The basic wardrobe and style tips from fashion guru Tim Gunn
 Who is Tim Gunn? This is the main expert in the world of fashion and style on American television. His shows are a huge number of fans. It publishes books and style guides, advises stars. Read tips Tim Gunn: how to create a basic wardrobe, how to shop, how to follow the fashion and much more, he advises American.

The main credo of Tim Gunn - natural elegance. This approach, he teaches his fans. Quotes from his books have become a motto for life and style of many Americans.

The most important advice from Tim Gunn

At stylist has two main rules that we have to memorize:

• Every woman should know the features of the figure. You must select the part of the figures that you are proud of (either the shoulders or long legs), and pick up the clothes and accessories that accentuate her.

• Tim thinks fit and slim silhouette main components of elegance. If the clothes are fitting shape, even simple and inexpensive thing will make you attractive.

 The basic wardrobe and style tips from fashion guru Tim Gunn

Basic wardrobe from Tim Gunn

Tim identified 10 basic things that should form the modern woman's wardrobe. Here they are:

1. The classic black dress

2. Classic trousers

3. Blazer

4. Full Dress

5. Jeans

6. Trench-CCAS

7. Skirt

8. The classic white blouse

9. cashmere sweaters (more affordable alternative - sweater blended yarn: wool and silk)

10. One trend thing or sports stylish

 The basic wardrobe and style tips from fashion guru Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn advises to review the contents of your closet

Terms of stylist simple:

- Revise the contents of the cabinet 1 time per season.

- If you are on a diet, and you manage to lose weight - immediately remove from the wardrobe of those things that no longer fit you in size.

- Do not keep those things which are not exactly wear.

- Get rid of all the things that do not emphasize your figure, not slim silhouette.

- If you love the dress, then leave and buy only those who go to any pair of your shoes.

- With respect to the top (tops, blouses, jackets), then in the locker room should be only those things that you can wear with any skirt and pants by any available to you. If such is not - it is better to go shopping and buy a new thing, than stored in the wardrobe inappropriate blouses and sweaters.

How to Shop for Tim Gunn

Practical advice on how not to buy too much and keep the wallet:

- If you're not looking for a particular thing, then move through the store quickly. While viewing a store, check those departments and the things that attract you the most. Then come back to the department you are interested and more carefully evaluate things in terms of the formation of the wardrobe and personal style.

- Rules dictate merchandising stores to place the most trendy and bright things in the most conspicuous places. But this does not mean that you have to "lead" these tricks.

- Buy only what you need for your style, and not what you like on other women (in advertisements, on mannequins).

 The basic wardrobe and style tips from fashion guru Tim Gunn

Accent waist!

This is another simple and effective principle for the formation of a wardrobe and personal style. Tim Gunn insists that you should never hide his waist. All items without a waist in the end only visually enhance it, not camouflage.

Accessories must-have to become a strap that will help pritalen without any clothes waist. The belt can be massive and wide, or subtle and elegant. At the same time, the belt can be acutely fashionable and even bold, while the usual conservative stylish outfits and become relevant.

The optimal length skirts

Tips Tim Gunn are good because they are versatile, suitable for women of any body and of any age. This is also the recommendation for the length of dresses and skirts. The most "profitable" length - up to the knee. Reference points - the lowest point of the patella. And so long dress is a woman of any build the most attractive. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking sloppy and not feminine.

Choosing trousers

Tim Gunn is very strict when talking about women's pants. He strongly opposed strongly-fitting models as well as narrowed down. Trousers should be straight, fall straight down from the most projecting point of the thigh. In any case, the pants should encircle the waist and hips. As for the length, the better when long pants required length, when they are shorter than the optimum length.

Every woman can be stylish, regardless of the thickness of the purse and physique - the stylist convinced. And following his advice, you can be sure.
Author: Julia Shestakova