Shoes color nude - Shoes must-have2013
 Do you think that the main boom, coupled with the popularity of shoes nude, ended in 2012? Not at all! In spring and summer 2013th shoes Flesh Tone again in the trend, and make haste to help to magically make you slimmer and sleeker. It remains to find out what kind of shoes to buy for the new season.

It so happened that the dignity of nude shoes we presented British women. At first everyone admired harmony and long legs Victoria Beckham, which became the center of discussion precisely because of the bodily platform shoes.

 Shoes color nude - Shoes must-have2013

Victoria Beckham

And after the wedding, Kate Middleton has become a fashion icon, and critics immediately drew our attention to the fact that the harmonious proportions of her figure look, largely due to all the same color shoes nude.

 Shoes color nude - Shoes must-have2013

  Kate Middleton wearing shoes L.K. Bennett, a platform heel, shade Taupe, price - $ 345.

It is worth noting that Kate Middleton is indeed very often appears in shades of nude shoes every time convincing us of the need to have in her wardrobe a shoe. After all, Kate is not long legs, although she is quite thin. But a low waist and legs is not really long. A nude shoes do wonders with her figure. Millions of girls are willing to imitate her and dream of the same constitution as the Duchess.

 Shoes color nude - Shoes must-have2013

  Kate Middleton

But before you go in a corner from the shoe for a new pair, you should remember Several important recommendations :

- When choosing shoes nude shade should be considered carefully. It should be as close to the color of the skin of feet. If you wear shoes without stockings, choose a shade as close to your skin color. If you wear pantyhose or stockings, the shade of shoes to be close to him. That is, to try on shoes is better in the form in which are going to wear.

- You can choose a color that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone.

- If the net nude shade seems too boring, the trend permits nude shoes with metallic effect, as well as shoes with nude colored fragments (on a color blocking).

 Shoes color nude - Shoes must-have2013

  Shoes Color-block nude from Christian Louboutin.

- Naked shade shoes will lengthen the leg to make the figure more balanced, harmonious and graceful. But do not rely solely on the tone shoes. Nude shoes will be better to work for harmony, if they have a heel. Medium or High. But ballet shoes nude color are not adjusting the shape, therefore it is advisable to choose shoes Flesh Tone at least on average heel. And the most profitable option - plus a platform heel.

 Shoes color nude - Shoes must-have2013

Shoes by Dior ($ 795), Sergio Rossi ($ 650), Givenchy ($ 398)

- If your job is to lengthen the legs, avoid any parts that divide the leg, depriving integrity. For example, it may be straps, color details, lacing. All this immediately deprives leg slimming. Detailing is only possible for a heel.

 Shoes color nude - Shoes must-have2013

Shoes from Miezko ($ 115), KORS Michael Kors ($ 195), Gucci ($ 725)

- To shoes nude «work» on his feet, too, should not be anything that would distract attention. That is, if the tights - that smooth, matte, or with a slight sheen, but no sparks and gloss. Walk without stockings? Then buy a light leg toning cream or powder to disguise veins and uneven skin tone.

 Shoes color nude - Shoes must-have2013

- Shoes nude does not mean that the rest of the accessories will also be nude. On the contrary, this should be avoided. Dress Flesh Tone and controversial decision, if the task is to look slimmer and higher. With shoes nude dress fit any other hue, plus bright accessories (handbag, scarf). If, in addition nude shoes you will be even some bodily part, the image can be blurred, harmony also not be so obvious.

- Shoes nude - the perfect solution for everyday wear. Stylishly will look nude shoes with floral print dresses or skirts. No less important will look with shoes nude skinny jeans and chiffon blouse.

- But the most advantageous length that will help lengthen the leg nude shoes - is just above the knees. That is, it is a mini-skirts, knee-length shorts, Bermuda shorts. But with the bridge and maxi skirts nude shoes will look just lovely, but "well-proportioned effect" can not hope for. Exceptions are models of trousers color nude, white pants, khaki pants. They may be up to the ankle or lower, but in combination with a solid color shoes significantly lengthen the legs.

- Largest ban shoes nude - is their combination with colored tights. Even white stockings and thin is not fit, not to mention the opaque stockings and tights with color.
Author: Tamara