The whole world is under the heel!
 As you know, one of the sexiest and most attractive objects of female clothes men find high-heeled shoes. And for good reason: high heels are very slim, it lengthens the leg, makes the figure more proportional. However, despite all the advantages, high-heel shoes can play with his owner of a cruel joke. Perhaps each of us had to see how ridiculous looking woman, hobbling with difficulty on high heels ... depressing spectacle, is not it?

On the dark side of the coin also can tell us many doctors: foot deformity, persistent complaints of pain and even disease, leading to disability - here's a list of what may turn into a mindless wearing shoes with heels. Today we'll talk about how to prevent injuries, or at least reduce the risks associated with wearing shoes with heels, as well as tell you what shoes healthy.

 The whole world is under the heel!

What should be a heel?

Heel height of 8-12 cm - it is beautiful, but not physiological and dangerous. Being in this position, stop the woman receives an uneven load, the main burden falls on the sock. What does it lead to? Let's look at the main consequences of daily wearing high heel shoes:

• calluses and corns are, perhaps, the very first and most benign consequences of love for high heel shoes. Usually, corns and calluses form on the toes or on the sole of the foot near the toes;

• Ingrown toenails, especially characteristic of the Old World-heeled shoes on;

• Arthritis and arthrosis of the knee;

• Bend your toes;

 The whole world is under the heel!

• Cracks in the bones due to uneven loading;

• The build-up in the area of ​​the thumb;

• Thread veins and varicose veins;

• Shortening of the calf muscles, which leads to difficulty in walking on a flat sole.

As you can see, the consequences are serious enough, but what is to be a heel, so as not to cause harm to our health? Firstly, it must be stable, rather broad and not more than 3-4 cm. Toe shoes also should be broad and not squeeze the toes. Preference should be given to shoes made of natural materials, in the thickened, good shock-absorbing sole and better lace. Lace provides a more comfortable fit, in addition, be able to "fit" Shoes on the leg. These shoes with heels certainly comfortable and helps maintain the health of our feet, but it is unlikely it can be called beautiful and graceful. What to do if you want to wear shoes with high heels and thus minimize the risks?

Follow these rules:

1.   Do not wear shoes with high heels all the time. Take breaks, for example, come to work in ballet flats and offices have shoes elegant shoes. Do not wear shoes with high heels more than 2 hours a day.

2.   Choose shoes made of good materials, best soft suede and leather. These shoes in time to take the shape of your foot, which reduces the risk of deformation of the fingers and feet and education calluses and corns.

 The whole world is under the heel!

3.   Prefer stable heel, in addition, try to have shoes with a small platform, it will help prevent injuries socks legs.

4.   Treat your feet. Do the evening relaxing baths and massage.

 The whole world is under the heel!

5.   Pay attention to his gait. On the heels need to be able to walk. So if you never went to high-heeled shoes, get used to it gradually. First, it makes sense to buy shoes with heels on average, and when the work-out, you will achieve a relaxed and easy gait, can be taken to new heights.

6.   Pay attention to your posture. Improper posture is not only very ugly, but also increases the risk of injury when wearing high heels.

7.   High-heeled shoes are not suitable for a quick walk. They should walk slowly, without making strides.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya