Lacy splendor
 "I am an old soldier, and I do not know the words of love ..." - dropped once a general, but the soldiers and generals in a rush to have to deal with clasps love is not always easy structure to get to the body of his beloved. And rookie, and Don Juan, having a pile of trophies taken once bras, girdles, stockings and other finest splendor, we have every time again to guess the "code" fasteners, not to destroy the structure.

It is only in the movies women are delighted when the Cavaliers their clothes torn apart, in reality, women are more likely to break the mismanagement of the cavalier as good lingerie is not cheap, and not bought to please the men's eyes ...

Most women spend a lot of money, often earned by hard work, in order to feel irresistible, even if this linen nobody sees herself she knows what looks flawless. The quest for beauty is likely inherent in women's genes. A woman wants to be beautiful at all times, at all times.

So, something like wearing a bra on the girls, was captured in the paintings on the island of Crete that was made by an unknown artist around 2500 years BC

 Lacy splendor
 That just did not survive for the sake of a woman of beauty and fashion, which is known to have repeatedly changed over the millennia.

In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, a large chest was not honored and ancient Grecian and Roman bust tightly bandaged to stop the growth of the breast. And so do the Amazons for convenience to aim a bow cut off one breast. Then there were spoiling the health of women corsets are in vogue lasted more than one century. Only the French Revolution rid of them women. In vogue imitation of antiquity, many ladies have picked up the thesis of Rousseau's return to nature.

 Lacy splendor
   Model of the first mass bra appeared only in 1914, it patented a lady of the highest in New York by Mary Phelps Jacob of light as a "subject for flattening the breast." They say that invented the bra Mary unexpectedly. If you are going to the ball, she was convinced that the tight corset of whalebone is not suitable for her evening dress with open back. Mary did not lose from the shawl, ribbons and cords with the help of several maids erected does not close back bra. Her present invention literally shocked at the ball the ladies, who were able to see a transparent dress Mary wonderful things and begged him to do exactly the same.

Nowadays, there are many models of bras, but is still in vogue classic version - white or black lace with a set of rigid cups, double straps of her bra and panties translucent.

Incidentally, the lower part of women's headset came rather late. It is known that Catherine de Medici brought into fashion pants worn noblewoman during riding. A prototype of modern pants appeared with a small fee Coco Chanel, for which does not wear pants. This lingerie is comfortable and for a romantic date, and for business meetings.

Lace, embroidery, appliques on satin or silk underwear give a share of romance and evoke thoughts of the old days, when a woman was indeed an ornament of society, truly beautiful half of humanity.

 Lacy splendor
 From time to time we all want for a while to go through such moments. And modern couturier trying to give every woman the opportunity, inventing more and more feminine clothes, decorating it with all sorts of bows and roses.

Perhaps it is no secret that what a woman wears clothes, can be seen on her desires, feelings, mood and the very essence of a woman. In any case, there is no doubt that in the world there is at least one woman, the makers of lingerie will not remain without work.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva