Everything you wanted to know about silicone bra
 ... Summer Feast heat, sun, sea, relaxation and a minimum of clothing. Finally, there is a reason to put on all this splendor of color tops and sundresses open! The first - effectively bare shoulders, the second - juicy reveal back. In these outfits we ourselves seem attractive and sexy, and so surrounding all the more perceive us as such. But here's the thing: these elements sverhotkrytye summer wardrobe is very profitable flaunt parts of the body, but an ordinary bra treacherously gives others felt peering through the slits in the garment straps.

And now effectively naked back in a new sundress disfigured crossing her clasp lower bodice. But not every woman can boast the ability to wear open dress without a bra. Here the problem of sagging breasts gives a red light, and sticking through the fashionable top nipples are not always appropriate.

So how can that be? Abandon open clothes at all? Or aesthetics in spite of wearing a bra with her? In this sense, the present lifesaver for summer women's wardrobe was a useful invention of mankind as self-adhesive silicone bra invisible without any straps.

 Everything you wanted to know about silicone bra

What is it about

Silicone bra invisible first appeared in the United States for more than 20 years ago. Are they look like two cups filled with silicone gel, and connecting with each other in front a small transparent buckle. Not a classic strapless over the shoulders or fastener on the back of such a bra is not intended. He keeps to the female breast only thanks to the inside of the adhesive-based dishes. Manufacturers promise that the adhesive properties of the part of the bodice underwear invisible enough for 100 times its effective use. In addition, the adhesive base easily recovered using a conventional water-bath soap for your bra. Due helpful "sticky" properties of silicone cups bodice invisible becomes simply indispensable for clothes with an open back or shoulders.

 Everything you wanted to know about silicone bra

How it works

Before wear silicone bra, wash the chest and wet it with a dry towel. After that turn to be put on the bra cups, and hold them front buckle.

 Everything you wanted to know about silicone bra

This sequence of actions can publish valley between her breasts the most spectacular way. Each of the cups, due to its adhesive based firmly fixed on the chest, firmly supports it and does not move in the future, even during sudden movements.

After use, to remove the bra should first open the clasp between the cups, and then carefully peeled off from the bottom up each of the cups from the breasts.

Advantages of Silicone Bra

- Indispensable for clothes with bare shoulders or back;
- Visually lifts the chest;
- Enlarges the size of the breast;
- Soft to the touch, so that even casual touching your breasts through the clothes (in dance, in a crowded room, etc.) will not give the secret of your magnificent bust - because it feels like a second skin;
- Eliminates the unacceptable in some cases, the effect of protruding nipples;
- Waterproof, which makes it possible to use even on the beach under a swimsuit.

Disadvantages of silicone bra

 Everything you wanted to know about silicone bra

- Does not fit the clothes with a deep neckline, front;
- Not suitable for sensible skin as it can cause itching and other allergic reactions;
- Not recommended for burns or other injuries of the breast skin;
- Is not designed for continuous extended wear, socks optimal time - 6 hours.

Where to buy

Silicone Bra Invisible no longer belongs to the group of scarce goods. Fortunately, gone are the days when this benefit was available only the stars of show business, and had to be discharged from America through his aunt colleagues. Today ordered self-adhesive bra strapless can be as specialized Internet portals, and free to buy at the local supermarket or shop underwear.

How much is

The cost of silicone bra depends on the country of manufacture, ranging 15-100 USD

What is important to know, trying

 Everything you wanted to know about silicone bra

The whole package silicone bra is wrapped in thin oilcloth basis. Of course, until the payment to you no one will resolve it off. Of course, you can attach the bodice to the chest, but this defective fitting till the end will not allow to see whether your model is suitable in size. It is important to know that silicone bras, usually - malomerki. So feel free to choose a model for 1-2 sizes larger that normally wear.

How to care

 Everything you wanted to know about silicone bra

Keep silicone bra must be closed based on the plastic, which usually comes with a bodice in the sale.

For reasons of hygiene, and in the case of reducing the adhesive properties, the silicone bra is necessary from time to time to wash with warm water and soap. Use the product can be immediately after drying. Dry air is better bra, lightly covering with a cloth to avoid dust on the cup.

 Everything you wanted to know about silicone bra

To maintain the adhesive properties of the cups is extremely important:

- Perfume and moisturizer applied after fastening bra, not under it (!);
- Not to dry the bodice with a towel or other cloth;
- Not to wash the product with a brush;
- Do not attach cup sticky side to the fabric;
- DO NOT wipe bra alcohol or other cleaning solutions.

In general, with all the merits and taking into account a number of disadvantages of silicone bra, the conclusion that the bra invisible yet "mast keV" in the wardrobe of the modern city woman. After all, if spectacular summer aesthetic outdoor clothes and escorted admiring glances of men are guaranteed!

 Everything you wanted to know about silicone bra

Author: Natalia Hryshko