Doctor Cosmetics: a guarantee of efficiency or a marketing ploy?
 For many of us the doctor's recommendations are strict guide to action. "The doctor is not bad advise" - reasonably believe we are, and we assign great hopes for his doctorate cosmetics. As to whether our expectations means by Aesculapius medicine? And whether their performance is higher in comparison with the makeup "no-name"?

Contrary to the majority of girls and women, the concept of "Doctor Cosmetics" is not ultranovoy trend of the beauty industry. To be precise, the birth of the term occurred in a moment with the very appearance of cosmetics as a whole. After all, physicians, pharmacists and later were the first to "producers" of funds for maintenance of the female youth and beauty. And to this day, ideally leading medical experts are initiators and creators of new products and brands. After all, who, if not he, should be familiar to the needs of modern women?

Whose identity is behind the abbreviation Dr. kosmeticheskogoprodukta in the title?

Abbreviation Dr. in the name of the cosmetic brand can mean anything: cosmetologist, dermatologist, pharmacist, doctor, etc. If the manufacturer makes its name on the label, or uses the concept of actually existing (or pre-existing) character, it thereby emphasizes that the basis of the methodology of product creation is a scientific approach. But can we say with certainty that it is always the notorious Dr. to be taken literally - "doctoral cosmetics?" Unfortunately not, because each brand has its own inherent image policy.

Bah, all the familiar faces ...

Let's get acquainted with the most famous names that adorn the labels of doctoral resources:

Dr. Brandt   - Dr. Frederic Brandt, a professional beautician, whose career began in New York's Sloan-Kettering hospital in "leukemia." In his scientific pursuits future "King of collagen" and "minister of Botox" as he now styled, I tried to find natural ingredients that will confront the proliferation of cancer cells. The latter he included vitamin A, C and green tea. In a study of their effects on the human body were found antieydzh unique properties that formed the basis for innovative cosmetics. The world-famous production line Dr. Brandt is the most effective anti-aging alternative to professional procedures.

 Doctor Cosmetics: a guarantee of efficiency or a marketing ploy?

Dr. Hauschka   - Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, the founder of three brands: Wala Arzneimittel, Dr. And Dr. Hauschka Hauschka Med. The basis of the professional activities of doctor philosophy was based on the "rhythm", according to which, our skin has its own rhythms. The purpose of the production of the brand - to support them and thereby stabilize the natural activity of the skin. As part of the cosmetics brand exclusively natural ingredients and active plant ingredients, processed by the original method.

 Doctor Cosmetics: a guarantee of efficiency or a marketing ploy?

Dr. Sebagh   - Dr. Seba, an authority in the field of anti-aging cosmetics, for the first time realized the collagen injections, Botox and vitamins. As part of the production - the most powerful active ingredients that slow the aging process of the skin. All products of the brand are highly specialized solutions to specific problems of the skin: collagen production, purification, etc.

 Doctor Cosmetics: a guarantee of efficiency or a marketing ploy?

Dr. Pierre Ricaud   - Dr. Pierre Rico, together with Yves Rocher in 1986 created a cosmetics brand for the production of anti-aging drugs. The formula of the cosmetics brand includes an exclusive patented complex Glycalox, which warns "bonding" of collagen fibers with glucose, which is the main cause of loss of skin elasticity. Today the head of the laboratory is the brand Doctor of Pharmacy Anne Clement.

 Doctor Cosmetics: a guarantee of efficiency or a marketing ploy?

Dr. Irena Eris   - Dr. Irena Eris, a pharmacist by training, together with her husband, in 1983, created a cosmetics laboratory, which today produces more than 300 kinds of products, and has several lines of equipment. The company is guided by the author's research program, which is based on a holistic (holistic) pampering. Cosmetics brand improves the skin and restores its health, promotes well-being.

 Doctor Cosmetics: a guarantee of efficiency or a marketing ploy?

Benefits doctoral funds

Professional care.   The purpose of producer - to create cosmetics that have a powerful effect, and give excellent results without having to visit specialized salons.

Almost no side effects.   Production is the result of years of experience of its founder and long-term research laboratory in the field of cosmetology.

Quality assurance.   The most important principle of the creation of doctoral cosmetics is an absolute guarantee of the effectiveness of all its components.

Despite the fact that the doctor's cosmetics has all the qualities that contribute to the preservation of the maximum attractive appearance of your skin, its creators do not tire of repeating: the three essences of female youth are long sleep, early proper care and a healthy diet.
Author: Natalia Bartukova