Corset - its relevance and user acquisition
 Tightening corsets, served earlier as underwear, are widely used nowadays as elements of outerwear. Initial their role, of course, is also not forgotten. However, under the dress modern ladies wear them not so much to reduce waist circumference (as in the old days), but for the reinforcement of self-confidence in her charm. And, of course, in order to give the opportunity to evaluate their favorite fine form.

While in the old era of wearing them it was literally risky (for the health and even the life of girls), but today they are often seen as allies. And acquire, by the way, in many cases, the recommendations of health professionals.

Digression - the star of the fashion for corsets
Nowadays, ordinary ladies began to remember about these attributes of classic women's wardrobe is not only due to the preserved medieval engravings (which recalls a painful tightening of torture), but also to the efforts of prominent designers. That is the true and wise rulers of the world of fashion, which overturned the idea of ​​beauty and converted, if required by the time forgotten and impractical in the current old new (Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier).

This contributed to the global spread of corsets outputs them stars. For a wider audience feminists beginners queen of the scene and ordered the girls who want to look attractive in the eyes of men, make them fascinating aesthetic effect after the Madonna appeared in public in a corset with cone-shaped cups (development of the famous Gaultier). And later, when they began to appear in the model of "public cloakrooms" other famous women (Australian Kylie Minogue, American Sarah Jessica Parker).

 Corset - its relevance and user acquisition

Now, trying to get ahead of his time, a new generation of designers offer us a wide range of corsets (on the laconic classical to romantic lace and ultra-modern, decorated with additional accessories).

 Corset - its relevance and user acquisition

On what should be guided by purchasing corsets?
Naturally, not only the choice of these and other favorite of the public. In style, features and other characteristics of cutting your corset should be combined with the main content of your wardrobe. Therefore, buying it, not rely on your own taste and to think through in advance, what you will wear it (long skirt, tight jeans, a simple flared jacket). And take into account the requirements which you impose it.

 Corset - its relevance and user acquisition

So, if you acquire a leveling posture corset under a dress or a suit - you should see it simple and low-key models without decoration, which ideally are made of breathable linen or soft cotton and have a hard bone of ivory or wood. If the corset is associated with your understanding of erotic underwear or frank glamor - pay attention to the date of its variety of luxurious satin, velvet and vinyl. Among them are, in particular, pale pink, contrasting black and white and pastels, with decorative elements or pieces of fur in harmony with the basic color shades of the product.

 Corset - its relevance and user acquisition
   Decisive favorite of sports style, unisex, practicality and convenience, perfect corsets of discreet self-colored leather, denim and chambray fabric. That is the purpose of the model, forcing to keep your back straight and look at it very simply and easily.

But there is another, more practical, so to speak, classification, according to which the corsets are divided into four groups depending on the operating principle and the effect of:

- complete grace   - Includes models ranging in length from the chest to the hips, waist and modeling help securely hide the belly;
- polugratsii   - Which includes the variety of models that resemble the waist up bras, tightening the upper part of the abdomen;
- waist - corsets Whose width - from the feeding line to the line under hips they perform the same function as that of the first category and corsets, importantly, aligned silhouette;
- knitted trousers with special inserts Relating to the type of corset underwear, which also form a silhouette (the line under the breast to the middle of the thighs).

 Corset - its relevance and user acquisition
 Medical aspects of the election
The correct corset should not only help to reduce waist circumference and the formation of correct posture, and gradually get rid of its possessor, if necessary, from the typical diseases of the musculoskeletal system (for example, the curvature of the spine), back pain and other ailments. But even the developers of modern models of corsets warn that their regular wearing often leads to circulatory disorders of the skin, internal organs and muscle tissue. In connection with this is very meticulously relate to the selection of such attributes.

To determine whether you slimming corset particular model - you need to stay there for at least 5 minutes. If during this time you will feel uncomfortable and feel that your breath is complicated - maybe it's not the size of your (or your style). It is not necessary to torture yourself - too tight a corset, as if he did not look elegant initially, will not help you become more beautiful, constantly squeezing body fat.

On top of that, you should know that the best way to redistribute fat, not pushing it allows expensive vintage corsets. During their development, as noted by experienced consultants merchandise stores, calculate the optimal points of the body to which they should have an impact. However it was not to spend money for nothing, taking the decision to buy corsets, it is advisable to consult with medical specialists.
Author: Alla Pilipenko