Skiba Elena: Chief standard of female attractiveness - a smile
 Carefree summer still playing rich colors, a scattering of bright impressions and great moments of blissful rest, and the soul is already starting to fall a little nostalgic about. Scenic foliage shades, cool melody of wind and, of course, a new wardrobe - an exemplary Wishlist ladies returning from the resort everyday work. How to update your wardrobe for the fall, and what trends are currently in fashion - says image stylist Elena Skiba.

Natalia Bartukova: Hello, Elena!

Skiba Elena: Good afternoon, Natalia!

The portal MyCharm we talk a lot about the beauty, health, fashion and style of women. Our reader - an attractive and successful, she loves and is loved. It is equally good at to build a career and raise children. The only thing that it sometimes is not enough - it's time. As in a saturated weekdays and weekends always look perfectly? Are there any secrets to the attractive appearance of every day?

The main beauty secret is simple and accessible: love yourself, to experience positive emotions, to be in harmony with the environment, and remember that the main standard of female attractiveness - a smile.

Beautiful and attractive - it is daily work, try to lead a healthy lifestyle and to pay attention to your face and body, teeth and hair, watch your diet, posture and gait. Just 15 minutes twice a day is enough to take care of themselves.

Foreign stylists advise women to work on the image to start with the formation of a capsule wardrobe. Do any of these recommendations for the Russian fashionistas? How many capsules can be in the wardrobe of our compatriots?

For modern Russian women leading an active and busy life-style "work-children-sport-travel-self-development," capsule wardrobe - a convenient invention, the use of which is to save time and nerves.

Capsule - a set of 5-12 things universally combined with each other in color, style and function that allows you to create, like a kaleidoscope, many different variations.

Initially, the concept of the capsule came from merchandising, and store it - range of things done in the same style and similar color.

 Skiba Elena: Chief standard of female attractiveness - a smile

In the wardrobe of today's fashionistas, capsules should be somewhat different in its purpose, according to the season, in style solution. For example, Capsule for the weekend, "resort" capsule festive capsule, the capsule office, summer and winter.   The sine qua non - compliance capsule lifestyle.

Approximate capsule set for business woman Operating under strict conservative office in compliance with the dress code may consist of the following items: a jacket, trousers, vest, skirt and dress-case sleeveless uniform base color (eg, a versatile and suitable for many colortype, blue or gray), blouse, classic shirt, a cardigan. Addition to the capsule - concise, classic shape decorations, a couple of scarves, a classic case of the base color and a couple of classic "boats."

Festive capsule "output"   can be formed of the things bolder and slozhnosochinennogo cut, made of beautiful "evening" of materials - silk, chiffon, gabardine, velvet with the addition of luxury jewelry, including a lot of sparkling stones and ornaments, handbag-clutch made of satin or suede, and the same shoes.

What are the fashion trends of the new Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 should be included in your wardrobe woman to be "trending"?

The general trend of the cold season - the color becomes darker and richer. In the coming season a lot of black - in skin, fur, lace and chiffon. Saturated red and crimson will be popular in dresses and sweaters, particularly when combined with black or burgundy. Dark emerald green, burgundy and blue - in the classic trouser suits.

Pastel colors - clothing concise, graphically cut. An interesting feature - the designers were divided into two camps, or is completely austere cut, involving straight lines, geometry, or royal pageantry, expressed exquisite silk or textured fabrics with rich decoration - embroidery, weaving, Asian, ethnic prints, floral and natural patterns.

 Skiba Elena: Chief standard of female attractiveness - a smile

5 must have this fall?

- Coat gray
- Astrakhan fur coat
- Sweaters with various decorative elements.
- Dress translucent finest silk, chiffon or velvet.
- Wellingtons boots or boots, stockings above the knee.

What items of clothing add-aged woman, and which on the contrary - the young?

Age added first things that do not match the natural color palette. They can be "dirty" skin tone, add fatigue and pain, to focus spots, wrinkles and under-eye circles, dullness add eyes and hair. Contact is in its color scheme, by contrast, allows to refresh the skin, add brightness and thus make it look younger. This is especially true of things and ornaments, located directly at the area of ​​the face.

Depending on the age, and this not only after thirty, it is worth learning objective relative to its appearance and to consider the appropriateness of the concept, since time error and experimentation has passed, try to focus exclusively winning places the figure, to seek elegance.

Are there things that principle should not be worn, for example, after 30?

There probably are not things that should give up and clothing items, which should be given special attention: Long style, exposed parts of the body, the color of clothing that does not have to be flashy Barbie-pink or Nenov, tissue density - careful with transparent materials and thin jersey, wool. If necessary, use the techniques of visual correction, do not neglect modeling underwear.

Accessories make the style - say fashion experts. How to choose the right accessories to outfits? Are there any "universal" accessory that fits all?

When choosing jewelry, especially should pay attention to the color tone, which must lie in the same plane with your color type. Focus on the color of the eyes, skin and hair. If hair contains cold tone, pure color and light ashy shade, and eye color blue-green, gray, blue-gray, gray-brown - give preference to jewelry made of white gold, silver, platinum, cold tone stones and pearl gray or white colors.

If the hair color contains a golden color, and eye color golden brown, green and gold, green and blue - you fit ornaments of gold and bronze, stone and warm tone, cream pearls.

Also important role is played out - it must match the stature and growth. The figure of a large physique will look more on the background of miniature handbags and jewelry, and vice versa, slightly built girl will look even smaller if opts for accessory "large" scale.

 Skiba Elena: Chief standard of female attractiveness - a smile

To create a harmonious way, are important features. Avoid precise geometry provided in the face of the predominance of smooth, rounded lines. Conversely, if the lips, eyebrows, nose and eye shape contain mostly clear, straight lines, decoration with round elements to emphasize the dissonance and violation of the integrity of the image. This applies not only jewelry, but also prints accessories, such as scarves or handbags.

It is necessary to remember the image of moderation in addition accessories, try not to overload the image and set no more than two - three accents, placing them depending on the direction in which I want to draw attention to the area. For example, the earrings in a duet with a bracelet or necklace, handbag and ring.

And finally, the most important - consistency in the same style. For example, the classic dress will not be friends with "ethnic" belt and handbag with a floral print will not create harmony with the classic jacket office.

The most universal accessories - jewelry is a classic shape with a minimum of components and a simple design. Also it could be a classic belt buckles, plain scarves or scarves with unobtrusive figure.

Helen, thank you for the interview and fascinating sea of ​​useful information! The stylish and fashionable life of your impressions!
Author: Natalia Bartukova