Your style that will help you make a career
 Your image should work for you and justify the funds that you invest in it. Especially - in the walls of the office.

The right style of office items and ensembles - the key to a successful interview. In addition, it focuses on your fellow professional and personal qualities.

 Your style that will help you make a career

Having mastered the art of selecting clothes for the office, you can:

- Perform any, even the most boring jobs authorities at least 50% more efficient than the "gray mice" and enjoy the working process;
- To get colleagues to listen to your opinion;
- And maybe even achieve the maximum possible height of career.

After all, if you - a unique and noticeable, you are encouraged to work attitudes and attentions colleagues.

For example, the author of manuals on beauty and style "Formula-style" Miss Russia Oxana Fedorova in 2001 succeeded precisely in the years of work on television, under the watchful eye of staff and spectators.

But can it look bright and unique, if in the office - uniform requirements to the style of clothing? What bands help to make a career and will not be discussed with the colleagues? Consider proven to address these issues.

What does fit the dress code?

In Western companies in particular relate to the appearance of employees who interact with customers, that is, fall into the category of so-called front office. Their dress code is regulated by the dress code (dress code). For example, part of the dress code in some European companies - the color and style of office suits.

We have the definition of front office employees get banks, insurance companies, retail sales consultants salons. After all, their work clothes - part of the corporate identity of the company.

 Your style that will help you make a career

The style of clothing for employees of front office.   Universal right choice ensembles for work in financial institutions, VIP stores there. Relatively recently to join the corporate culture allowed women feminized variety of men's suits. Now we can afford and pants sets with feminine jackets, skirts, and ensembles.

If you want to get the desired position in such institutions, even before the interview or the first working day:

- Identify the main features of casual clothes of employees of the network to which your organization belongs;
- Choose duffel discreet ensembles and accessories that will underline your taste, and will reflect the individual characteristics of your company's corporate symbols.

Additional recommendations.   As a rule, light top and dark bottom - the classic office style. Discreet accessories (pearl beads, miniature clutch) allow women to stand in the general corporate background and demonstrate individual taste, if a company - a strict dress code.

An example of a correct choice →

The little black dress and a light jacket - a good alternative to the conservative ensemble of a light blouse and a black skirt. Now in vogue direct and close-fitting jackets.

Individual features of the selection of clothing for the office, without the dress code

In tourism, advertising and other such agencies, as a rule, there are no strict requirements to the style of clothing. More specifically, there is the working style of its own rules. If you work in one of these companies, your appearance should:

- A well-regarded counterparts;
- To be fashionable and democratic;
- You have to potential customers.

In particular, if you - the manager, PR-manager, agent or tends to occupy a similar position and represent the company in the highest circles.

What to wear to the office without a dress code?

Universal conservative ensembles.   What style of clothing dominates in your office: free, classical, business? Hard to say? Conservative option - a godsend for those who want to feel confident on the stage of acquaintance with the working team, to join the corporate culture.

 Your style that will help you make a career
  Your style that will help you make a career

Selections.   This season, designers offer the girls who work in the office, close-fitting trouser suit model, mainly with narrowed trousers.

In particular, in vogue today stylish monotone ensembles and their varieties with a strong print "Scottish cell" or "stripes".

 Your style that will help you make a career

Clothing that covers the hips and upper legs.   Men look at women from the bottom up. Therefore, mini-skirts and pants with a low waistline unacceptable in any capacity that requires direct communication with people.

In order not to appear frivolous in the eyes of female colleagues and not to spoil the reputation of a business, choose a dress and skirt lengths less than or not more than 5 cm above the knee.

Selections.   As an alternative to feminine trousers, complete with a narrowed business jacket you can wear a pencil skirt in tone to it. In addition, the now popular trapeze skirts and A-line skirt. In particular, - leather.

 Your style that will help you make a career

Things that look harmonious.   Your clothes should be comfortable for you and cause only good impression on those who work around you. Therefore, in your office ensembles can be no more than 3 soothing colors and patterns 2 and there should be no rhinestones, bright color.

Optimal color.   White, gray, brown, pastel colors have always been considered suitable for office. Today also welcome all shades of the palette of coffee, silver, pearl, soft natural colors.

Note.   To image was harmonious, stylists recommend office shoes combine the color of the bag or the working parts of the ensemble.

 Your style that will help you make a career
  Your style that will help you make a career

Ensembles that look, respectively, or the desired position.   To your office clothes looked presentable, point to your status and wealth - pay attention to the quality of the material and style feature.

Materials that are relevant for the office.   Costumes of thick velvet and knitwear long look aesthetically pleasing. When choosing a skirt pay attention to exquisite models made of silk, satin, delicate knitwear.

Note.   Sports and beach parts look too easy, and in some institutions (in particular in solid law firms), they are simply not allowed. In addition, bad impact on your business image transparent dresses, blouses with deep neckline, tights in a large grid.

The accessories that emphasize the business style.   Neck handkerchief subtle pearl necklace and elegant handbag looks advantageous and allow focus on status. However, the abundance of massive and flashy jewelry or marching trunk demonstrate the absence of an office of taste and reduce the impression of you as a good specialist.

Council on the use of jewelry.   If you put multi-row necklaces, bracelets and rings on your hands should be slightly. Follow the same rule and the choice of other accessories.

Post Scriptum

American consultant Tom Peters believes that everyone - his own brand. Let in your wardrobe, which is intended for office things are fashionable complete sets, are:

- Demonstrate your professional taste;
- Allow you to feel comfortable and do the work of maximum quality;
- Show others your achievements and working mood.

 Your style that will help you make a career

Author: Alla Pilipenko