a surgical procedure. However, surgery is expensive, not always smooth for women's health: can cause allergic reactions, chest pain and back pain, swelling, often leads to the loss of sensitivity of breast and eliminates breastfeeding.

Therefore, for the initial conditions we take a small chest Vitina, and the task of achieving at least put a beautiful neckline of dress with a plunging neckline. In this case, our first assistants: Invoice chest, chest pads and corrective underwear. In search of these simple (or opposite of cunning?) Women "stuff" we go.

 If the bust is too small
 Invoice chest

Invoice chest is filled with a special gel imitanty female breast. Purchase invoice breasts can be in specialized shops or even make a custom-made specialized organization. Invoice breast may be of various shapes and sizes. With the help of your bust may look more upbeat. If someone in the dance, with arms or accidentally touches your chest invoice, it will not cause doubt in their naturalness.

Invoice chest is absolutely indispensable for women who do not have one or both breasts, or if the chest have a serious physical defect, especially if the prosthesis such women is contraindicated for health reasons. Loyal aides will invoice the chest and in the event that if you like the dress in the chest sitting svobodnovato.

Surface bust embedded in the bra and slightly increases breast size. But the main danger in choosing invoice chest - a violation of the natural proportions of the figure.

 If the bust is too small
 Linings for breast augmentation

Another affordable tool for visual increase in female breast are special pads. Some models of underwear, such as the push-up for example, has sold lined with foam or other soft material.

In addition to foam pads for the chest lingerie store offers installation in the form of pads filled with gel. The advantages of such pads is the fact that they do not simply increase the breast size, adjust its shape, but also the motion gently massage the breast, thereby preventing stagnation in the female breast.

Available in a variety of sales and pads for breast enlargement, which are made of a porous material. The advantages of such pads is the fact that due to its texture, they allow the skin to breathe freely and avoid allergic reactions.

 If the bust is too small
 The main disadvantage of breast pads that when moving, they can move. To solve this problem, breast pads often release Adhesive. With this Supplement liner securely attached to an undergarment. The maximum possible and the effect of these pads can be achieved by using them in combination with adhesive strapless bra and spinal parts. In this case, your bust will look appetizing and of course even in the open tops.

Corrective Underwear

Speaking about the choice of corrective underwear, it is important to be guided by certain rules of its selection .

- So, the size of the correction underwear should be your natural, or one more. After all, if your underwear is too large, it will pucker, and this will be noticeable even under clothing.

- With the aim of increasing the visual bust is best to use light shades bra, because black is known to reduce the number of natural forms.

 If the bust is too small

- Visually increase the bust will help model bra with outer straps and plunging neckline.

 If the bust is too small

- Visually reconcile widely spaced breasts will help with closely spaced bra cups.

 If the bust is too small

- Visual breast volume will also give and underwear with fabric drapes and prisborennoe cloth.

 If the bust is too small

- Any model bras with stones are also designed to make the bust of the above, and in order to avoid injury to the skin should pay attention to the bones were sewn into a multi-layer wrapped in cloth or foam.

- To achieve the effect of elation and rounded breasts bra ideal model "Wonderbra". Model sewn so that the breast as if pushed laterally and lifts it. It is very easy to adjust the straps of this model: an open-back and can be worn around the neck.

 If the bust is too small

- Bra model "Angelica" (balconet) suitable for deep neckline or stamp. This model assumes the possibility to unfasten the straps and cups are cut in a way that supports the breast from below. The model not only helps visually enlarge the breasts, but also gives its ideal form.

 If the bust is too small

- For outdoor clothing (deep neckline, open back, etc.) will be a real boon transparent bra. There are two types of this underwear: Second Skin (second skin) and "Delta Bust." The first - is made of a nylon-lycra material, a semi-solid underwire bra. The second - is made of microporous rayon, it is almost invisible.

 If the bust is too small

Second Skin

- And, of course, the leader among the models of lingerie correction is «push-up», which is able to spread women's breasts in a fascinating neckline.

 If the bust is too small

The only thing that should not be overlooked when using this model underwear that she is not suitable for constant wear, because any artificial binding of the breast is harmful to her health.

- Whatever corrective underwear model you choose, pay attention to the fabric from which it is made. Ideally, it should be hygroscopic, i.e. through her breast skin needs to breathe easily. In this respect, good fabrics of cotton with Lycra and microfiber. They not only provide ventilation of the skin, but also to absorb moisture. Very practical in its thermal properties of the fabric modal. In summer, it is not hot, in the winter - not cold. And such tissue as taktel appreciate its plastic properties and is suitable for those who lose weight. Indeed, thanks to the plasticity of tissue structures like underwear adapts to the size of the hostess.

- Mammology also recommend not wearing any underwear for more than 12 hours a day, thereby ensuring a regular chest vacation from the shackles of underwear. More suitable for everyday underwear correctly matched the size and made of natural materials. But corrective underwear, tight, slimming, artificial materials with many Divays best reserved for special occasions.

 If the bust is too small
   Despite all the advantages, which give the bill a woman breast, breast pads and corrective underwear, it is worth remembering that the above tricks to increase women's self-bust just a simulation and they work only when a woman is dressed. There is always a risk of disappointing the man seduced by your charms when joining with him in a more intimate relationship. On the other hand, blind passion, and purpose to some extent justifies the means. After invoice chest pads and corrective underwear bust without surgery allow a woman to feel comfortable, confident and attractive. But like in any business, bigotry here to anything. Besides the fashion for natural beauty has not been canceled!
Author: Natalia Hryshko