Style for women low
 How to dress to avoid looking bulky? Why not Max? What heels suited? On this and many other things - in our councils in style for women with low growth.

Clearing the wardrobe

Let's see what we have in the closet. Here is a clue exactly what sort of things you want to remove from the wardrobe:

- Tunica. We'll have to part with these practical things. It turns out they were not invented for smaller women.

- Shoes with round toes. Nothing lengthens the leg, as the hairpin with narrow noses. Round noses shoes make your legs are not long even shorter.

 Style for women low

- Dress shirt. We hasten to disappoint: it incredibly handy little thing absolutely not fit any woman with low growth. We'll have to remove it from its reserves, and not to buy anything like it.

- Silk slacks. Trousers flying silhouette lengthen legs only tall girls. Undersized advised to abandon summer slacks printed. If you can not live without the wide pants, choose the model of structured plain fabrics.

- Skirts Midi. Unfortunately, these feminine model must be removed from the field of your attention. Undersized women, this length is not suitable, it spoils the shape of small females.

- Skirts maxi as the floor skirts - not needed.

- Skirts Bell - are not created for undersized.

- Bermuda. It is impossible, even on vacation. Very bad decision. The same can be said about the trousers capris.

- Boots to mid-calf. Boots generally have to choose very carefully, and if you have doubts - then make your selection in the direction of Fine ankle.

- Dresses and skirts with uneven hem line. Such models are not for petite women.

 Style for women low

- Overalls with a print. Overalls - a good thing for the low, but only if monotonous.

- Shoes with a strap at the ankle. These shoes visually divide the leg, making eye shorter. But, low-cut shoe - a good decision, they lengthen the leg.

- Pants-jeans-bananas and plantains, they are called Baggy Jeans. This jeans or trousers with wide trousers, a little shorter, narrowed down or rolled up. Such models visually shortened legs and growth in general.

- All things are free breed. Check if the shoulder seams of your shoulders, neck - your neck, cuffs "sit" strictly on the wrist, and so on. All the things that are great for some sizes - must go to second-hand.

We make clothes
We offer 10 Things must-have for undersized women who have to stay in your wardrobe:

1. Jeans with flared trousers.   Buying jeans model note flared. The legs should encircle the leg to the knee length - to the floor. With accentuated waistline, not low-slung!

2. high heel shoes, low-cut.   Shoes with a plunging neckline elongates the leg, if it is worn with a skirt, dress or shorts.

3. Shoes nude.   And the closer the color to the shade of your skin, the better.

4. mini skirt.   Even super-mini (very young). The legs will seem longer. Combine better with small heels.

5, 6, 7. Things to total color from head to toe.   Totality black at the same time - the most elegant and simple solution. But other colors are good, better than - average in tone and closer to dark blue, burgundy, gray ... The ensemble, consisting of items of similar color and shape make lengthen the silhouette more concise. Collect, for example, such ensembles: blouse + Skirt + tights or jacket + dress + tights, or the sweater + trousers + shoes.

 Style for women low

8. Clutch, small shoulder bag or bag-tote   medium size - choose one of these models bags, better buy all three.

9. A thin strap. If high girls can accentuate the waist with the help of even very wide belts, it is low, you can advise only thin models belts and belts. The fact that the belt like "cut" shape in half, reducing its visual vertically. And thin strap will not be so radically change the shape.

10. Sweater with V-neck. Smooth color and smooth texture - a nice bonus of good cashmere sweater.

General advice on the style for the low women

- Multi - not your "horse." It looks very awkward, like pulling you to the ground.

- Large Accessories - banned. Large bags are very much visually reduce your already low growth. Instead, choose a handbag small size, they will look more in proportion to your parameters.

- Vertical stripes. It should appeal to a vertical strip, and in a moment you will add to its growth visually 2-4 centimeters! But, horizontal stripes, on the contrary, you subtract the same amount.

 Style for women low

- The optimal length skirts for low - knee, not less!

- Solid colors. For low-colored options are always more successful than with prints. The combination of different prints is also not recommended. It is better to be limited to one print on one ensemble.

- High hairstyles great help to visually draw the shape. This can be a high beam or a bob with volume at the back. But flowing curls or long flowing hair growth is reduced. As for hairstyles: long bean - the most versatile choice, and the more daring can try the ultra-short haircuts. And smooth hair better than curly strongly, so it makes sense to buy utyuzhok.

- Overestimated waist as if created for you if you can not boast of high growth. Whether trousers, breeches or skirt, choose a model with a high waist. A low landing, on the other hand, prohibited.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin