Lady with the Dog, or beauty for lovers of animals
 The image of a glamorous young lady in pink shorts and a little dog under his arm - not a reason to laugh minded blonde. Many women admit that they love their pets, and sometimes even more than her boyfriend (British scientists have proved that every tenth woman loves your pet stronger than your partner).

But we should also admit that having a pet in the house sometimes becomes an obstacle to look really glamorous, stylish and chic. The reason - animal dander, odors and sharp claws.

How to stay stylish and well-groomed when the four-legged friend at home?

Saving clothes from the wool of domestic animals

1. Roller for removing animal hair   - The subject must-have, if you live near a cat or dog. Buy several rolls with adhesive tape (with replaceable cartridges). And keep these things in the locker room, bathroom and hallway. This will remove hair from clothes at any moment, and always when leaving the house.

 Lady with the Dog, or beauty for lovers of animals

If the movie has lost its properties - it does not matter. You can make a simple home-made counterpart. Wrap adhesive tape around the hand sticky side up, and shake off the clothes of the hand. And next time, take care about the stock of rollers because of Scotch is not suitable for all fabrics, and can spoil things delicate and subtle matter.

 Lady with the Dog, or beauty for lovers of animals

Another option is a self-made movie - wrap tape comb or lose their properties roller. As the rollers collect the hair and wool, you can also use ordinary rubber gloves. Put the glove on the hand, a little wet and collect clothes from the wool, she was attracted to the glove.

2. Nurture your pet.   If your dog rushes into his arms when you leave the house - it is certainly a very nice picture. But then you need to take the time to again lead his clothes in order. Raised pet owner should listen and understand when not to host the games. Do not deny your pet in the game when you are dressed in home clothes and ready to play. But do not let animals play and snuggle if you are dressed in clothes to exit.

3. Furniture should be closed.   If you have a house cat or a dog, you have to gradually move to the furniture with the most closed inner space. It's not just about the wardrobe in the bedroom, but also on the cabinets and shelves in the hallway, the bathroom, the other rooms.

All furniture should be tightly closed, better magnets or castles. Then, the inside will not get in the air flying hairs and dust from the animals, as well as odors.

4. Do not leave clothes out of cabinets.   Common habits become undesirable if you have a dog or a cat. Cats love to lie on the things the owner. But it is also important that the air flying animal dander, which will settle on your clothes, even if the animal is not nearby.

5. Antistatic   - Another necessary thing for your life. This refers to an antistatic agent for an antistatic agent for furniture and clothes. Vacuums can not perfectly clean furniture and carpets from the wool of animals, but it is possible, if these items are treated anti-static sprays. Then on the clothes will be less hair.

 Lady with the Dog, or beauty for lovers of animals

6. Clean the washing machine.   You will have more than usual, to clean the washing machine. This can turn on a machine wash cycle with empty drum. Each wash is also added to the washing machine wipes, collecting dirt and hair. These are microfiber sheets (called "trap"), which condition the laundry during drying, provide antistatic, attract the hair and wool.

 Lady with the Dog, or beauty for lovers of animals

7. Most clean upholstered furniture.   You need to vacuum upholstered furniture at least 1 time per week. As you know, even the best bred dogs love to lie on the couch in his master's absence. Therefore protect the furniture covers when you are not home.

8. Clean and your pet.   Do not forget to comb out and collect the animal's hair not only furniture and clothing, but also from the pet. Cats or dogs in the molting period should be cleaned daily. On the other days it is also important to clean your pet.

Saving clothes the smell of pets

- Item 7 that should be regularly vacuuming furniture, saves not only on the wool but also the smell. In the folds of upholstered furniture dusty and wool, which exude a scent.

- Furniture with removable covers - a very good solution, because the covers can be washed frequently, freeing furniture from fur and smells.

- Traps for removing pet odors are sold in pet stores. These tools are more effective than any homemade perfumes. With the name of "Pet Odor Eliminator" or
"Pet Odor Remover" selling scented candles, deodorants for the home or fabric sprays.

 Lady with the Dog, or beauty for lovers of animals

- Add softener when washing, they leave a lasting fragrance, removing pet odors. If you are allergic to chemicals, at least rinse the laundry with a solution of apple cider vinegar or baking soda.

- Baking soda removes smell good. At night, spread baking soda on a carpet and vacuum the morning. While you sleep, the smell will disappear completely.

- Any conditioner carpet not only removes static electricity, but also to cope with the smells.

- If you want to use air freshener, make sure it is safe for your pet (this must be written on the label). Many scented products are safe for humans, but is toxic to animals. Therefore, any scented candles, oils, air fresheners should not harm the animal. If in doubt, use baking soda carpet and furniture.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin