Big Secrets small amber beads
 ... Considering the amber beads necklace old family boxes (accidentally broken many years ago), I caught myself thinking that the orange balls of resins have a magical effect. Why, being in my hands after so many years of neglect, they look the same - "how to live" (that's what I told them in childhood)? And so they play even now seem mysterious? ..

It is a pity, a great-grandmother could not reveal to me the secrets of these beads, which were at various times part of caskets women of our race, but ... I propose to review them together to unravel (and not fully) puzzles found on the information websites and marketplaces.

And understand, what they are for us - representatives of the new generation :

Historical relics
When browsing web pages on procuring amber becomes clear that, in fact, it is the fossilized resin of ancient conifers.

 Big Secrets small amber beads
   Thus, the appearance of its huge deposits

- The Baltic Sea (famous, in particular thanks to the stone)
- In the Dominican Republic,
- On the Atlantic coast of the USA,
- In one of the regions of Ukraine and other lands

It explains the nature of the vegetation that was common in these places for millions of years ago.

At the same time, as shown by the archaeological excavations, the art of amber jewelry mastered since the IV-II centuries BC. e.

What age are the balls, which I hold in my hands - hard to judge. But one thing is sure - the beads are adorned the neck of the fair sex a few generations of my family. And probably keep the memory of the amazing historical vicissitudes of different times.

 Big Secrets small amber beads
 Sources of Solar Energy
"Free Sun" amber dubbed in the old days. Probably, this name lies a special wisdom? It's no wonder the ancient Greeks believed that in it lies the strength of our light?

At least, the facts that the pieces of amber (according to ancient beliefs)

- Possess magical properties,
- Protect their owners from bad energy,
- Attract love and happiness,
- And often serve as mascots of many researchers of the past,

confirms the widespread Greek hypothesis. As the next feature of these stones sun shades.

Substitutes drugs
Information about the application of amber for medicinal purposes are today and in historical manuscripts and modern literature. Thus, before using it cures fever and amber powder was used to treat stomach, and as an additive in mixtures for the preparation of restoration.

In the treatises of the Arab physician Avicenna mentioned many recipes in the various forms which include this mineral. Polish folk medicine recommends that people with diseases of the respiratory system to apply the tincture of amber. A further lithotherapy beads attributes of its unique properties of stones normalization of the thyroid gland, eliminate depression.

Modern science explains the last property of classical ornaments ability to emit amber when in contact with human skin electromagnetic radiation. And:

- Presence in amber unique paramagnetic centers;
- Properties contained in it free of healing amber beauty (and its salts);
- The impact of the energy of its free electrons;
- The ability to take mineral and transmit information.

 Big Secrets small amber beads
 Beautiful and mysterious additions caskets of jewels
The so-called "amber" followed the fashion at the time demanding Roman beauties from different classes. In ancient Egypt, the privilege of wearing jewelry from him had pharaohs and priests, in Japan - the representatives of the imperial family.

In general, prior to the I century BC. e. the population of Europe and Asia are well aware of the properties of amber. In Russia the active dissemination of accessories amber dates from the X - XIII centuries. However, (which is especially interesting!) Until the time the Slavs maintained trade relations with many countries, implementing these products (the cost of which, as far as I was convinced, always justified itself).

And it is possible that the beads have been found by me (and any other amber jewelery, which will find many more of you in the family of forgotten trunks) may be a native of any highly developed region. Or ancient settlement, whose name appears only in textbooks on world history.

 Big Secrets small amber beads
 Today, amber necklaces and beads remain in the old-fashioned price. And, despite the mass distribution of jewelery from other - more fashionable and exclusive materials are girls seeking to replenish their personal collections.

... For myself, I decided that from old beads is necessary to make a new necklace. And to top up their own "chest of accessories."

After all, no matter what surprises are not presented to us fashion - amber jewelry will always emphasize the tenderness of any female character. And, according to stylists, will be in harmony with the traditional subjects summer wardrobe ladies of the XXI century - blouses made of cloth of natural colors, linen sundresses, dresses with gold and silver lace.
Author: Alla Pilipenko