Cosmetics Fresh Line - Beauty in Greek
 Cookies, puddings, jellies and other sweets - no, it's not confectionery and cosmetics shop window Fresh Line. The interest of the founder of the cosmetics company Fresh Line for cooking is reflected in the design of the finished products - cosmetics looks quite appetizing and seems edible. In a cosmetics shop Fresh Line is not necessary to bring the child - suddenly something bite.

Dreams Come True!

Allow me to introduce: Myra Vadzhioni-Stasinopulu - founder of Fresh Line. Myra - Greek origin, she was born in Athens. Myra's mother was employee education, and his father a merchant. From a young age, she worked in the family business for the production of knitted fabrics and mastering the art of sales and marketing. At the age of 18 years, Myra has established his own small production of garment, but a fire destroyed the workshop, and the parental home.

Difficult life circumstances led Mayr to work in the company Olympic Airways. Then she married Paul Vadzhionisa, the owner of a company engaged in electrical. The couple had two daughters, life went on as usual. In the early '90s with his friends Myra Vadzhioni Stasinopulu-wrote and published the book "Guide to cheap and smart shopping." The book became a bestseller and has withstood several reprints. So to Maire Vadzhioni Stasinopulu-come first success.

Myra from childhood fond of herbal medicine and aromatherapy. She enthusiastically studied the healing properties of natural ingredients. The first recipe she got from her grandmother. In pursuit of knowledge Myra bought old books in bookstores European cities, they tried to discover useful information. Myra was a hard realization of his dream: she wanted to create a cosmetics company and start production of cosmetics made from natural ingredients using traditional recipes beauty. In 1992, Myra Vadzhioni Stasinopulu-founded the company Fresh Line. Her dream came true.

 Cosmetics Fresh Line - Beauty in Greek

Successful business

Myra Vadzhioni-Stasinopulu put their young daughters Paola and Natalie led the company Fresh Line, to show the consistency and long-term plans of the company that will over time grow and develop. The first shop Fresh Line was opened in Athens in 1993. After ten years of hard work, the company entered the international level. Shops Fresh Line is not only in Greece, but also far beyond its borders. The company already exists in Russia, England, Germany, Serbia, Turkey, India, the United Arab Emirates and others. Such rapid growth is linked to the fact that the company wisely takes advantage of franchising.

Fresh Line Company is open for cooperation, active people with entrepreneurial spirit can create your own business selling cosmetics. Budding entrepreneurs need a room in a big mall or main street of the town, a nearby warehouse for production and a minimum number of staff. Myra Vadzhioni-Stasinopulu puts his personal stamp on the international franchising agreement, it maintains a personal relationship with their partners.

Brand concept

 Cosmetics Fresh Line - Beauty in Greek
   - In the manufacture of cosmetics applied manual production.
- Use the unique old recipes.
- Components - only fresh and natural.
- The quality of raw materials and finished products is strictly controlled.
- Cosmetics framed aesthetic, stylish and original.
- Finished products are sold in bulk.
- Cosmetics sells specially trained counselors.

It is interesting to look into the pantry Fresh Line. The list of ingredients used for the manufacture of cosmetics, appear natural products: herbs, oils, vitamins, fruits, vegetables, milk, honey, teas, plant extracts, essential oils. You bet on clean and always fresh ingredients. Small wonder that in January 2009, Fresh Line has received the certificate of conformity and the concept of the brand throughout the world of bio-environmental standards from the hands of the representatives of the institute ICEA. Is not that something to be proud?

Fresh Line is not used for the production of cosmetics Sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, propylene glycol, silicone, mineral oil, trietanoly. Fresh Line does not use ingredients tested on animals - is the principled position of the company. Finished cosmetic products are not tested on animals. Company with the same emphasis and relates to human health and safety environment.

Fresh Line - it's ...

The range of Fresh Line has all the necessary cosmetic products for face, body and hair. It is important to note that the experts provided Fresh Line means line of herbal medicine and aromatherapy products for every skin type.

 Cosmetics Fresh Line - Beauty in Greek
 The face : Cleansers, creams, masks.

The body : Creams, lotions, scrubs.

Hair : Shampoos (liquid and solid), masks, oil.

Bath and shower : Gels, jellies, natural soap.

Aromatherapy : Essential and base oils.

Fresh Line Cosmetics originally from Greece. It is only natural that the creators of Fresh Line is used to promote their cosmetics rich cultural heritage of his native country. For example, in the range of the company has a line of cosmetics, each of which is named after one of the gods of Greek mythology. It seems the gods from Olympus satisfied ...
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova