Change the style and match wardrobe. Part 1
 In every woman's life there comes a time when you want to make changes to your wardrobe. Add colors, interesting details and forms. I was always fascinated young girls and women who are dressed with a sense of tasteful. Of course, the choice of styles and influences our figure and our way of life and our education.

But, if your closet is full of black and white, blue and gray colors, then sooner or later you come to the conclusion that it's time to add color and dilute the classics something new. Are you ready to try to make yourself a little brighter and more cheerful way?

Most of us want to look at minimal cost so that everyone turned their heads? After all, we women always dress for two: myself and other women (they most stringent criticism).

So, I was. To save, you must first spend some time trying to bring your wardrobe in order.

Where to begin?
Where to start searching for the style? The most important thing in this case - to look inside yourself. After all your clothes - a reflection of your taste, lifestyle preferences. Think about it. Any more or less single-minded man always cultivators: read books, attend seminars and exhibitions, ie develops. Find your way - is also part of our development. Look at the photos from the past and present yourself. See the difference? The harsh truth of life is that the focus on success, and a person must have something in mind, and be able to present themselves. It is a pity that the school did not teach us.

I propose to take the path of least resistance. So sit on the Internet, look through magazines. Gather information about the different styles and trends. Pay attention to the make-up and accessories, all-all-all. Make a list of what you had in mind.

 Change the style and match wardrobe. Part 1
   Next, examine yourself and your body. If you like a maxi skirt, but your body type does not allow you to wear them, then maybe you should find an alternative. It is necessary to clearly distinguish between the concepts: love and goes. Many, detachment from reality, confuse these concepts.

In addition, clothing should not create an imbalance with your inner self, for example, you have the nature of such features, which do not involve the romantic style, so even if the dress is "sit" on you, it will be something else.

Decide what you want, go to the store and compete. Do not focus so far on the price category. To measure clothing of various brands: from cheap to expensive; various styles and colors. The only way you can understand what you are and what is not. To measure different clothes - from coats to swimwear. In general, look for yourself ...

 Change the style and match wardrobe. Part 1

A revision of the closet and get rid of clothing that does not fit or does not fit your image. Suggested as a "Red Cross" or poor. Cluttering the cabinet does not give an opportunity to save neither time nor space. Keep only what is right for a new image.

It is not necessary to dwell on one style. Your wardrobe can be as different as you want. In one book I read the following very useful idea: "Every thing in your closet should be a simple thing, but the outfit, and the favorite."

 Change the style and match wardrobe. Part 1

The components of a successful image
1. Clothing should fit well. Choosing clothes is important to consider not only your complexion, but even the type face.
2. Successful colors.
3. The ability to mix styles.
4. Be honest with yourself.

 Change the style and match wardrobe. Part 1

Tips from designers

Tommy Hilfiger.   The designer says that in every man's wardrobe should have one pair of jeans of high quality, which is very good sit. In addition, it in a reasonable minimalism, believing that there should not be too much: ornaments, parts, makeup, skin, etc. In general, all his collections are comfortable and quality.

Karl Lagerfeld.   This famous designer always creates collections that combine classic, innovation and elegance. Here are his tips:
- Tip 1. Always, always, always buy only what is good sitting on your figure. (This is just the ability to understand the difference between "like" and "Go").
- Tip 2: In the wardrobe should always be: a simple T-shirt, jeans and jacket.
- Tip # 3: Do not abuse makeup. If you allow the skin as little as possible, apply makeup.
- Tip 4. Do not avoid color.

Nina Garcia.   I do not know how familiar you are with the same name. But this is a man who tries to teach women to dress. Recently, she has published a new book in which she gives advice on how to look in different situations. Here are some tips from her:
- Imagination - the most important tool in creating an image. Correctly say that something happened - it is necessary to imagine it. So, imagine that you are a stylist and creative director of the magazine. You need to create some good images. Go through clothes and discard what does not fit, or have already lost "trademark" look. Keep only what you look particularly good.
- Find a dressmaker. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it, but if you still have the chance, turn it into a mandatory list of professionals who must always be in your telephone directory.
- Basic things need to be of high quality. Let me remind you what the basic things: the little black dress, jeans, a white shirt, cardigan, trench coat, a pair of shoes, bags, watches.
- Learn how to combine things. For example, the classic things sometimes look good with things in the style of casual, and flying cloth - with dense. Experiment.
- Do not underestimate the power of accessories. You should always have a pair of high-quality accessories.
- Shoes - our all. It argued that the accessories are saying about us much more than clothes.
- Fashion - expensive, but the style - no. Do not assume that in order to look stylish and neat, it is necessary to spend huge amounts of money. No.
Author: Vera Karabutova