What stockings are in fashion in 2013
 An important part of any woman's wardrobe are tights. They need not only to keep your feet warm. Tights women give originality to which she aspires. With their help it is possible to give the image of any shade of insolence, meek and elegance. They are able to emphasize not only your mood, but also the bright unique identity.

Each year the makers of world fashion offer the fair sex the new trends in the design of tights, their color and graphic design. So what will be the most fashionable stockings in 2013?

A few words about the history of tights

This form of dress as pantyhose, was known in antiquity. The oldest pantyhose on the planet are artifacts from the graves of Egyptian Christians. They are more than seven thousand years.

Today, tights, stockings and tights are purely female wardrobe attribute. However, most of their history, they were considered part of men's clothing. Men's tights called trousers. The peak of their popularity in the 16th century. Men of all European households sported trousers made of white silk or wool. The special price was finely dressed leather moose.

Ladies also wore trousers, but their functional accessory was different. Knickers were women as underwear. Stockings appear later. They were made of various fabrics, decorated with delicate inlays, and even jewelry. These stockings were the prerogative of only the ladies of high society. But the beauty and charm of the stocking to hide long dresses and skirts.

 What stockings are in fashion in 2013

Only in the 20th century women have the opportunity to openly demonstrate their feet, and with them, and hosiery, the production of which are put on a stream. The invention of nylon and microfiber made a real revolution in this industry. In fact, from this point on in the world of fashion tights paid close attention.

Colours tights 2013

In recent years, the pursuit of natural beauty is gaining rapid momentum. This affected the choice of color palette tights. Many international designers in 2013 chose to use in their collections mostly discreet shades, close to the color of skin and hair.

Pale, restrained colors today at the peak of popularity. First of all, mode reenters White color   and all its shades: beige, milky, gray, pearl, silver. In tights, performed in these colors is sure to be a high density of texture. This whim of designers into the hands of many ladies who are afraid of spring frosts.

 What stockings are in fashion in 2013

Especially popular in the spring and summer season are all shades flesh-colored . Many designers are also welcome pale yellow, pink   and mustard shades .

 What stockings are in fashion in 2013

Classic black , Year after year, does not lose its leading position. Especially his ratings have increased in 2013, as it is on the eastern calendar year declared the black water snake. Symbolism in the face! And wool and nylon black tights were represented in the collections of many international designers. Brown color   the same has not been cleared from the accounts arbiters of fashion.

 What stockings are in fashion in 2013

And most importantly, tights 2013 should be as plain, although some designs have not lost their relevance.

Patterned tights

As for the figure, here the desire for self-restraint is not lost from sight. In trend crisp geometric lines: horizontal stripes, diamonds, squares, patterns . In the works of many designers felt ethnic tone in the form of the use of certain national forms.

 What stockings are in fashion in 2013

If we talk about figures, it is impossible to avoid the topic and "Grid" . It is popular for more than half a century. In 2013, many designers have taken it as a basis for their collections. The grid is still relevant, and its size and shape do not matter.

 What stockings are in fashion in 2013

Texture tights

In 2013, a large value of the tissues from which the stockings are not paid. Welcomes all: nylon, jersey, wool. The main thing not to be trapped and be able to combine these materials with the texture of clothing.

How to choose tights

As you know, properly selected tights can totally ruin the image, to give everything and to hide figure flaws of its dignity. Therefore, when choosing tights, should be guided by the following rules.

 What stockings are in fashion in 2013

Keep in mind that light, muted, pale colors give the appearance of fullness. Therefore, these tights shades are ideal for women with thin legs. Accordingly, the use of these colors are not recommended for the fair sex, which do not have similar physical characteristics.

For those women who wish to remove the visual volume in the legs, it is recommended to wear tights in black and brown colors.

When selecting patterned stockings important to consider that it also affects the shape of the visual perception of the size of the feet. For example, the horizontal bar, pull silhouette makes legs taller and slender. But the vertical bar has the opposite effect.

 What stockings are in fashion in 2013
  What stockings are in fashion in 2013

These simple rules combined with advanced fashion trends to make an image of any woman irresistible and original.
Author: Nelly Dorofeeva