The laws of color to create your own style
 Sometimes we refer to someone asking us whether a particular color, and really want to get really good advice. People who know how to correctly choose the color of clothes and combine them properly, are endowed with quality so important as taste. The basis of color matching skills usually is intuition, that is, people just feel the harmony or disharmony. Fortunately the rest of this phenomenon be explained, because it is built on certain principles - the laws of color. This is encouraging, since any law can learn and apply to their own benefit.

The laws of color will be useful for the development of taste and create your own unique style. Obviously, the appearance of each person has its own flavor, defined skin color, eyes, hair. Colours takes these colors as a basis, and teaches them to pick up the color palette in harmony dress, makeup or jewelry. All shades can be grouped according to various criteria. The main criteria for the division:
- Warm shades;
- Cool shades.
All warm or cold color, in turn, can be:
- Bright;
- Muted.

Sorted all 4 colors such groups, we get a good classification. For clarity, in coloring each group accepted colors associated with a specific time of year, the colors of which it resembles. And depending on their color can be attributed to the scale type of appearance of spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Inexperienced person, of course, at once so difficult to see and identify kolortip appearance. Even comparing themselves with others, similar in appearance, it is not easy, because each has its own individual color. Continuing to observe, you will notice that one person is better suited one color, the other - the other. So opens the individuality of appearance and unique approach to the selection of certain colors. And the most interesting thing is that with age, aging, or Sede, we do not change our kolortip.

Very often people feel the harmony between its own color and exterior paint, but buying things, forget about it and use only their own ideas about fashion. And this is a mistake. When you want to skin was tanned, or is required to put bright makeup to hair repainted nice looking - it's a sign that you made a mistake with the choice and subconsciously you want to change something, fix it. To avoid this, it is necessary to correctly determine your tsvetotip that matches the natural color, and is already based on it, and choose the clothes, accessories and so on. But to rely on the laws of color, too, it should not be, it is best to tell intuition.

An important role in the choice of style and color of clothing play a particular figure, physique. So do not get hung up on any framework. So, try to define your tsvetotip to be able to use this information in selecting colors dresses.

Lady Spring

 The laws of color to create your own style

Representatives of the tsvetotipa have muted warm color and they are characterized by warm pastel shades. The skin of these women pale golden (peach shade), often freckles on his face and body. When the girls of this type tan, their skin becomes reddish bronze. For representatives of spring-type characteristic red color of the lips and, as a rule, it is blonde or blond girl with red hair tint. But also they are linen or light brown hair. Eye color in these ladies - blue, gray, green, amber, olive.

The colors that are suitable Spring
 The laws of color to create your own style

Lady Summer

 The laws of color to create your own style

The girls in this group have a cold muted color, they are characterized by cold light colors. The skin of these girls may be palely, pink shade, a cool shade of olive. It can also be described as "blood and milk". Sometimes the skin appear freckles gray-yellowish color. Hair color most often in the summer the girls varies from blond to dark brown or dark brown, but always have ashy hue. Most often it is light brown hair with a reddish tinge, but without the orange tide, like Spring. Eye color - blue with gray, gray, blue, bluish-green, green with gray, brown with a grayish tinge, rarely - brown eyes. Summer Women do not like red shades and always try to remove the tide with reddish hair, make them ash that there was not a drop of yellow.

Colours suitable oblivion
 The laws of color to create your own style

Lady Autumn

 The laws of color to create your own style

These ladies have a bright, warm, saturated colors. Women Autumn type have light skin or dark golden bronze shade. Such women may be many freckles and moles. His lips are warm red. In Fall hair is often thick and lush with a reddish tint - medium-brown color, red color, dark brown, black. Eye color - brown, greenish-brown, dark brown, black, walnut brown.

Colours suitable Autumn
 The laws of color to create your own style

Lady Winter

 The laws of color to create your own style

This girl has a bright cold color. In winter beauties can be two versions of skin color - white, porcelain with a pinkish tinge or dark, southern, or even olive color. These ladies always have a pronounced dark eyelashes and eyebrows, lips are bright red with Golubinka. Eye color - dark blue, dark gray, dark brown, black, gray-green, turquoise.

Colours suitable Winter
 The laws of color to create your own style

Knowing your type of appearance, it is easy to define - what colors in clothes and accessories to be the most advantageous for you to watch. And if you follow these principles, rather than fashion trends, it is always possible to be very stylish and bright, and still maintain their individuality and uniqueness.
Author: Marina Sun