Tips professional stylist: With your wardrobe really make friends!
 Today, under the heading "My stylish wardrobe" we publish an interesting master class on how to make your own perfect wardrobe, from a professional stylist, image maker Alfin Hamzina.

Selection of clothing and accessories reflects not only the taste and style - but also speaks of the individuality of each woman.

Each of us knows what it is, when you open the closet and you know - nothing to wear! And despite the fact that each shelf packed to overflowing!

Create your own selection of clothes and follow it - do not believe it is easy! Let's try to figure out what needs to be done to the chaos in the closet turned into a long friendship! Each of us has a requirement to his wardrobe, basically, it all depends on body type, personal tastes, and his vision of the ideal wardrobe.

My vision of the perfect wardrobe:
The perfect wardrobe - a place where all the clothes it is perfect in size and color, on hangers, it weighs clearly, and I know exactly where that is. I have been collated, and it is not necessary in the morning to run the cabinet in hysterics that have nothing to wear. I like myself and those around me!

If your understanding of the ideal seems to me, let's get together analyze all the points.

1) Identify what you do all the time of your life?
You may have a busy business woman? Quite often it turns out that we think about ourselves differently than it actually is. Most likely, in fact, it turns out that most of the time you spend in the office, and 60% of things - pajamas and homemade costumes, take a note. After all, it is easier to buy something that is easier to choose, not to solve a specific problem.

2) Is there a system in your wardrobe?
If, on your shelves a mess, you need to ask why? No time for yourself? I do not know what to begin? Start with the main! Pay attention to the colors in your wardrobe. What do you follow when choosing a blouse of a shade?

3) The next step - evaluate yourself!
Refer to the mirror and write down what advantages and disadvantages there are in your figure. More attention we focus on the merits! Try to answer as you hide the shortcomings? How to emphasize the advantages?

4)   The next step - actually, parsing wardrobe.
You need to start to make a list: What items of clothing and how much involves your wardrobe. This could be a sign with graphs, for example, "dress", "skirt", "suit", "trousers", "outerwear", etc. with a clear indication of the state of things, quantity, color and so on.

After this audit get rid of: the clothes you do not wear at least a year. We send the following to all the Spool, puffs and holes, stretched out in any field who have lost their color and shape. Only reserve what you are really!

Yes, I understand, the Global! But it's worth it. For more information about the system parse the wardrobe you can learn from training, where you will receive detailed information on your questions.

5)   So, we studied the wardrobe. So We analyze all information and ... look at the list of basic items   How, in your opinion, could be improved list of your wardrobe? What items of clothing to add that exclude? Can you add a personal flavor in the form of accessories, perfume to each of the ensembles.

In this part, I think it makes sense to talk about this concept in the formation of the wardrobe as Capsular .

Capsule - a bearing shell of something. In our case - this is the optimal group of garments, united by a common assignment and relevant to each other in style and color scheme.

Capsule often consists of six - twelve items of clothing, selected for certain areas of life: business, evening, sport, recreation.

In the classic sense, as part of a basic wardrobe release capsule following key: professional clothing, casual, sportswear and evening. Number and appointment capsules, as well as the number of items of clothing, part of them, may vary depending on the desires and your lifestyle.

Drafting capsule is best to start by defining your personal style, and this is the next step!

Ladies, what do you say? Is it possible to create a system of the most style? I am convinced that, yes. Simply attach a number of efforts and succeed. Be of good cheer!

Your stylist, image maker Alfina

Author: Alfina Khamzina