Tricks that every fashionista should know
 These ladies take care of trendy new things as much as for their hair or face. Want to know their tricks and techniques? Read how to store, keep clean and organize their fashionable stores.


- You can make your woven waterproof shoes or boots, if you are using beeswax. Rub shoes beeswax and secure with a hair dryer.

- Gives shine lacquered shoes easily. Suffice it to polish it with a liquid glass cleaner.

- To soften rough and tough shoes or boots, you can use hot air. Put the shoes on his feet, and pour over the hot jet dryer.

- Score leather shoes or accessories clean moisturizer. Take a cotton swab and a moisturizer (face or body), rub the scratch stick as long as it does not disappear.

 Tricks that every fashionista should know


- Shirts with buttons easier to iron from the inside. Iron the reverse side even though the bar with the buttons or buttons.

- Steam the collar and the cuff by using the hair iron.

- To prevent the tightening on stockings and tights, before you put them on, sprinkle them with hairspray.

- When the T-shirts are too rough after numerous washings, salt helps. Soak shirt in salt water for 3 days (per 1 liter of water - polstakana salt), and then washed as usual.

- Remove the smell from the clothes, you can refresh it with the help of vodka. Sprinkle thing vodka aqueous solution (1 part vodka - 2 parts water).

- Items of angora or mohair should be fluffy and volume. That's how it is achieved: seal the item in a plastic bag and freeze for at least 3 hours in the freezer.

- Spools removed from the usual jersey pumice.

- How to ensure that the jeans do not lose color and stay bright? Very simple: add the last rinse solution of white vinegar (half a cup).

- To avoid wrinkles in clothes in storage, packaging every item in a personal package to dry, and fold in the closet. When you are going on holiday, using this technique, packing a suitcase.

- When stored in the locker room: try to use most of the clothes hangers. Do not hang clothes to each other, and use individual hanger for each item. If you do not see the clothes - you do not wear it. In order to fit the maximum number of cabinet hangers - buy thin shoulders, they take up less space than a thick wood.

- Sweaters are best kept in the folded position, they deform on hangers. Between sweaters lay bags with lavender or cedar, they repel moles retain freshness woollens.

 Tricks that every fashionista should know


- Have you ever lost earrings or small buttons of? Sometimes they are hard to find. But there is good reception - a vacuum cleaner. Tighten the nylon stocking on the vacuum cleaner, and turn on the vacuum cleaner. Any little thing there, but did not settle in the vacuum cleaner.

- To give the glitter of gold and diamond jewelry, you can use a conventional glass cleaner.

 Tricks that every fashionista should know


- Remove stains from red wine can help ... white wine. Gently soften the stain of red wine with a cloth soaked in white wine. Then wash the item as usual.

- Remove yellow stains of sweat on shirts, you can use lemon. Sprinkle yellow areas clothes fresh lemon juice before putting in the washing machine.

- Clean suede products helps bread. Take a crust of bread and dry it, and gently wipe the stains on suede stale bread, stains disappear.

- Remove oil stain with a bag or a purse will help baby powder. Put a pile of powder on the stain and leave overnight. By morning the stain should disappear.

 Tricks that every fashionista should know

Simple rules to help get rid of unnecessary things:

- Remove from the closet all the things that you do not put more than 2 years. The exceptions are the things that you keep because of the memories that they give you. Pleasant emotions are also needed.

- You also do not need in the closet things 2 sizes larger or smaller than your actual size. If you like the item, but it is not the size - have to buy the same, but the right size, adjust the figure is a thing few people could.

- When deciding whether or not to remove from the wardrobe of a thing, you ask yourself: "Would you buy this thing today? ". If yes - leave.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin