Remove caps, scarves, gloves .... And what in return?
 Spring is in full swing. Very soon we will finally replaced winter apparel. But what? We advise to do everything reasonably and gradually, so that the body is not subjected to stress, and the spring has been a joy.

Change gloves ...

- Cuticle oil. You probably used it in winter. But after a hand suddenly find themselves without the usual heat, should redouble its effect on oil - apply them twice a day. Home option can be any vegetable oil, as well as greasy night cream with shea butter and argan oil. Apply on cuticles massaged.

- Nail polish trend. And it protects the nails, and is a trendy addition style. The most trendy this spring are the colors: white, shimmering metallics, blue, all pastel colors, and classic red naked.

 Remove caps, scarves, gloves .... And what in return?

 Remove caps, scarves, gloves .... And what in return?

Change the caps on ...

- Dry shampoo. Product must-have for spring. The street is not so warm to go outside with wet hair. Even if you have dried hair and put a hairdryer, this does not mean that the hair is completely dry. The roots of the hair, the scalp and hair may remain within wet. And only a light spring breeze, to be laid up with a cold or earn more unpleasant disease. Therefore, we recommend the spring to wash your hair at night, once in two days, and in the intervals between washing heads using a dry shampoo and dry air conditioning.

 Remove caps, scarves, gloves .... And what in return?

Another reason - increased sebum secretion. This will happen during the May heat. Dry shampoo and conditioner especially dry neutralized oil, prevents excessive sebum.

- Silk scarf.   Silk - the most friendly hair material. It helps to maintain the natural shine of the hair and its lightness does not spoil the hair. Silk scarf is well protected from the wind and keeps moisture of hair, because it does not absorb moisture.

This accessory is a classic. The French believe that the pretty squares from Hermes should be in every woman. But for the Russians, and silk shawls and scarves long been a favorite style element. We advise not to tear off the caps and hoods, and the first to go on headscarves - your style is supplemented feminine twist, and health store.

 Remove caps, scarves, gloves .... And what in return?
  Remove caps, scarves, gloves .... And what in return?

My boots on ...

- The mask for legs. It is time to prepare their feet for open shoes. A few days will be enough to get rid of the rough areas of the skin and abrasions, as well as whiten dark skin. Apply this mask for the feet every night for a week, and all the problems with dry and flaky skin heels legs will be solved. Follow the sequence of steps, there are several, but not all will take more than 15 minutes:

1) Soak your feet in a warm bath for 5-10 minutes. Make a bath: 5 cups of warm water and 1 cup milk.

2) Make a homemade scrub for the feet: 4 tablespoons sugar (or salt) + a half cup of oil. Use a baby can be a little almond oil, coconut or sunflower.

3) Massage legs (especially the feet) with scrub in a circular motion.

4) Rinse and dry the skin of the feet.

5) Apply the mask on your feet. The mask should operate for at least 4 hours, so its effect will help keep the cotton socks. You do not have to create a mask of complicated ingredients. The role of the mask performs a fatty cream, salicylic acid or petrolatum.

- The right insole.   With the advent of heat so eager to put on a graceful heels! We are also waiting for fitness outdoors: jogging in the morning and evening walks. Stock up for spring insoles good, because now your feet expects a stronger burden than in winter.

1) For shoes heels - buy a pair of gel or silicone pads in the shoes. They do not only protect from calluses, but also eases the burden on the foot, relieve joint pain.

2) fashionable in this season sneaker and shoe insole of useful foam material with a "memory" - they take the shape of the foot and good cushioning.

3) For flat shoes advised to look at the so-called toning insoles. They have the effect of spring, and return some of the energy of repulsion. The gait becomes easy, not tired legs, even long walks.

 Remove caps, scarves, gloves .... And what in return?

Me warm pantyhose on ...

- Thin toning tights.   The skin and muscles are in need of support, because tight pantyhose to fulfill that role, and a sharp rejection of the support may adversely affect the tone of the body. Thin Pantyhose and stockings can also have a supportive function introduction. On sale are even very thin tights (15-20 den) to the effect of "support" and "lifting".

- Wax hair removal.   Waxing is the most popular and affordable means of hair removal. Its advantages in physical and relative length of the result. Waxing is experiencing a new wave of popularity, dermatologists recognize that it is virtually trouble free method of hair removal. Buy a good wax or wax strips, and you will achieve smooth skin to the first tanning and beach season. Practice on their feet, go to the underarms and bikini - with good skills, you can easily do waxing at home.

 Remove caps, scarves, gloves .... And what in return?

Author: Tamara