Special Effects laundry ...
 This intimate part of the wardrobe, such as bra, is the foundation of an elegant outfit. You can not see? I agree, but it depends on the posture of women, its comfortable feel and fit of the costume.

Incorrectly fitted bra or a model that does not meet features of shape, can completely mess up all the advantages of the most fashionable and luxurious clothing. How does it choose?

Very often women do not know their right size

Size is determined by two yardsticks. Horizontally under the breast, and slightly obliquely under the shoulder blades and round on her nipples. Both figures have to remember and to determine the size of the table, at the end of any promotional catalog, the store lingerie.

The first measurement is called the volume, the second is needed to determine the completeness of the letters. Both figures together and be your size. Volumes are multiples of five, starting with 65 and 130.

Completeness - AA, A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Now, some manufacturers are beginning to enter the fullness Q. So if you have a breast size luxury sufficiently slender forms, do not succumb to the entreaties to take a larger bust and take in in volume. Seller is simply not competent. There are other dimensional graduation, but this system is common in Russia and many other countries. There is a similar system, where half the amount indicated (then 65 will be equal to 32).

Why it is important to determine the size?

If properly defined volume, the bra will be unpleasant to cut into the body, it will be expressed outwardly additional constrictions body under clothing. If the volume is much larger than the required, the bra will not support high landing chest and buckle will seek between the shoulder blades to the neck. It is a very ugly and noticeable even under clothing. With the proper definition of completeness, the cup is full mammary gland, no voids or protruding from the cup of the flesh. The right bra does not prevent the circulation of the blood and protects against breast support ligaments stretch, while supporting the breast in position.

With the size we have understood. Now let's try to understand the forms

The basic division of models - "on the bones", "seedless". Bone - a metal or plastic frame, sewn along the contour of the cup. Model "on the bones" more delicate, sexy, seductive forms attached to the chest. Models pitted keep the chest due to the specifics of the cut, as a rule, provide a secure fixing. It is stricter, closed model for women poshivayutsya large build or having a medical condition to a more gentle form of underwear.

There are also special models: teenage, sports, super big, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Latest news - thin, seamless, made by molding a single piece cup. Models designed for women suffering mastopathy or can not tolerate tight encirclement, preferring free forms.

What should I look for when choosing a bra model?

On the composition of the materials, the width of the straps and buckles on the location of the shoulder straps and cups. The quality of the material, the elasticity of straps, comfortable fit visually determine, based on your requirements. There are women who seek only cotton clothes, some of it would not put on. Be sure to check out and check the seams of their elasticity. Straps should be firm in tension, and to more fully wide, reinforced.

Let's try to understand the "special effects" laundry

• Small breasts, I want to visually enlarge.   Models with inserts «push up» to easily cope with this task. Liners are built into the cup, invested in a special pocket while attending both types, liquid silicone. By the way, the silicone liners are sometimes present in thin, duplicate bulk gasket plates. When heated by the body create the effect of "living his chest."

 Special Effects laundry ...

• Chest widely set, I want to create a seductive cleavage at the neckline.   This effect will model on the bones, with straps securing closer to the side seam. Diagonal cut «wonderbra» and the so-called "butterfly" are universal for any form of breast cancer, with another cut of clothes must be chosen individually. Additional undercut on the side of the breast cup also collects towards the center. The model can be complemented by increasing the completeness of the corrector (liner).

 Special Effects laundry ...

• Quite bust in the style of "Angelica."   This bra rigid bulk laying (foam, padding polyester), there is light and lacy patterns on small completeness. The seam in the cup, usually horizontal. Halter thin or removed, the mounting location - close to the outer seam of the cup. By choosing such a model should be taken carefully. It "sets" in each breast, for completeness over the letter "E" is not very reliable and suitable for longer evening gowns, dresses for, do not involve active movements.

 Special Effects laundry ...

• Large, lush chest with an unusual ratio of volume and fullness.   Whichever model you chose not to, be sure to buy a bra pitted with reliable fixation of the breast. It captures good fit comfortably performs its task in a demanding physical activity, well underlines the chest under a thick knits.

 Special Effects laundry ...

• Women with large body I recommend to give up decollete models bones, thin straps, narrow fastener. How would you not want to. Typically, such models pose additional constriction in the body, badly kept a heavy chest, which affects the silhouette of clothes. You can not see it, but be sure to notice the surrounding.

Lingerie - the most discreet, intimate part of our wardrobe, but it can disguise figure flaws, and can put them on display.
Author: Tamara Rozinsky