Skiba Elena: The sense of taste and style, as well as the muscles, you can develop!
 Hollywood celebrities and Russian pop stars, top officials of state and prominent businessmen - what unites these people? - The desire to look stylish, fashionable and complete. Over their images work best stylists of the world and it is impossible not to notice! Who needs a personal stylist, and what role it can play in life - this we asked a professional image consultant, a graduate of the European Academy of the image - Helen Skiba.

Natalia Bartukova: Hello, Elena! You look perfect! Glad to meet you!

Skiba Elena:   Hello, Natalia! Mutually! I am pleased to answer all your questions!

Then get started! With the emergence of a huge number of trendy social networks and wide distribution of magazines became whether a woman to dress better?

Definitely yes! The modern woman has become better to dress up and look better. If you take any old magazine photos and compare women 80s and modern women the same age category, the difference will be obvious, women have become more well-groomed and fashionable, and the special merit of social networking.

Increased knowledge in the field of style and beauty, has become more available in unlimited quantities. For example, it is very convenient to read the specialized literature in the field of fashion in the online library at any time, to get acquainted with the fashion trends without leaving home, to participate and exchange views on fashion in specialized forums. All this brings benefits to self-education, allows continuous experiment and find your own style.

Now very popular services' analysis of the wardrobe "and" shopping-support. " What it is?

Analysis of the wardrobe - a useful procedure that allows review its effectiveness and relevance, to understand how the content work for you, map out a plan to fill gaps, as well as to get a professional opinion on the part of the creation of new versions of existing sets of things.

Shopping-support - is the ability to not get lost in the variety of assortment and to protect themselves from buying new useless things that hang in the closet dead weight if you suddenly go on about the emotional impulses, or give up the slack for the benefit of the advertised goods ostromodnye.

 Skiba Elena: The sense of taste and style, as well as the muscles, you can develop!

It is no secret that many things that look stylish on the models do not always decorate ordinary woman. Is it possible to predict fitting, suitable to your ostromodnye outfit?

Of course you can, if you know your body type, its advantages and disadvantages. Knowledge of working with a much easier choice and save time on shopping because you can automatically navigate and choose the "right" color and a style thing, whether ostromodnye trend popularized from the catwalks of fashion week and the pages of magazines, or something classical.

I would also like to note that the assistance to shopping and the formation of the wardrobe, in order to avoid impulsive purchases, modern fashion market services to offer specialized tissue samples, which are always very useful to have in your purse.

This will be useful advice stylist?

Consultation stylist will be useful just to those who are tired of independent research and experimentation, constant spending of money on useless things that do not work on the wardrobe and bring the most important - a sense of comfort, confidence, usefulness in achieving the objectives and the correct presentation of themselves in society .

Consult your stylist - it means to sign in their own bad taste?

Unfortunately, many people think that way. The fear of getting hit by self-assessment, separates and creates unnecessary gulf between rational wardrobe that will save money and nerves, and spoiling the mood of eternity, the problem of "nothing to wear."

Now the society is closely related to the scope of services, and many have their own hairdresser, psychologist, nutritionist, sports, and business coach, who in turn provide professional assistance in the search for solutions in different life situations, help in choosing a hairstyle, choice of products, decide what exercises to do your body and advise how to deal in business. Professional image consultant, a specialist, but in the context of the types of shapes and appearance, who knows how best to build the image, depending on the desired objectives.

 Skiba Elena: The sense of taste and style, as well as the muscles, you can develop!

What is different from a woman stylist with good taste?

Professional stylist different knowledge of the theory and always reasonably explain the choice of this or that thing, given the lifestyle and individual preferences of the client, and the main thing - at the same time completely abstracting from its taste. While a woman with good taste, give advice in choosing intuitively and can dress themselves with taste, but not the other person.

At the height of the wedding season. What are the trends in bridal fashion relevant now?

The general trend is that wedding fashion has gone from pomposity - Ballroom corset dresses with fluffy skirts, dresses with plenty of flounces and frills, the once-popular transparent corsets, dresses with contrasting decorative elements. Currently leading position takes simplicity, naturalness, refinement, expressed silhouette lace dresses. Another popular option, and concise - a girl's simple, short dresses. All is as relevant for many years do not lose popularity, a trend which has become almost a classic - dresses in the Greek style.

The bride is still hidden from the eyes of her groom dresses? Or is it considered a relic of the past, and the young are choosing outfits together, keeping them in the same style?

Now more and more gaining momentum trend beautiful stylized weddings here, of course, can not do without a preliminary agreement in a common color scheme will be sustained image of the bride and groom, what parts and accessories of its complement, because it is important that a couple of fits into the overall theme of style and harmony I looked together.

But this does not mean that the groom should see the thing coveted dress before the ceremony. I think we should keep this nice tradition since This creates intrigue and gives a special wedding charm.

In my work you give women practical advice on the formation of individual image. What fashionable "errors" in the images you often have to face? How to fix them?

In fact there is only one fashion mistake - this is blindly following this same fashion, ignoring the peculiarities of his body and his way of life that does harm to personality style. There are the "three pillars" of image formation - style, color and relevance, from which to push off, creating an individual wardrobe.

The error may be corrected when there is a clear understanding that it should be corrected, in this case one way - an objective look at yourself and learn how to work with their forms, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages.

 Skiba Elena: The sense of taste and style, as well as the muscles, you can develop!

There have been examples in your practice, when the image change dramatically changed the lives of women?

Of course, it was a radical change of image - it is always a tool, with which achieves the desired.

How to find your style? Is there a universal techniques "parenting" style?

Style - is an individual, that is, do "you". In search of his identity should begin with a definition of the type of shape, color palette and psycho. Next, you need to understand by what exactly the details of clothing, cut, print, styles, you would like to express themselves, and finally proceed directly to the education of its taste.

The sense of taste and style, as well as muscles, can be developed and trained through self-education. Now there is a huge selection of books on the theory and history of fashion, studied art, watching movies with the works of famous artists Costume flipping magazines with reviews of current fashion trends and color combinations, attend forums with interesting collections of colors.

Helen, thank you for the pleasant conversation and useful information! The stylish and fashionable life of your impressions!
Author: Natalia Bartukova