Summer 2013 Shoe Trends
 Each time, going on a date, bachelorette party, picnic, you are carefully sorted out shoe rack wardrobe, is not it? And the need to purchase a new pair of shoes or sandals while shopping preparation for the fateful meeting, business negotiations? This is understandable!

Women's shoes - a unique fashion item that has always been considered an indicator of status. It is constantly changing, it becomes more and more comfortable styles and details. Therefore, footwear production - a vast field for designers, where they sow new ideas that germinate in fashion trends.

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends
  Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

New laws in the shoe fashion

Design motifs of the past is especially evident in the latest models of shoes this season. However, the developers confer it special items - to produce the royal ladies could walk and demonstrate tanned prepared to fly legs.

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

Convenient shape corresponding to the weather, combined with trendy outfits - only part of the merits of the season shoe summer 2013. What are its model is now held in high esteem?

Aristocratic.   Sometimes fashion demands that you look like at a dinner ball. Even if, instead of the ball you are invited to a private corporate.

So, you need to arm themselves with the fact that previously could only afford aristocrat - satin slippers. However, more than that now in their manufacture the rugged Atlas which will allow you to look fashionably than one important event of the year.

Trend number 1.   Satin shoes.

Precious.   According to another law, the fashion this season shoes may well replace the expensive accessories.

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

Gold leather, gold leaf in the decoration and other such elements make the shoes really prestigious.

Agree, such precious shoes can easily climb into the VIP-box every theater and go on a date with a millionaire.

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

Only necessary to consider that such shoes - a self-contained accessory so favorite bracelets, necklaces, brooches from the "golden" casket to her did not fit.

A worthy alternative to the precious filigree decoration can become members.

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

Shoes with filigree decoration has become, in particular, highlight a new line of Armani.

Trend number 2.   Shoes with "precious" coloring or decor.

Trend number 3.   Shoes with a fine filigree decoration.

With boho- or etnooformleniem.   Wedgies with sculptural base and braided top - the most elegant and practical choice for daily walks, friendly meetings.

Bohemian personality or an exotic colonial style - choose one that you are more attracted to these models!

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

Excellent choice now offers brand Emilio Pucci, twisting mythological motifs and rustic

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

... And the company D & G, with their particular vision of the motives of the Middle Ages

Trend number 4.   Wedges with thick, curly or bright sole and wicker items.

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

Boots modern Amazons.   Boots, created a style of Roman sandals are warlike traits, but ideal for a peaceful vacation.

A pair of boots flat shoes, open, fairly strict, ideal for resort. After all, they, first of all, convenient for exploring the sandy embankments, and secondly - comfortable for the feet. And, of course, allow you to be visible on any beach.

A similar effect will produce translucent and platform boots or heels.

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends
  Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

Trend № 5. Summer Ankle boots and "battle" style.

  Traditional forms and details in shoes are always in fashion. Especially, they are ideal for those models that are designed for everyday wear or everyday situations.

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

Good conservative solutions proposed in this year's Gucci brand

Trend number 6.   Shoes with heels usual summer styles and colors.

Designer postscript

Recent models of shoes attracted the attention of men at your feet. For example, in various designer collections of these style elements can be seen:

- Delicate fishnet or lace,
- Ruffles,
- Fringe,
- Open nose,
- The correct geometry of the forms that are visible with a beautiful gait.

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

 Summer 2013 Shoe Trends

And other special feminine details that allow any pair of shoes, summer boots, tankettes fulfill their role responsibly.
Author: Alla Pilipenko