Fashion comes to the city, but the city never
 What we see today on the street? The crowd, dressed in a "fashionable" clothes from glossy magazines. Of course, nice, modern, but somehow gregarious. And you never paid to the phenomenon of the attention?

Fashion glossy magazines to read every third girl, and seeing a new super-duper fancy little thing or accessory if you do not immediately run to the store for new products, it is still gradually acquire them. Thus attempting to create its new ultra-modern style.

And these fashionistas in the city becomes every day more? One copy your favorite actress or singer, the other more "advanced" the girlfriend, the third - the girl from next door, who needs no introduction, because it is very popular among the local youth, etc.

This phenomenon is called herd instinct . In general, all people are divided into gregarious, greedy and sentimental. And this list is always from one year to lead herd.

Here it is a closed circuit. Further urban fashion spreads over the countryside, and by the time the shows fashion trends to the trends in the distribution of their population takes a year or even more. And the vicious circle continues its run.

 Fashion comes to the city, but the city never

From the herd - for individuality:

- But that give us the media in matters of fashion - it is not the laws and recommendations . Then why run to work in boots on pyatnadtsatisantimetrovyh heels, changing them there for odinnadtsatisantimetrovye shoes?

 Fashion comes to the city, but the city never

- Do not forget that Fashion - this is something new, but it is always in a hurry as the time .

- Do not put your health for the sake of fashion.   Do you like to wear high heels? Then buy them with a pin for their growth, while not forgetting that the block must be exactly on your foot. Then there will be disfigured toes, corns, calluses and other troubles. This applies to the entire selection of shoes, except for sports, of course. But also to the choice of the shoe should be approached with great responsibility. Often new, even the most successful shoes rub first. Today, the shoe stores many tools for stretching of shoes. It is true that I have met only for shoes made of leather. It is not noticeable to the eye, but much your feet. And nice and cozy.

- Also do not forget the good old classics . Always true.

- With regard platevye-blouses range, then choose the best for yourself. Tastes women are too different to here to advise something concrete, but in the words of a famous artist, it is not necessary to choose the style on the advice of her best friend . Choose for yourself and not for others.

 Fashion comes to the city, but the city never

- Do not forget about aesthetics Namely about how your outfit today will affect the others. Recently I read in a local newspaper survey on the topic of "naked in the street in the summer." That's what surprised - of different ages and heterosexual respondents held the same opinion as a whole: over-exposure of the body beautiful, even a lot of trouble for the eyes. And this applies not only to the female half of the population, but also men. Just imagine a man walking on the street with a naked torso in short shorts, a man who for forty-five, with a belly swollen to them. Or Woman Raphael addition in tight-fitting jeans and a beacon with low waist. Excuse me, but somehow not aesthetically pleasing. Although, of course, this question does not touch walks on the beach.

 Fashion comes to the city, but the city never

- Today, many women designer made a gift. Skirts Midi   again in favor. Of course, this is not the best forties, but still for women suffering from "generic corn" midi - is out.

- Denim   today one of the most popular types of clothing. This season offers ample, "male" jeans. Casual cut, creases and folds, frayed, "wearing" the form, the almost complete absence of the "female", tight lines - these jeans should look as if you had confiscated them from her boyfriend. At the same time tough and feminine. But not every woman will approach this cut. A female herd will lead to the fact that more than half of the female population will not only acquire a fashionable thing, but with pleasure to wear, without thinking about what it might look clumsy.

 Fashion comes to the city, but the city never

- Wedges and platform shoes   - Must-have this season. But someone thought about it, though, and beautifully, in general, it is convenient, but it has its pitfalls which threaten serious consequences. Recently, in one of the television programs about health dealt with the shoes. That is about flat shoes. It turns out that at a constant, regular wearing such shoes, the deformation of the foot, particularly Noskova part. Perhaps, as a young man you do not feel, but closer to adulthood, this problem will have an effect. Doctors recommend wearing shoes with heels of three to five centimeters.

 Fashion comes to the city, but the city never

Today, I often see still quite young girls, create your image on adult standards. And you do not think that parents should be a shining example of style? It is the responsibility lies with the parents of what and how they dressed teenager, and what this means in the near future.

Fashion comes to the city, and the city never. Remember that, and do not go on about it.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova