Spring Awakening - 2: Update wardrobe
 The last time we talked about the changes that occur in nature in the spring, awaken in us new feelings and desires. A physical activity contributes to awakening and positive impact on our mental sphere.

What else should be considered?
Someone spring warmth stimulates perform daring acts. For some, this period is associated with beautiful dreams. Indeed, many argue that when it begins to warm up, it is easier to think about love and make plans to build. At the same time, in the spring we somehow begin to change - both externally and internally. And if we know that outwardly looks great - inner smile gives strength to make decisive actions.

In any case, if you wish, to the beginning of the first thaw in your life changes a good start, and that a positive attitude will no longer leave you - try a little to update your wardrobe.

Why is this so important?
In one of his last works, I have already said that the choice of clothing style largely determines our capabilities and contribute to the achievement of specific goals. For properly selected wardrobe underlines our best features and sometimes even change the character. But in the spring of buying new things it is doubly important.

Firstly, after a cold winter it is time to switch to lighter outfits. And secondly - in the favorite new clothes easier for us to confidently move forward to achieve their goals.

However, before you rush to the first spring sales, let's see what has been in vogue this season.

Fashion collections on the runways - the embodiment of innovative design ideas
Today, designers offer to our choice of rich colors and a palette of styles. Therefore, among the wide variety of creative spring collections you can choose clothes that are elegantly emphasize the dignity of the figure and will give a new sensation.

Since the spring, some of us associated with the romance of long meetings, parties, and first party outdoors - now we want to look particularly attractive, stylish and unique. But at the same time, it is often important to spring things were practical.

So many fashion designers are adopting a minimalist style in spring attire.

 Spring Awakening - 2: Update wardrobe
Minimalism in the collections of Spring-2011

"Maxi" also will gain acceptance in the larger cities. Its main advantage is that it allows you not to be afraid of occurrence of superfluous kgs, and claimed by different age groups. Freedom and comfort - these are the main qualities that are valued in modern clothes teenagers. And the older generation in some cases, takes over what seems to be more popular and convenient.

 Spring Awakening - 2: Update wardrobe
Variety maxi collections Spring-2011

Emphasize the determination and tenacity will help steady military style, which from year to year does not lose relevance and finds new modification.

 Spring Awakening - 2: Update wardrobe
Wes Gordon, Spring 2011

Create an image of a gentle romantic girl help refined white dresses, adorned with modern embroidered patterns or delicate lace. This spring, they come to the peak of popularity.

 Spring Awakening - 2: Update wardrobe
Collection Spring-2011 by Dolche & Gabbana

 Spring Awakening - 2: Update wardrobe
The totality of white in the collections of Spring-2011

But apart from that now are in vogue skin tones, which are also associated with femininity and simplicity.

 Spring Awakening - 2: Update wardrobe
Hue Nude in the collections of Spring-2011

Today, experienced designers adopt the best features of the past and skillfully put them into his masterpieces. This explains the return and "modern arrangement of" Fashion 70s. A former singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham in the present offering in the spring collection of dresses original incarnation of '60s style.

 Spring Awakening - 2: Update wardrobe
Collection Victoria Beckham Spring-Summer-2011

Individual approach to the choice of clothes
But, no matter what trends do not dictate fashion in the choice of spring (and any other) orders we have to rely primarily on the taste and preferences. After all, only the clothes and the like which is right for you to color and cut, will create the desired mood and help you to be confident in any situation.

And, to move away from stereotypes and to create an individual and unique way, you can explore the basic sewing techniques and try to create their own original things, at the same time, will combine fashionable items. Or you can place an order in the studio. The main thing - to consider the basic requirements for his new style.
Author: Alla Pilipenko