How to choose a sweater?
 In our climate you can not do without a good sweaters, cardigans, turtlenecks. They are always at the peak of popularity, and this season especially. And you can choose from a wide variety of materials and styles. And this is appropriate warm article of clothing not only in winter. We wear sweaters to work, we dress when we go on vacation out of town. So on what sweater to choose this season?

What makes sweaters?

Sweaters are made of different materials. In the first place I would like to put cashmere . In general, the products of this yarn are of two kinds. The first - a soft, light and very comfortable. Such things (sweaters, dresses, vests, scarves) associated with the use of two-strand yarn. The second type - the denser stuff. But at the same time, they are still very soft and comfortable.

Things cashmere should be washed by hand using a mild detergent. It is best to wash the product after you've put it 6-7 times.

More practical models are made from a mixture of cashmere and wool. These things remain soft and keep their shape much better than pure cashmere.

Further, it is worth mentioning wool . It can be of different types:

• Merino wool.   It is made from merino wool. This breed of fine-wool sheep wool direction. It is believed that it is as soft as cashmere, but much more durable.

• Alpaca.   Soft and durable wool.

• Sheep's wool . Mild and pleasant.

• Wool Scottish sheep.   It - rough wool.

• Moher.   Warm and durable.

After the wool is cotton . This material has no seasonal limitations. For them just to look, and it is pleasant to the touch. But in the cold he will not warm as it can make the hair.

In addition to natural fibers, there are artificial: polyamide, polyester,   and so forth. Sweaters made of artificial materials is also often found on our shelves. Among the advantages of this material - durability, flexibility and low cost, but the main drawback - it is the absence of the heat.

Types of sweaters

In this article, we will understand sweaters largest category of knitted things.

• Start with a sweater with V-neck. Such a cut-out is suitable for almost everyone.

 How to choose a sweater?

• There is another option with a U-shaped cut. It adds a little volume of the upper body. And it fits most slender girls.

 How to choose a sweater?

• Next come cardigans.

 How to choose a sweater?

This is - a wonderful thing. Cardigan is suitable for almost all occasions. Buy a few cardigans in different colors and styles to fit under your whole wardrobe. Three is more than enough. C their help you can easily transform cmozhete and look stylish. Be sure to consider your figure type. Experiment with style. Wearing a cardigan can be different. So do not be afraid to add interesting details. Here are a few ideas.

How to wear a cardigan

1. Complete cardigan belt at the waist or hips. There are two types cardigans: a clasp or without. Those buttons that look more carefully. Instead of a belt can tie a long scarf on the hips.

2. Put the cardigan with a jaunty shirt or a beautiful blouse, and fasten it. So you attract attention to the neck and chest.

3. Attach a brooch. Classically, or come up with some fantasy version. It can be used as a brooch fastening for models without buttons.

4. Look great form-fitting clasp cardigans skirts. So you will be able to recreate the style of the 50s. Or you can put on in conjunction with a narrow skirt. It is a super-sexy version.

5. This is a variant of what you can wear standard black cardigan, and does not look dull.

 How to choose a sweater?

• Turtlenecks and sweater with a high collar. They are suitable for any occasion. For work, for shopping, and even parties. The basic colors - these things are must-have for every woman.

 How to choose a sweater?

• And do not forget about the trend of the autumn-winter season 2009/2010 - a dress-sweater. I would like to offer some tips on how to wear a sweater dress:

 How to choose a sweater?

- Pantyhose.   Dress-sweater and looks equally good with tights and bare feet. If the dress is a neutral color and cut, then try wearing it with thick colored tights.
- Belts.   If you allow a style, then add an image belt. Fortunately it is very fashionable this season.
- Shoes.   With sweater dress looks sexy shoes with heels. It is important that it fits the style.
And do not forget about good lingerie!
Author: Vera Karabutova