Image - everything: how to change, without changing yourself
 You may be surprised by the fact, but the average woman during the life of almost 20 times changes its image! What pushes us to experiment with their looks and how to improve themselves without sacrificing peace of mind? Let's try to sort out the article below.

Why do women need a change of image

"Stability - a sign of skill," - says the cliché. But not in the case of women's thrust for change in appearance that we are vital. Any of the fairer sex can begin to overcome doubts about its appeal, you may be "close" in the same way, man's compliments began to pour in your e rarely or changed social status ... The reasons for wanting to play with a new way can be counted with a dozen, but one thing unites them: the desire for positive changes that are associated with the new "I" .

Psychologists have long demonstrated a strong influence on women's perception of the world of appearance, behavior and mood. When we like in a mirror, the increased self-esteem and confidence, all turns out as if by magic, and a life filled with joy and new plans.

The easiest way to change and do not lose their individuality is to introduce fresh and new notes of in the usual way.

What they may be?

Let's start with the head

The quickest way to begin life with a clean slate is a change of hairstyle or hair color. Even if you are against the dramatic changes and questionable experiments with hair, in your arsenal there are many methods of how to change themselves without changing yourself. For example, the game with hints on 2 shades lighter or darker than your hair color, forming a bang, if you are used to seeing without her haircut cascade while maintaining the length of the hair ... For the most doubters in the outcome recommend that you "try on" computer versions of hairstyles and colors to your face. Further - it is only the choice of the master.

 Image - everything: how to change, without changing yourself


Often we wear for years to afford the usual make-up and are conservative on this issue. And what if you make new strokes in the usual way? Never painted "arrow" - it's time to learn the good, the technology of their application is so diverse that there must exist a suitable option even under the most "inconvenient" eyes. Not familiar with the blush? Go for a healthy glow "from a jar!" Your beautician live only matte shade? Get pearl "neighbors"! Excellent mood and appearance is valid and change colors. You can add yourself brightness by color ink, replace the lipstick shining brilliance of the same color, to buy powder with flickering effect or bright nail polish ... variants - hundreds!

 Image - everything: how to change, without changing yourself

Meet on clothes

And, of course, any changes in appearance without updating the wardrobe? Changing the image of many women is often perceived as a financial issue that will hit the budget. This is misleading: look for new ways you can, and with minimal investment. For example, you are "down to earth" people prefer studs and flat shoes - buy a pair of boots on a stable and thick heel: rest assured, you will not notice the difference. Bright office blouse under a jacket instead of a white shirt - and you are not tear his eyes. Accustomed to walking in trousers - look for a skirt-shorts. A huge field of play with images provide accessories. It is enough to tie in a new scarf, replace "clove" in the ears hanging option to make friends with glasses in a stylish frame, etc., to change the appearance without drastic measures.

As you can see, add new notes in the usual way - business and pleasant, and not troublesome, and if you want you can always go back to my old. But that's just want you? Positive changes are already on the verge, as you have just emphasized their natural uniqueness, but did not change yourself!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya