To save your eyes and to create an image
 That is what will help make these simple and familiar, while at the same time magical, sunglasses.

Assuming that a woman should be a mystery, the sunglasses are indispensable for this. They hide everything that a woman wants to hide from prying eyes - sadness, the tears, the effects of a sleepless night, bruised during menstruation, small wrinkles, no make-up and much more.

But a properly fitted glasses can give a person missing his natural completeness and perfection. A haute couture sunglasses and more to emphasize the status of the owner. Although this is not required. As noted by psychologists, 99% of men do not pay any attention to tags and labels.

But the image of the image, and the main purpose of sunglasses still is to protect us from excess sunlight. The more that doctors have long known - damage to the eyes, not only ultraviolet rays but also infrared radiation. Moreover, if a woman without glasses, she instinctively tries to protect the eyes from damage and their constantly screws up. And this is known to occur early wrinkles.

It is known that in the Middle Ages Chinese women were instructed to "take care of the eyes and eyelids of the Sun" in order to prevent early wrinkles and "fading eyes." Scientists claim that the sunglasses, or rather their prototypes, appeared in ancient times. Thus, the ancient Eskimo goggles were a bone plates with slots, which reduces the amount of light entering the eye.

Homeland is today considered to be points of Venice, that is where they began to produce in large quantities, using the first to manufacture high-quality glass lenses with the addition of precious stones such as emerald, sapphire, ruby, topaz ... Socket often were made of tortoise shells. Therefore, these glasses were expensive and were available only to the higher strata of contemporary society.

In Russia, glasses appeared only in the XVII century and were purchased for the Tsar Mikhail. Sami glasses constantly changing, we all remember from the films monocles and pince-nez. Of course, they were far from the comfort and convenience of modern glasses. And is used for vision correction.

Boom sunglasses began in the 20s of the last century. It is believed that this has contributed to the very world famous Coco Chanel.

In the 50s sunglasses are beginning to use consumer demand, and in the 60s they have become a part of Western fashion. Now sunglasses have most of the world's population.

 To save your eyes and to create an image
   But to the eyes to help, not hurt, ophthalmologists advise the selection of color glasses   Avoid colors that distort the perception of the real picture of the world. For example, all shades of red, blue, blue, green. The best are smoky-gray and pale purple glass. The city is best to wear goggles with lighter glasses, and outside the city, for example, on the beach, with darker.

Many people think that prefer glasses of glass or plastic?   Glass comfortable to the eye, but they are heavy and can easily break. Points of modern plastic if they are purchased on the market or in transit, at least comfort and safety, besides they are cheaper and easier. To beat them you need a good try. A scratch glasses deliver storage in case.

It is also important that the sunglasses fit to face .

- Those who have regular oval face suit any points.

- Moon-faced beauties, that is, women with a round face, experts advise to pick up points in thin silver-framed rectangular shape.

- Triangular face as suitable thin metal frame, but with glass round shapes.

- Narrow face will correct glass oval.

- If a person resembles a square, then it will give the roundness of glasses with glass round shapes.

And, of course, we must remember that good goggles sold in specialized stores and pharmacies, and very very cheap, they are not. But for the sake of beauty and health, you can spend a little, especially as high-quality sunglasses can last either one year.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva